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About Jane Healey

The author Jane Healey is a historical novelist with much to say, having produced a number of books in recent years. Coming a long way in a relatively short amount of time, she’s definitely a talented writer to watch as time goes on. Her style is both evocative and intelligent, as it has engaged readers from all around the world, as they find her work resonates on a personal level. This has proven to be a hugely successful formula for her too, as she’s going on to become a household for many as well.

Knowing her audience, she has carved herself a niche within the industry, using her style that really stands out above the rest. Immediately identifiable, her writing has become singular entirely to her, as readers know exactly what they’re getting from her books now. She’s well established as a novelist now, as her fiction is both traditional and contemporary in equal measure, getting the best of both worlds. This has made her writing highly immersive too, as it draws readers in, allowing them to feel as if they’re really there.

Her short-stories have also been nominated, making Healey a highly versatile writer with many facets and different angles to her work. Over time her readers have come to appreciate her for this, with many from around the world finding something within her writing. Not only that, but she definitely stands out from the rest, with her inventive and now signature use of language. There’s a lot more to come too, as her writing career carries on growing both upwards and onwards for the foreseeable future.

Early and Personal Life

Interested in literature from an early age, Jane Healey would grow up with a keen fascination in all things both reading and writing. Building upon this as time went on, she would nurture this love of English throughout the years, creating and establishing her own voice. This would continue throughout her higher education as well, allowing her to become a fully fledged author with something of her own to say.

Studying English Literature at Warwick University, she would then go on to attend an MFA program at CUNY Brooklyn College. All this would help her to find her own identity as an author, going on to win awards and release her first novel, that would itself be well received. Currently living in Edinburgh, Scotland, she continues to write regularly, as she has a lot more planned on the horizon.

Writing Career

In 2020 Jane Healey would write her first novel titled ‘The Animals at Lockwood Manor,’ which was a historical fiction novel. She would later follow this up with another stand-alone title in 2021, and this would be called ‘The Ophelia Girls,’ and this would also be well received. Both of these have seen her gain a sizeable following around the world, as readers are fast discovering her work.

Shortlisted in 2013 for the Bristol Short Story prize, she would also gain the Costa Short Story Award in 2014. In 2016 she would receive the Commonwealth Short Story Prize, along with mentoring programme from Penguin Random House WriteNow in 2017. All of this has led to the success that she currently is today, and there’s definitely a lot more to follow in the future still.

The Animals at Lockwood Manor

Initially released through the ‘Mantle’ publishing label, this would first come out back in 2020 on the 10th of March. Setting up Jane Healey’s literary career, this would be her debut introducing her as a fully fledged writer for the first time. Not being a part of any overall series as such, this would be an entirely stand-alone title, establishing her as a writer.

Part historical mystery novel, and part romance, there’s a lot of different elements at play here in this novel. Working well together, they all manage to create one compelling story that really holds together for the duration of the story. The characters are all extremely well drawn, allowing the story to come alive, developing not jut their personalities, but the world as a whole.

Taking place in August, 1939, this sees Hetty Cartwright as a thirty-year-old who has been tasked with evacuating the mammal collection from the natural history museum. Bringing them to Lockwood Manor, they’re set to remain there for the duration of the Second World War in safety, but this is harder than anticipated in the face of resentful servants and an angry Lord Lockwood. On top of that, it seems that there is something dark and mysterious lurking there stalking the hallways, all the while Lucy, Lord Lockwood’s daughter, seems to have a hold over Hetty. Does Lucy have some secrets of her own? Is Hetty falling for Lucy? What will become of the animals at Lockwood Manor?

The Ophelia Girls

This would first be brought out in 2021 on the 10th of August, and it would be the second title and another stand-alone from Jane Healey. Featuring plenty of suspense and mystery, there’s lots of twists and turns here that will ensure the reader is kept guessing. It’s an accessible story that can easily be picked up, but it is difficult to put down, being an addictive and compelling novel.

Bringing the past and the present together, this really is a fully engrossing story on several different levels. With many intricate threads, everyone’s character here is well developed, as it’s a story that draws the reader in holding them there. Creating a richly drawn world, there’s plenty here for the reader to invest themselves in, from the characters to the ambiance.

Set during the summer of 1973, this story follows Ruth as she and her four other friends develop an obsession with pre-Raphaelite paintings. Re-enacting the drowning Ophelia down in the river beside Ruth’s house, they create increasingly elaborate tableau’s of the scene, which then leads to a tragedy. Now, twenty-four years later, Ruth returns with her teenage daughter Maeve, and Stuart, Ruth’s once teenage friend, is now involving himself in their lives once more. Will Maeve be able to have a normal adolescence now she is cancer free? Can they overcome the past? What will become of the Ophelia Girls?

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