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Ties That Tether (2020)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Sweetest Remedy (2021)Description / Buy at Amazon
Where We End & Begin / Worth Having (2022)Description / Buy at Amazon
With Love, Miss Americanah (2024)Description / Buy at Amazon

About Jane Igharo

Romance novelist Jane Igharo is an acclaimed Nigerian-Candadian author. Since her debut novel ‘Ties that Tether’ in 2020, Igharo has crafted characters and storylines that have drawn in readers. She has developed a gift for creating storylines with compelling narratives that are both entertaining and emotionally captivating.

Igharo is known to craft character-driven stories that are able to capture readers’ interest and attention. Her skill in making stories feel both relevant and exciting had allowed her appeal to readers of all ages. Along with a strong sense of story, Igharo adds a sense of understanding and depth of emotion to her characters, further helping to create her convincing and immersive stories.

One of Igharo’s strengths in storytelling is her ability to develop protagonists that readers can genuinely relate to. Her characters move through adventure and tragedy, and readers are able to get invested in their journeys. As much as her characters go through hardships and struggles, readers still have a feeling of hope for the characters that Igharo develops, making the stories more enjoyable.

She is extraordinary in combining compelling characters with engaging stories. Her ability to combine the two in a seamless and meaningful fashion makes each of her novels a standout read. Igharo consistently creates characters that are unique and meaningful, ones that readers can easily love and relate to.

On the other hand, Igharo’s stories themselves often revolve around compelling issues that occur in society; she often writes stories with complex plots and unique story arcs. Whether it’s a humorous comedy or a somber tragedy, Igharo is able to craft stories that spark the most intense emotions in her readers.

In her recent works, Igharo has been able to use her strong character development and storytelling abilities expertly, further helping to create her signature works. Whether it’s a new story or a remake of an old classic, Igharo manages to ignite the emotions of her audience. Her writing has the power to make readers laugh, cry, and feel joy; all while telling stories that are both creative and thoughtful.

Her success as a romance novelist is due in large part to her skill in creating stories with engaging storylines and gripping protagonists. Her ability to combine the two has enabled her to create a timeless body of work that can captivate, enlighten and entertain readers from all walks of life.

Early and Personal Life

Jane Abeiyuwa Igharo, a Nigerian-Canadian author, always had a passion for reading and writing. From an early age, she was inspired by storytelling as an art-form. By the age of twelve, Igharo and her family immigrated to Canada.

During her college years, Igharo earned a degree in Journalism at the University of Toronto. Afterward, she took a job as a communications specialist in Ontario. Through her position, she grew more familiar with storytelling and observed how writing could be used to communicate a message.

Conversations around her family’s traditions sparked the idea for Igharo’s debut novel and served as her primary source of inspiration. She used her writing as a tool to show the importance of cultural representation in Western settings. As Igharo’s career has evolved, she has transformed her works with topics ranging from new perspectives to social justice. Her wide range of interests is reflective of her experience as a multi-cultural, multi-faceted writer.

Writing Career

Jane Igharo made a name for herself as a writer over several years. She first entered the literary scene with her debut novel, Ties That Tether, which was released in 2020 by Berkley Publishing. The book, influenced by Igharo’s life and immigrant experiences, received mostly positive reviews from readers and critics.

Her second novel to be published, ‘The Sweetest Remedy,’ was released in 2021 and it was an Amazon bestseller. It also received praise for its humorous and emotional storytelling. Igharo kept up her extraordinary writing success with Where We End & Begin, her third novel published in 2022. The book was chosen as an Amazon Editors pick. Jane Igharo keeps writing, following her path of success.

Ties That Tether

Jane Igharo’s contemporary romance novel, ‘Ties That Tether’, was released on September 29th, 2020. Her work was published by Berkley. Readers were pleased to discover Jane’s fresh and distinct voice in her latest work, and literary critics have praised Ties That Tether for its acclaimed storytelling.

Azere was raised to always stay true to her Nigerian heritage. When she emigrated to Canada as a young girl, her dying father insisted she marry a Nigerian man and keep the culture alive. Her mother has been equally vigilant in finding her suitable matches ever since. But when a set-up goes wrong, Azere finds herself in a bar with Rafael Castellano, a tall, handsome white man.

They share a night together and their connection unexpectedly grows. Although Azere is moved by her growing feelings for Rafael, she struggles to choose between love and her promise to her family. Can she pursue a relationship with a man who is different from her? Will her mother accept a partner that threatens to dilute her Nigerian culture?

Azere must dare to go against the grain and fight for her own happiness. She faces an impossible decision: will loving someone outside her culture make her any less of a Nigerian? As she weighs her path forward, Azere is uncertain how to reconcile her love for Rafael and her devotion to her family.

Where We End & Begin

On September 27, 2022, ‘Where We End & Begin’ was published by Berkley. Released as another stand-alone contemporary romance, the novel would captivate readers from all over, offering an enthralling story of modern-day love, loss, and redemption. An enchanting journey of emotion awaits those who pick up this heartfelt romance, and the book is sure to make its way into readers’ hearts.

Dunni had vowed to get back together with her high school love Obinna in Nigeria years ago, but 12 years have passed. When she returns to Nigeria for a wedding and reconnects with him, the chemistry is still there. They reconnect and the passion and desire are undeniable as they make up for all the years lost.

But when a tragic past secret unravels and their reckless actions bring new challenges, the future of their love hangs in the balance. Dunni must decide if this love that consumed her years ago is still worth holding on to.

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