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Publication Order of Jane Candiotti Books

Jane Candiotti is the main character in a series of crime novels written by Clyde Phillips. She works as a homicide inspector in San Francisco, California where she investigates and solves murders cases. Book one in the Jane Candiotti Series is Fall from Grace published in 1998. The second book Blindsided published in 2002 while Sacrifice the third book was released in 2003.

Fall from Grace

Fall from Grace is book one in Jane Candiotti Series. The book introduces homicide detective Jane Candiotti who has never had any problem in drawing the line between her professional and personal lives until the day that he meets David Perry after the death of his socialite wife. The facts are quite damning: first Perry was involved in a divorce, and now David is about to inherit millions in the wake of his wife death. However, Jane’s instincts tell her that there is more to this case than just love gone sour and greed. However to uncover the truth she must investigate further into the sordid secrets of the city most dangerous and powerful families, a quest that will draw her closer to David and his teenage daughter and also to the cold-blooded killer who is stalking their every move that they make.

However when the cases take a shocking and a twisted turn, it is not Jane’s reputation that is hanging in the balance, but her life as well.

The first novel in the series is an interesting read. The book introduces the main character, Jane Candiotti; a woman in her late 30’s who is a homicide detective. She loves her job very much, but she is also unhappy with her life in general, she feels lonely, and that mostly reflects in the decisions that she makes.

The first novel is an excellent mystery, one that appears to be a simple police procedural but with the twists and turns that the author integrates it makes it a more appealing one. This is a novel that you can expect from a script writer, who writes scripts for television and films. It will grip your attention from the first page to the last page. Furthermore, you will also love how the author manages to describe various places in San Francisco more so the Golden Gate Bridge, which is practically a character by itself in the book. These areas are vividly described, are rich textured and accurately described.

The character in this first installment is outstanding, strong enough such that it could be a standalone novel. Additionally, there are also enough back stories to Candiotti that will make you feel like you have met her at some point in your life. The relationship that exists between Candiotti and her partners creates enough tension by itself, both professional and personal.


Blindsided is the second novel in Jane Candiotti Series by Clyde Phillips. In this second installment, homicide detective Jane own life is taking a turn for the better: now still single and almost turning 40, she is about to set up housekeeping with her partner Kenny Marks. Her future at the San Francisco police department appears bright until Skip Lacey; a retired cop who has faced tough times turns up dead in a railway yard with his eyes brutally gouged out. Apparently, it appears that the killer has a big score to settle and also a tendency of turning up in very strangest places, for instance during the funeral of Jane’s father. Furthermore, it is clear that the killer has a sharpshooter’s eye and a deadly aim and determined to revenge for a fifteen-year-old miscarriage of justice and kills six more officers all in Jane’s division. The second installment in Jane Candiotti Series is an entertaining read that you will ever read. Everything about the death was told from the killer’s perspective. The entire narrative is full of drama and tension that will firmly hold your attention from the first page to the last. Also, there are so many great ideas and fascinating characters each vividly explained.

The author spices up the main plot with many side plots that focus more on developing the character and also makes sure that the readers get to know the characters more. The presence of dialogue makes the novel quite engaging. Through dialogues, you will get to know exactly how a particular character feels, what he or she wants and also understand their relationships with each other.

Even though this novel belongs to the crime genre, the author has spiced it up with some romance one that you will also love. The secondary characters are also intriguing, and one of them is Hank. Overall, the language, characters (both primary and secondary) and the research in this book makes a great story. The plot is carefully written incorporating cops, mystery and some realistic drama.


In the third installment of Jane Candiotti Series again detective Jane Candiotti life is taking a turn for the best thanks to a new husband and a job promotion. However navigating the newlywed life takes a backseat when Philip Iverson, a great philanthropist is found killed in a downtown hotel. Some minutes later, a homeless man is stabbed to death at the docks. A crime that most cops would shrug off, but detective Jane is not like most cops. Her instincts suspect a foul play and that something bigger is at play something that links the victim’s death even when their paths never crossed in life. However finding out the truth will not be an easy task: the superiors are demanding that the San Francisco Police Department focus all their resources on the Iverson case, despite the alarming and open evidence that the serial killer is still at work. Moreover, if Jane cannot solve these double homicides fast, she might lose more than just her job- her life.

The third book in Jane Candiotti is a great mystery that any fan of mysteries would not want to miss out. There are lots of twists and turns as one tries to unravel the complex puzzle alongside the San Francisco detective Jane Candiotti and her partner Kenny Marks.

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