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Publication Order of Meg Daniels Mysteries Books

Killing Time in Ocean City (1997)Description / Buy at Amazon
Cape Mayhem (1999)Description / Buy at Amazon
Wrong Beach Island (2002)Description / Buy at Amazon
Missing You in Atlantic City (2014)Description / Buy at Amazon
Greetings from Ventnor City (2020)Description / Buy at Amazon
Strangers in the Avalon Dunes (2023)Description / Buy at Amazon

Publication Order of Meg Daniels Bonus Mystery Books

A Fear of Seaside Heights (2006)Description / Buy at Amazon

Publication Order of Widow Lady Mysteries Books

Jane Kelly is a published American author.

Kelly grew up in Philadelphia, graduating from Mount Saint Joseph Academy. She would then go on to attend Chestnut Hill College, where she graduated with her B.A. She also attended the School of Information Studies from Drexel University and graduated with her M.S.

She has since worked in Fort Washington at Prudential and gotten quite a lot done. In the seventies, she lived in Arizona in Scottsdale. She has attended Boston University to take film courses and even studied history and Japanese at Harvard Extension. At SCE at New York University, Kelly studied Italian and Japanese.

In addition to being a writer, she has also worked as a temp employee for a variety of companies in Philadelphia. These include the Philadelphia Inquirer and WIP. She would work in the information industry for two decades for companies such as Disclosure and NewsBank. For 1986 to 1987, she served as chair for the ITE Division of SLA.

She moved to the D.C. area for some time in the eighties, then lived close to Gramercy Park. She would move to Manhattan’s notorious upper West Side for the end of the eighties. Then in the mid-nineties, the author decided to change cities and tried Chicago out for a year. She would end up living in Boston as well on three different occasions, the most recent being from 2008-2011.

Kelly also attended Trinity College, earning herself a degree in Philosophy. She has worked at Harvard Medical School and the Vanguard Group for Johnson Controls. She also worked at the Charleston Area Medical center for JLL.

Jane Kelly is the creator and the author of the Meg Daniels fictional series of novels, set in the mystery genre. This series first came out in 1997. That is when the debut novel, Killing Time in Ocean City, was published. This would quickly be followed by Cape Mayhem in 1999 as a sequel. The third novel to be released came out in 2002 and is titled Wrong Beach Island. Although belated, a fourth book in the series came out twelve years later. Greetings from Ventnor City is the fifth book to come out in the series.

Killing Time in Ocean City is the debut novel in the Meg Daniels series. If you like murder mystery novels that are set in New Jersey or any type of suspenseful plot, this may be the book for you to read! Check it out and see what you think, or just continue reading the summary and get an idea of what this book is about!

Meet the main character of Meg Daniels. She’s a young woman just like any other, except she’s about to find out that some vacations are more stressful than others. She is in the middle of a deep sleep when she is woken up by police fairly early on in her vacation. That is exactly how she finds out the horrible news.

It turns out that a boss she used to work for has suddenly been located, and he’s dead. What makes this look suspicious is that his dead body was found awfully close to the Ocean City beach house that she had decided to rent in New Jersey. Considering the link between herself and this former employer, things don’t look good for Meg.

The circumstances are all adding up to a very sticky situation. They don’t have any suspects for the murder, except for Meg. Now she has somehow become the prime suspect in the case. What’s even worse is that there appears to be evidence that is coming up and working against her. This is definitely not how she pictured her relaxing vacation going.

Meg is forced to try and figure out what’s going on before it’s too late. From Pine Barrens to Atlantic City to her vacation spot Ocean City, Meg will go anywhere to try and find the answers that she’s looking for. The last thing that she’s thinking about is the actual killer. So when she becomes a target for them, the stress of this experience goes through the roof.

It’s not up to Meg to figure out who did this, but if she can, then she’ll clear her name and a killer will be off the streets to boot. Can she do it? You’re going to have to check out this murder mystery and all of the suspense for yourself to find out!

Cape Mayhem is the second book to come out in the Meg Daniels series. Meg is the perfect protagonist, tall, smart, and pretty. Her adventures continue in yet another well composed book from Jane Kelly!

Meg Daniels is single for the moment, and that is the perfect way to start off any vacation. Unattached to any man, she has made her way to Cape May with the intention of enjoying a vacation in the off season. Even though she’s single, there’s no reason why the location and her mood should make it any less romantic.

She may have come here for a vacation, but somehow discovers that she has stumbled onto a mystery. It’s a unique case, but a female guest at the bed and breakfast that she’s staying at has gone through a transformation that some might call impossible.

Meg doesn’t understand what has happened, but she knows when something is off. So she decides to go down to the local office of the DA in town and try to get an investigator to help her out. Luckily, the investigator there is very handsome and down to take on the cause. She also is able to enlist the feisty co-owner of the Parsonage Bed & Breakfast to assist her as well.

Meg simply needs to know the identity of the woman who was checking in (with the guest Wallace Gimbel, no less). As Meg and her allies begin to follow a trail, they may just find out more than they bargained for. With fake identities, infidelity, and perhaps even murder on the list, her gut instincts were right. Where will they take her? Read Cape Mayhem to find out!

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