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Publication Order of Jana Matinova Books

Siren of the Waters (2008)Description / Buy at Amazon
Dark Dream (2009)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Magician's Accomplice (2010)Description / Buy at Amazon
Requiem for a Gypsy (2011)Description / Buy at Amazon
For the Dignified Dead (2015)Description / Buy at Amazon

Michael Genelin is one of the best American authors who have shown excellent work in his career as an author. He was born on 6th January 1950 in Bronx, New York and therefore currently 65 years old. He was then brought up in Queens, a place where he attended the PS 36 and later joined the Newton High school. After graduating from high school, he attended the UCLA just after moving to Los Angeles. He graduated with a BA in political science and joined the UCLA law school where he got his Doctorate degree. He has worked in various governmental posts like being a head deputy district attorney of Los Angeles in the district of Hardcore Gang Division. He has also worked in the anti-corruption reform in the government like establishment of ethics and training, legislative drafting and witness protection among others.

His writing career began in around 2008, when he wrote his first book known as the “Siren of the Waters”. After his pioneer book, he has done several books that have greatly attracted the attention of his readers. He has also published various for the Brash Books and Soho Press besides his own books. He has also written plays like the “Cakewalk” which is a play about the Leo Frank Case and was produced by the Mark Taper Forum. Michael Genelin has written various motion pictures, television and even for the stage play. He has written an episode like “The Man That Got Away”, which is a TV series and many more.

Jana Matinova (Series by Michael Genelin) is a series that is made up of about five books. The pioneer book in the series was written on 1st July 2008 while the latest was done on 3rd November 2015. This international crime series is a very fantastic book that you don’t want to miss reading. The books are available online and locally at the local libraries where you can always grab a copy of the series.

Siren of the Waters

This is the genesis book of the Jana Matinova (Series by Michael Genelin). The book was published on 1st July 2008. It is a smart novel that gives you a clear overview of the world full of very dangerous secrets. You will find out that despite the non-existence of these worlds, the author tries to bring them out clearly as if they really exist.

The protagonist character in this book is known as Jana Matinova. She is a young woman who has been married while acting and becomes a mother. She has joined the Slovak Police force where she is very determined to give her best. She faces a very difficult situation when the regime occurs. This is the worst moment in her life since the regime didn’t only claim the life of her husband, but also destroyed the love they had for each other. The regime has also destroyed her own daughter’s respect for her, something that makes her feel degraded. Due to this tough condition, she is very determined to get justice for the loss of her husband.

To seek for justice, Jana has to move from place to place. She had to travel from Ukraine to Strasbourg and then to Nice from Vienna. Her main aim is to find the ruthless murderer who claimed the life of her husband. This is the reason why he has liaised with her colleagues at work place all over Europe. They are trying to track the mastermind of the international criminal operation that is mainly associated with the human trafficking among other crimes. She is very bitter and this is the reason why she is very determined to either destroy or capture.

Did Jana Mativona succeed in her plan to capture the ruthless killer? This is just hut a small summary of the incident taking place in this smart mystery book. You will get the opportunity to enjoy the entire story when you get a copy of the book. The book is available online where you can either buy or read online. They are also available locally both at the bookshops and nearest libraries.

Dark Dreams

This is the second book that comes exactly one year after the publication of the pioneer book. It was therefore published on 1st July 2009 and it has a total of 368 pages. This book has been rated highly by the readers and the author has been able to prove that he knows crimes, Europe and even how to write. It is therefore a book that you will definitely love reading.

The main character in the novel is known as Jana and her friend Sofia, who are described to be wise and impetuous respectively. They were schoolmates and one day Sofia finds herself on the wrong hands after she approached a man in a car. She was sexually abused by the nefarious communist party bigwig and this is something that her friend Jana could not just tolerate. Jana therefore is out to seek justice for the poor friend. She has identified the culprit and even pursed his car. After their education, success comes their way as Sofia becomes a member of parliament after making her name as a reformer. Jana on the other hand is a commander in the Slovak police. They are both dating and Jana is in love with a government prosecutor described to be very upright while Sofia falls in love with a fellow MP who is married.

Jana has found something tempting in her house. It is an enormous diamond dangling that is fixed to the ceiling from a fixed string. What she doesn’t understand is whether this is a trap or a present for her. She can’t find out who left the magnificent jewel, why it was left and where is it from. To find the answer to all these unanswered questions, she has to travel across Europe, so that she can get to the bottom of this.

Did she really get the answers? Get the book today and you will continue reading the mystery story created by Gebelin. The books are available online and locally where you can always get a copy and enjoy the reading. They are fantastic novels comprising the Jana Matinova (Series by Michael Genelin) that you can read in just a couple of days since they are only five books.

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