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From the Desk of Zoe Washington (2020)Description / Buy at Amazon
On Air with Zoe Washington (2023)Description / Buy at Amazon

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Faraway Truth (2020)Description / Buy at Amazon
A Soft Place to Land (2021)Description / Buy at Amazon

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Janae Marks is an American published author of fiction.

Janae Marks spent her childhood growing up in New York City in its suburbs. When she was younger, she had a habit of writing constantly. The first way that she got started was when she was in kindergarten and would write her own autobiographical stories, complete with illustrations and all. She eventually moved on to writing in journal and from there composed short stories that she would attempt to submit as part of the story contests run by Seventeen Magazine.

Marks would also write on an informal level, writing letters to friends from summer camp and her various pen pals. She would also read books at the same time as writing, and notes that her books were definitely ‘prized possessions’. Later on when she was enrolled in high school, she considered going after musical theater. While she did enjoy being up there on the stage, she also eventually realized that it was not the performances that enthralled her but the stories.

Marks would go on to college and pursue her English degree as an undergraduate. There she decided to switch things up and change over to creative writing, which proved to be a great choice for her. She also took a literature class in college that focused exclusively on girls’ books, which included books like Weetzie Bat and Little Women. This reminded her that she enjoyed children’s stories and showed her that as an adult she could still relate and connect to them.

That passion was reinforced while pursuing her MFA in the field of creative writing, specializing in writing for children. She graduated with her degree from The New School. Once she had completed college, Marks got the chance to get an exclusive insider’s peek at how the publishing world works. She spent seven years in the industry working for a very large publisher.

Marks currently resides in Connecticut and not New York City. She is married and shares a daughter with her husband. When she is not busy writing or doing other work, she enjoys spending time with them and even hitting up the beach when she has a chance if it’s nice out.

Marks’ debut novel was published in 2020 and is called From the Desk of Zoe Washington. It has received positive reviews and placed as a middle grade reading book, winning a Tassy Walden award for new voices in the field of children’s literature.

From the Desk of Zoe Washington is the first fictional novel from author Janae Marks. This children’s fiction book is interesting and a mystery that will grab the attention of readers from the start! Whether you’re a teacher, a parent looking for great books to read with your child or children, or just a fan of children’s book, this enticing story will have something for everyone to enjoy.

This is a mystery story that is intriguing right from the start! When one girl decides to question what she knows and goes out to look for the truth, doing what she thinks to be right even when others are opposed to it, you are going to get one interesting story.

The heroine and main character of this story is a girl named Zoe Washington. She may be young, but she also has a complicated family and personal life. For instance, she does have a father that is alive, but has never had him in her life before. They have never met up or hung out in real life. She had never even heard from him until one day in particular.

On the day of her twelfth birthday, Zoe gets a letter. It’s from her father, the man that she had never known. That’s for a good reason, as he has been in prison all these years for a crime that he committed. Well, that’s the official story. Her father says that he never actually did that crime. Now she’s faced with the prospect of writing back to a dad that she’s never met who is locked up for a crime that he denies. Things have sure gotten complicated quickly.

Zoe now has a lot to think about. She considers whether Marcus, her dad, could be telling the truth. He really could be innocent of the crime, but maybe he’s just saying that because he’s in denial. Either way, Zoe wants to do what she can to find out what the truth really is. If this means covering up the fact that she ever got a letter and keeping the investigation to herself and not telling her family, then that’s going to be what it takes.

As far as everyone knows, her life is going along as normal. It’s all too easy to keep secrets from everyone at first, since they already think that her mind is preoccupied with her internship at the bakery. She also wanted to audition for a show called the Kids Bake Challenge on the Food Network and show her parents that she’s ready to do so.

It’s the perfect cover story as Zoe is still fully involved with all of her baking dreams. However, ever since her father wrote to her, it’s been taking up a lot of her thought. Part of her is focusing on baking, and the other part can’t stop thinking about her father’s prison sentence and whether it has been justified.

So much about her life has changed in a brief moment. When it comes to her life, Zoe is trying to figure everything out for herself. Can she get to the bottom of what the truth really entails? Will it help her feel closer to her father or just drive her away as she finds out that he’s not being honest? Read this unique children’s fiction debut from Janae Marks to find out!

The Faraway Truth is the same book as described above but with a different title for readers in the United Kingdom. No matter which version you are checking out, you’ll still get the same great material from a talented author. Read this dynamic book for yourself and find out what happens along the way!

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    We gave From The Desk of Zoe Washington to our 10 year old granddaughter, Maria for Christmas 2021. We gave her $20 and a book report. After she completed the book report she received an additional $20. I asked Maria if I could read this book, now that she is finished with it. So, now Maria & I are going to have mini book-club meeting! I have 2 suggestions for you – to include the recipe for Fruit Loops Cupcakes & to include Marcus’s recipe for Home made Macaroni & Cheese. I think that would be a great addition to your book! I enjoyed your book very much!


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