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Publication Order of Jan Fabel Books

Blood Eagle (2005)Description / Buy at Amazon
Brother Grimm (2006)Description / Buy at Amazon
Eternal (2007)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Carnival Master (2008)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Valkyrie Song (2009)Description / Buy at Amazon
A Fear Of Dark Water (2011)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Ghosts of Altona (2015)Description / Buy at Amazon

Jan Fabel is introduced to us in this really intriguing crime series written by Craig Russell, who never seems to disappoint as far as crime novels are concerned. He makes this genre seem really brilliant, and it can capture your mind as that is exactly what he does with this series. Set in the city of Hamburg, Germany this series basically combines the old Germany with the new with a touch of Ukrainian as well as Turkish gangs, all in the name of the supremacy of these streets. Jan Fabel is a detective that is half German, half Scottish and is filled with a lot of imagination as well as conscience as he is so intricately described. This first novel in this series is known by the title of Blood Eagle, and it actually does a great job of introducing Craig Russell into this genre as this is his first crime novel. In this first novel, a murder victim, a woman to be more precise is found murdered in the most gruesome of ways that you can imagine. Her lungs were ripped out in a sort of ritualistic way. What makes this murder unique is when a very similar murder occurs just shortly after.

The similarities in the murders make the Detective know that he is dealing with the same killer from the previous murder. Though there isn’t any concrete evidence to suggest that the two murders are linked except for one email, that is basically described as, tantalizing. The fact that the novel is really engaging as well as it is intriguing, and the Jan Fabel character is just incredible to read and actually does not disappoint from the word go up to the end of the novel as well as the seventh installment of the series. The fascinating thing about this novel is the predicament that Jan finds himself in. The killer seems to choose his victims randomly, and his motives never seem clear either as they can’t be linked to a specific reason as to his murderous spree.
The novel is just intriguing, and the life of our police detective is actually made to be more intriguing with each clue that he chances upon. Each time he comes close to unraveling a clue, another layer upon many layers of intrigue surprisingly arise and make this book a must read for any crime novel enthusiast. The fact that Jan is also never that close to getting the real killer is what will keep you on the edge of your seat with a million questions that will be answered on the next page that you open. The book is just great, and you will find out that the fundamentals that went into making this book what it actually is just awesome and you will love each and every page that you open. The second book in the series is entitled Brother Grimm and it is also as mind blowing as the first book and you will want to read the third book as soon as you are through with this.

Jan Fabel, who is on the Hamburg police department under the Murder Squad wing, has been struggling to actually interpret the imagery of some brutal as well as the dark mind that is really twisted. Four days into trying to decipher the image, a couple is found murdered deep in the woods with their throats slashed really wide. In each of their hands, they hold some tiny writing that is scribbled Hansel and Gretel. The piece has been rolled pretty tightly and with the utmost care, pressed into their hands. Jan discovers that each and every new crime that is committed by this sick murderer, there seems to be some reference to the children novels that are almost 200 years old that were compiled by the Brothers Grimm. What this means is that the killer is using some of the methods that we were raised up reading, and that are what makes this novel great to read. It will give you childhood memories but still give you some sense of trepidation as well as intrigue each time you sit down to open this book.

The predator seems to vanish into the shadows as soon as he has done the killing and catching him will be a huge task that will keep you glued to this book for as long as it takes. It is a great book, and it does not disappoint at all in this series. The third as well up to the last book in the series that is the seventh one all also live up to the task of giving us a brilliant look at the life of this detective and what actually gets him ticking. You will learn all about the fundamentals of solving a crime from the most sophisticated ones up to the very basic ones that are purely by chance. The book is amazing and each time you open to read it, it will take you into the world of this detective that is just intriguing as well as it is brilliant to its right. Craig Russell is a veteran now in this field of crime novels, and you will love every minute that you spend on this book as well as the other books in this series that are just brilliantly exhilarating.

Considering that Blood Eagle is the first novel that Craig did in the genre of Crime series, and then it must be noted with utmost respect that he did a very splendid job. And making sure that his main character lives on while never lacking substance in the story is what sets him apart really. He is a brilliant writer and his creation, is even more incredible. The other characters too in the series never disappoint, especially the criminals. The fact that he gives us the mind of a criminal so vividly as he paints the mind of a police officer is what makes this crime series a must read for any crime series fan anywhere in the world.

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