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Jamie Smith
Jamie Smith is a children fiction author best known for his debut novel Frostfire. The talented author has also written a few sci-fi stories even though these have not been published yet. By day, Smith is a software developer who enjoys making new developments in the tech world while he retreats to his fantasy world in his free time. Smith’s novel Frostfire was in the Chicken House Children’s Fiction competition in 2016.

Frostfire tells the story of Sabira, a fourteen-year-old girl on an impossible mission. Sabira lives in Adranna, a mountainous land that lies in the shadow of Aderast peak. For her people, Aderast is the source of magic, and it flows freely in the shimmering glacier of this land. Every year, one in a hundred people who come of age are chosen to climb the glacier and get a frostsliver. After acquiring this piece, these chosen few are regarded as important members in society thanks to the special powers they possess. Sabira is among the people chosen to go in search of frostsliver this time around. Accompanying her on this dangerous journey is Sabira’s uncle Mihnir, and Tserah the Frost-Cleric. The book opens as Sabira is climbing the glacier.

After this first scene, the narrative flashes back a year before, when Kyran, Sabira’s brother, was chosen for a similar trip. The author allows the reader into Sabira’s community, where tensions have been growing between the people of Adranna and the neighboring Ignata nation. The Ignata people had attacked Sabira’s family leaving Kyran injured. Determined to still get his frostsliver, Kyran takes a risk to the mountains without the necessary guidance. This adventure marked the beginning of Kyran’s troubles. Now the young man is missing, and Adranna is not only determined to find the mystery behind his disappearance, but she also wants to do her part to save her people. With the special powers she expects to get from her frostsliver, Sabira is sure that defeating the enemy will be an easy task.

Sabira will quickly realize that getting her frostsliver will not be as easy. After a torturous journey, Sabira manages to get her Frostsliver. Unfortunately, an avalanche strikes, leaving Tserah dead and uncle Mihnir injured. Sabira has to find a different way home. In this new journey, Sabira has to withstand the harsh mountain conditions and drag her injured uncle around the enemies. Fortunately, Sabira has her magic frostsliver with her. Even though she knows very little about the magic, it is refreshing having something to fall back on when her strength fails her, and there are yetis among other mountain creatures that could end her life. The terrain doesn’t make Sabira’s work easier, and every step she takes must be well deliberated as a wrong step can plunger her to her death.

This is a grueling and exciting adventure characterized by difficult terrain, harsh weather conditions, and loads of uncertainties. Sabira’s grit, wit, and quiet determination will show throughout her journey, and it is admirable how calm she remains despite all that is happening around her. There is a lot that this young girl learns on her way back home, and if the information is used right, it could save her people in the future. Away from the adventure, this book focuses a lot on family relationships. Sabira is worried about her brother, and with the help of her uncle, she sets out to find out what happened to him. When her uncle gets injured, Sabira does everything to save him. Throughout their journey back, Sabira does everything possible to make Mihnir comfortable.
Sabira is a lovable and inspiring heroine. This young girl encounters many tough situations, and she gracefully handles all of them. Her frostsliver is also likable, and the conversations between these two will leave you in stitches. The flashbacks help give Sabira’s backstory as well as information about her people. There are many unexpected twists along the way, and when you think you have everything figured out, the author will surprise you. The world-building is well-done, and it is great interacting with all the characters in this beautiful country. All the strings wrap up well in the end, and it is refreshing to see that good triumphs over evil.

This book will throw you in a complex world where magic exists, but those who seek it must work hard and overcome difficult challenges to get it. Even after acquiring the frostsliver, the owner has to bond with it to get the desired results. The frostsliver is both a blessing and a curse, and those who possess it must be responsible for it. With her frostsliver around her neck, Sabira initiates conversation and does her best to follow instructions. You will also love the mythology on some of the mountain creatures. Many secondary characters add to the story while exposing the difference in cultures between the two nations.
The underlying theme in this story is peace and togetherness. Through Sabira, we see that gunpowder and fire are not the only way for the nations to get what they want. By listening, understanding, and taking all points into consideration before taking action, Sabira is able to avoid situations that could put others in grave danger. This young girl’s character and actions can inspire the target audience to do what is necessary to promote peace in a world where everyone is keen to build a wall around themselves. It is only by listening to others that we can understand them.

Frostfire is a perfect read for middle-graders looking for a great adventure. The setting is unique, and the magic adds a lot of character to the story. This is also a perfect choice if you are looking for a warm adventure-filled story to warm your winter days. Join Sabira on a perilous wintry adventure where she will grow as a person, discover whatever happened to her brother and unravel secrets that could save her nation. Everything from the character development to the narration is done right, and the fiction world with all its magical creatures will amaze you.

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