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Publication Order of The Hindolveston Septet Books

Honourable Intent (2022)Description / Buy at Amazon
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Inconvenient Truths (2023)Description / Buy at Amazon

Jane Christie is a British writer, who writes in the Historical Romance/Regency Romance genre. Jane spent a considerable part of her adult life living and working in the USA, before returning to England’s less sunnier shores. Having been taught to read by her mother at age three, books, stories and writing have played a huge part in her life.

While Jane has always been an enthusiastic jotter of stories, The Hindolveston Septet, started out as an idea; a rainy evening, a man in a tall hat, and the steps of a gentlemen’s club. This became the first of seven books, about seven sisters, set in the early 1800s.

Historical romances, with a twist of intrigue; The Hindolveston Septet follows in the illustrious wake of the magnificent Regency romance author Georgette Heyer. The Hindolveston sisters are an odd assortment of siblings, each with her own strengths and weaknesses; they are certainly not society’s ideal of womanhood … not that this deters them! The sisters might be considered to be eccentric … although perhaps it is better to see them as individuals who are not afraid to stand up for what they believe, even if doing so comes at a cost. Principled, passionate, and with an excess of curly hair, the Hindolveston sisters are a force to be reckoned with.

The Hindolveston Septet

Book I: Honourable Intent (Published Dec, 2022). In this first book, Maia Hindolveston, eldest of the Hindolveston sisters, discovers that making her come-out is rather more complicated than she had anticipated. Firstly, there is the minor difficulty to overcome of being embroiled in a scandal with the heir presumptive of the overbearing Duke of Bradenham; then there are the reputations of her six sisters to consider, not to mention the conundrum of her cousin’s engagement. If that were not enough to contend with, there is the matter of her own muddled feelings, when having repeatedly demanded she marry his odious cousin, the wretched duke kisses her. It is as well Maia is strong-minded, not to mention classically educated.

Book II: Bridal Wreath (due out Spring 2023): Eley (Electra) Hindolveston, second of the Hindolveston sisters, who for reasons best known to herself, marries a man she has met once – when he turned up on the doorstep to ask for her hand. Naturally, his cousin Finn (Phineaus, Marquis of Raveningham) is horrified, but even as he digs deeper into the arrangement, he finds he needs Eley’s help. To make matters worse he is drawn to his cousin’s bride, even if she is rather unpredictable. But things are not all they seem at Eley’s new home, has she been married as an angel or mercy, or as an avenging angel? Can the two possibly be the same?

Book III: Bookish Tendencies (due out Summer 2023): When the rakish Christopher Annis is banished to Europe by his noble brother, he does not expect life to be interesting; but then again he has not come across a woman quite like the bookish Taya Hindolveston before. As infuriating as she is intelligent, with an eye for the classical, has Mr Annis met his match, and will Caroline, Dowager Duchess of Alconbury survive Taya’s penchant for museums? More importantly, will they all survive the other guests at the hotel?

Book IV: Inconvenient Truths (due out Autumn 2023): The morning of one’s wedding is perhaps not the best tine to decide that you don’t care for the groom, however, as it is infinitely better than deciding it after the wedding, Alcy makes good her escape, aided and abetted by her god-mother Caroline, Dowager Duchess of Alconbury. Placing the reluctant bride in the care of Valentine Stradbroke, Caroline is assured of Alcy’s safety, but even the wily Caro couldn’t possibly foresee the events which would surround the pair.

Books V, VI and VII details will follow shortly.


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