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Publication Order of Jammer Davis Books

The Jammer Davis book series is an exciting series of adventure, mystery, suspense, thriller, cultural, and fiction stories. It is written by a USA Today bestselling American writer named Ward Larsen. The series consists of just three books, released between 2010 and 2016. Every novel of this series features the chief protagonist in the role of Jammer Davis. He is depicted as an investigator who works for the National Transportation Safety Board. Jammer Davis takes up various missions to investigate wrongdoings and going behind culprits to catch them and bring to justice. The missions that are typically handed over to Jammer Davis for investigations are aircraft accidents. He is a specialist in this area of work and is often sought after by his commanders for his excellent detection and investigative skills.

The missions and investigations take Jammer Davis to various parts of the world, including Columbia, France, USA, Sudan, the Middle East, Africa, South America, Bogota, etc. This series and its individual novels are widely popular for their excellent cast of characters, rich content, wonderful plots, and intriguing storylines. They are liked by numerous readers across the globe, who have given their honest opinions on various literary sites. A lot of critics have also come forward to appreciate the work of Ward Larsen in creating such an interesting series. The critics mainly praised the author for creating such a unique and original lead character in the form of Jammer Davis. They also liked the fact that Ward Larsen has set his stories around aircraft crash investigations instead of some typical mystery and thriller tales. This is what attracted the readers toward the books and made them read each one of them with enthusiasm and excitement.

Several fellow writers have also commented about these novels, praising Ward Larsen’s work and giving genuine reviews in a number of literary journals and magazines. The reviews and comments from well-known personalities of the literary world helped the books of this series to reach out to a vast audience in different parts of the globe. It helped in their publicity thereby, allowing them to become a lot more successful in the later runs. Ward Larsen received a huge boost from the worldwide success of the series. With the immense motivation he got from the praises and likes, he went on to write more novels in his writing career. His career also grew upwards and helped him to establish himself as a noteworthy author.

Being an ex-Air Force pilot, an airline captain, and a certified aircraft crash investigator has helped Ward Larsen to create stories revolving around these fields. His years of expertise proved to be quite helpful as he managed to come up with exciting new stories one after the other. Now, he is busy with the development of a new book, which he is expected to publish soon. Until then, he hopes that his fans will continue to read his published novels and assist him in making them more popular and successful.

The debut book of the Jammer Davis series written by author Ward Larsen is entitled ‘Fly By Wire’. It was released in 2010 by Oceanview Publishing. Initially, it is depicted that several oil-rich states come together to fund the construction of the most advanced form of cargo aircraft. They give the task of building this aircraft to a consortium that names it as C-500. In spite of being highly advanced in many aspects, the C-500 aircraft shows some horrible problems during a routine delivery and crashes in central France. This comes as a huge blow to the investors, who had put in a lot of many and their reputation on the line to make this aircraft accident-proof. They decide to hire the best experts in aircraft investigation and ask them to find out what went wrong.

Jammer Davis is one such investigator who has a good reputation for his work. He has delivered with results in each of the cases that he undertook and over the years, he has come out as one of the best in this field. Jammer Davis doesn’t let anyone come in the way of his work. His dedication and determination toward his work are what make him stand out from others. The first thing that Jammer Davis finds in the new investigation makes things troublesome for him. He comes to know that he has been included in the investigation at the promise of the CIA. Shortly after, the suicide attacks begin to take place against oil companies across the globe in a series of brutal strikes. As the financial market goes through a decline, Jammer Davis continues to look for culprits relentlessly. He keeps digging deeper and finally discovers a deadly conspiracy that is set to take the world to its doom. Despite knowing that it is going to be too difficult to stop this conspiracy, Davis gives it his everything and eventually succeeds in saving the world from great destruction.

The second installment of this intriguing series is called ‘Fly By Night’. It was also published by Oceanview Publishing in 2011. This novel opens by mentioning that a highly advanced drone that belonged to the top-secret agency called the CIA crashed in Horn of Africa. After multiple efforts to find the wreckage of the drone go in vain, the CIA decides to write off its loss. Soon after, the evidence is obtained that the wreckage of the prized aircraft of the CIA is hidden inside a hanger located outside the main airport of Khartoum. Upon investigation, it is learned that a shady cargo company owns the hangar. This cargo airline is known to fly outdated DC-3s across the Middle East and Africa. The CIA’s concern grows more when they learn that the company is named Fly By Night-FBN Aviation.

The United States government wants to find out what is kept in the hanger. And as soon as an FBN plane crashes, it gives them an opportunity to send their best investigator to find out about the shady dealings of FBN. Jammer Davis is asked to travel to Sudan to make it look as if he has gone there to solve the air crash case. But, his real mission is to locate the priceless drone, which is the latest technological marvel of America. When Jammer Davis lands in Sudan, he learns that the two mysteries are connected to one another. He continues his investigation and helps the CIA in getting back their drone aircraft and also solves the mystery behind FBN’s airplane crash.

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