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About Jamison Shea

Jamison Shea, an American writer, is a talented dark fantasy and horror author, as well as a skilled flautist and linguist, who currently resides in the mysterious forests of Finland. Their writing expertise shines through in the way they craft unique and captivating characters, drawing readers into their dark and fantastical worlds effortlessly.

Known for their ability to create protagonists that readers can easily connect with, Jamison Shea’s stories are not only entertaining but also deeply engaging. Through their gift for storytelling, they weave intricate narratives that keep readers hooked from beginning to end, leaving them wanting more with each turn of the page.

Through their dark fantasy novels, Jamison Shea crafts compelling stories that not only entertain but also convey an essential message that resonates with them. Their writing reflects their unique perspective and truths, seamlessly woven into captivating narratives that invite readers to explore deeper themes while enjoying an immersive storytelling experience.

Balancing entertainment with substance, their work serves as a reflection of their beliefs and values, creating a meaningful connection with audiences through the power of storytelling.

With a knack for building immersive and suspenseful plots, Jamison Shea’s works stand out in the realm of dark fantasy literature, captivating audiences with their rich imagination and skillful storytelling. Their ability to bring seemingly impossible worlds to life through vivid descriptions and compelling narratives sets them apart as a truly exceptional talent in the world of fiction writing.

With a universal appeal that attracts readers from diverse corners of the globe, Jamison Shea’s writing retains a distinct and singular quality that sets it apart. Known for resonating with audiences worldwide, their work manages to be both broadly appealing and uniquely personal, capturing the hearts of readers while staying true to their individual voice and vision.

As Jamison Shea continues to pave their way in the world of dark fantasy literature, readers can anticipate more captivating stories and thrilling adventures on the horizon. The future holds exciting new literary creations from this writer, promising an ever-expanding universe of imagination and intrigue for fans to explore and enjoy.

Early and Personal Life

Jamison Shea, a dark fantasy and horror author, originally from Buffalo, NY, and now residing in the enigmatic forests of Finland, found an early interest in mystery fiction, fueling their passion for storytelling. Growing up as a multi-talented individual involved in various fields like music and linguistics, they ultimately found their true calling as a writer.

From their diverse background as a flautist, anthropologist, and linguist, Jamison Shea’s journey as a writer has been marked by a constant search for inspiration in the unknown. Embracing their love for eldritch horrors and compelling narratives, they have honed their craft over the years, evolving into a skilled and imaginative author within the dark fantasy genre.

Surrounded by darkness and mystery in Finland, Jamison Shea’s experiences as a writer have been shaped by their relentless pursuit of the supernatural and their insatiable thirst for storytelling. Balancing their love for horror with moments of tranquility sipping milk tea, they continue to draw inspiration from eerie landscapes and forgotten legends, crafting captivating tales that transport readers to otherworldly realms.

Writing Career

American dark fantasy authors Jamison Shea and their wife have begun their writing career with the debut novel ‘I Feed Her to the Beast and the Beast is Me,’ showcasing their talent in the genre. Represented by Jennifer March Soloway at Andrea Brown Literary Agency, Jamison’s writing journey includes a promising start with their first published work.

Their work has led to the creation of notable novels such as ‘I Feed Her to the Beast and the Beast is Me’ in 2023 and ‘I Am the Dark That Answers When You Call’ in 2024, marking significant milestones in their joint writing career.

With a promising trajectory ahead of them, Jamison Shea continues to embark on new literary ventures, captivating readers with their dark fantasy narratives and establishing themselves as a dynamic writer of the genre.

I Feed Her to the Beast and the Beast Is Me

Written by Jamison Shea, the Young Adult thriller fantasy novel ‘I Feed Her to the Beast and the Beast Is Me’ was published on August 29, 2023, through Henry Holt and Co. Serving as the debut installment in the ‘I Feed Her to the Beast’ series, it introduces readers to a captivating world and intriguing characters.

Laure Mesny, a determined Black girl dismissed in the competitive world of Parisian ballet, seeks recognition by making a risky pact in the Catacombs. Empowered by primal forces, she achieves fame but faces consequences as her quest for revenge turns dark.

Surrounded by rivals and hidden threats, Laure must choose between validation through cruelty or embracing her own monstrous nature while facing a looming danger. Will she survive the trials ahead, or fall prey to the sinister forces that lurk in the shadows?

This Young Adult fantasy introduces readers to a captivating world filled with intriguing characters like Laure Mesny, whose pursuit of recognition leads to a gripping and darkly compelling tale. With numerous twists and turns in this mesmerizing debut installment, it’s truly a captivating read.

I Am the Dark That Answers When You Call

Jamison Shea’s Young Adult horror novel ‘I Am the Dark That Answers When You Call’ was published on August 27, 2024, by Hot Key Books. Serving as the direct sequel to the first book in the series, it continues the dark and intriguing narrative introduced in the debut installment of the ‘I Feed Her to the Beast’ series.

Laure finds herself entangled in darkness and chaos once again after a disturbing discovery in the streets of Paris. As the influence of Acheron and Lethe spreads, Laure grapples with her own inner turmoil, facing unforeseen challenges that threaten to consume her. Surrounded by rising monsters and mounting mysteries, she must confront her desires and navigate a dangerous path toward salvation before it’s too late.

With the fate of Elysium hanging in the balance, Laure and her allies must unravel the complex web of secrets to secure their survival amidst looming oblivion.

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