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Jana Aston is a Chick-Lit, Comedy and Humor, and Romance fiction author from the United States.

She penned her debut novel “Wrong,” which was the first of the “Wrong” series of novels in 2015, and has never looked back since.

This debut work was penned while she was working in customer service, answering all manner of questions about electrical bills.

Jana is now grateful that she gets to work in her pajamas, as she is now a full-time author with several of her novels on the USA Today and the New York Times bestseller lists.

As for her inspiration, Jana Aston has said that much of it was from JA Huss the romance fiction author. She had been working as her assistant for more than a year before she decided to pick up the pen.
During that time, she used to lob all of her ideas at her, some of which drove her nuts but several that she liked.

The thing is that they write different styles of romance as she prefers romantic comedy while Huss is all about romantic suspense.

At some point, she suggested that Huss pen a novel about a hot gynecologist, but she threw it back in her face and told her maybe she should write it herself. It was this novel that would become “Wrong,” her first-ever novel.

Now that Jana Aston is a full-time author, she often looks back to the time when she used to work a 9-5, but not with fondness or any nostalgia.

She had written and published one book but like a crazy lunatic, she had quit since the novel had become so popular.

After spending half a decade working at a call center, she came to hate her job despite the benefits and great compensation.

Twice over that period, she thought about quitting and just staying at home but things changed when “Wrong” took off and she thought to hell with it. She needed time to work on her second novel and the hours at the call center were awful so she quit.
Jana thinks that the best part of her new job is the coffee and the fact that she has no boss. She also loves that she gets to do things how she wants and run her business as she sees fit.

If she had an extra hour every day she would probably spend much of it in front of her computer relaxing. Her happy places include London, Disney World, and Starbucks, but not necessarily in that order.
On the simple end is Starbucks, which is a habit she developed when she worked a day job and often needed a venti iced coffee to function.

As a nerd, she loves Disney World as she finds it just peaceful and lovely in a way she cannot explain.

As for London, she has always felt like it was home which she has loved, even before she stepped foot there.

Jana Aston’s novel “Wrong” is a super steamy and super fun novel that is the perfect introduction to the “Wrong” series.

The lead is Sophie, a barista at a local coffee shop and senior in college. At the coffee shop, there is one customer who always lights up her day and she often looks forward to when he comes in.
He comes into the shop every week and that is all there is to it regarding their interactions. But then she walks into the student clinic on campus and finds him working there as a volunteer doctor.
He has been assigned as her gynecologist and doctor, making things super awkward.

On his part, Luke Miller never thought the cute barista he liked was a college student at the university where he volunteered.

He knows that it would be a good idea to keep his distance but sometimes he feels that being with her would be so right.

It is a brilliant romantic comedy with some over-the-top laugh-out-loud moments that will have you blushing and giggling all the way.

“Right” by Jana Aston is a brilliant work of romance fiction that tells the story of Everly.
She always knew that Finn Camden her brother’s best friend and childhood crush was the man she wanted to marry. She believes he is perfect for her and has spent much of her life trying to win him over.
Ever since she was six years old, she was obsessed with him and often spied on him while trying to make him see that she could be perfect for him.

Over the years, Finn has turned her down more times than she can count but Everly does not give up. But then her plans change when she meets someone else who gets her like no one else and likes everything about her.
Initially, she never thought that she would ever find a man as good as Finn but over time, she starts to think that maybe Finn is not that perfect.

It is a sexy and fun chick lit with just a little drama and angst and an endearing heroine who will always put a smile on your face.

Jana Aston’s novel “Trust” tells the story of a twenty-two-year-old second-grade teacher named Chloe Scott.

While she has been single for quite a while she hates that she is since most of her friends are either married or in relationships.

She kind of wants a man, even though she does not need one. However, she hates the concept of dating since she has never been very good at it.

She has tried many times to date but it has always been a disaster since she is very awkward when it comes to dates. Needless to say, she had ultimately decided to take a break from relationships.
However, Everly her best friend has been trying her best to make her go out with the half-brother of one of their friends Sophie.

While he is a very sexy man Chloe is not interested in going on another date with him since their first date had been very awkward.

On his part, Boyd wants to get to know her better as he finds her interesting and sexy, unlike any other woman she has been with.

Desperate to be with her, he comes up with an interesting plan that may just succeed or maybe fail spectacularly.

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