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Publication Order of Stones Corner Books

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Once upon a time, I decided to write a book, then a trilogy and now I’m planning four in the Stones Corner series!

Set in Derry/Londonderry in Northern Ireland in the 1970’s the first novel Stones Corner, Turmoil paints a vivid picture of life lived amidst armed struggles. It’s a story about people trying to get on with their lives against a backdrop of discrimination, bigotry, revolutionary conflict and state suppression. It could be any country where there is conflict, where bosses are trying to save their factories, where young men and women are seduced into a cause, where psychopaths use conflict as cover for their own dark work, and where people – despite everything are flirting, laughing and falling in love.

The second in the series, Stones Corner Darkness is due to be released in late September 2021 followed by Stones Corner, Hope and Light in 2022/23. All the novels in the series portray life in Derry/Londonderry from the 1970’s through to the signing of the Good Friday Agreement in April 1998.


A Catholic girl from the Bogside and the Protestant heir to a big local employer… In her youthful innocence, Caitlin believes their love can overcome the triple obstacles of politics, class and faith. Meanwhile, Robert, newly recruited to British undercover forces, is closing in on a terrorist strike in the heart of the city centre. In the backdrop are two opposing psychopaths set on the same destructive and violent path. One that can only conclude in nothing but a cataclysmic and ruinous encounter.


Jane Buckley has been an avid reader all her life and if the opportunity had come about when she was younger would have loved to become a journalist. She began writing her Turmoil in 2017 but put the manuscript away in a drawer for a couple of years. Like many, she began to write again during the COVID pandemic.

Jane had to self-publish after her manuscript was turned down by many agents ‘wary’ of the subject matter.
Says Jane: “Some blatantly admitted, “Never have, never will have anything to do with the Troubles in Northern Ireland, good luck! I had to get published – somehow – and so I took a huge risk. I cashed in some of my pension and ordered 2,000 copies of Turmoil.”

Jane was ‘determined’ to get Stones Corner out into the world and to help change perceptions.
“I’d never written anything like it in my life, but I knew I just had to see it in its full form. I’m now getting terrific reviews for Turmoil on and many readers have already pre-ordered Darkness. It’s amazing!”

“Importantly I want Stones Corner to educate younger generations through historically based fiction. I hope they read and learn what it was like to live through those difficult days from both sides of the divide and without bias. We cannot go back.”

Check out her website at

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