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About Jane Pek

The mystery author Jane Pek has fast become well known for her engaging and intricately woven fiction that instantly grabs the reader. Understanding her audience, she delivers her stories straightforwardly and directly, giving readers real food-for-thought in the process. Hugely talented, she definitely has something to say with her work, offering a strong message at the heart of each of her stories. This approach has ensured that she’s secured a unique niche within the literary industry, making a name for herself.

Creating a style and tone that is very much her own, she’s become enormously successful worldwide. This rise in popularity has risen sharply in recent years, most notably with the release of her debut, as she draws in readers from far and wide. With her intelligently written mysteries, she’s clearly a writer with a lot to offer, really setting herself apart from other writers within her field. Understanding the genre perfectly, she takes the mystery to interesting new places, really pushing the boundaries to their fullest.

Often featuring contemporary characters in her work, her stories are typically relevant to modern contemporary times. Really getting beneath the skin of her characters, she allows them to come alive on the page in a style unlike any other. Making sure they feel alive for the reader, Pek ensures that their personality and character get fully fleshed out upon the page. Giving them a three-dimensional personality, they feel wholly authentic, allowing them to resonate fully with the audience.

Concerning herself with modern issues, such as online dating in the digital age, she’s definitely a highly contemporary writer. That’s not to say she isn’t extremely versatile either, as she adapts to a number of different styles within and throughout her work. Her work has a sense of both range and scope to it while also being timeless, as she’s hugely imaginative and innovative in her approach. With so much more to come still on the horizon, she definitely isn’t stopping any time soon either, as she continues growing onwards and upwards.

Early and Personal Life

Born and raised in Singapore, Jane Pek would always be interested in both reading and writing from a very early age. This passion of hers would develop over time, as she would come to focus upon nurturing her love of the craft, and mystery in particular. Visiting the library every Sunday afternoon with her mother while growing up, she would constantly read alongside her two siblings. Creating her own voice over time, she would continue to establish herself as a writer with something of her own to say.

Attending Yale University, she would gain a BA in History before going on to attend the New York University of Law, receiving a JD. During this time, she would continue to write, always developing her craft as an author, allowing her to really establish her voice. She would also gain an MFA from Brooklyn College before going on to work for a global investment company as a lawyer. Currently living in New York, she continues to write on a regular basis while also enjoying cycling and learning martial arts.

Writing Career

It was in 2022 that Jane Pek would publish her first novel, bringing out the mystery book ‘The Verifiers’ that year. Seeking to make her work timeless, she would create fictional pop-cultural interests for her characters to enjoy. This approach, in turn, would also ensure her fiction became universal, seeing readers from all over the world appreciate her writing. Not focusing on creating a long-running series from the outset, she would establish her style with a singular self-contained story.

Prior to writing her first full novel, she would see some of her shorter fiction published in ‘The Best American Short Stories,’ both in 2020 and 2021. Sharpening her skills as a writer, she would become fully adept at writing for a large audience of readers worldwide. Given positive reviews from outlets such as ‘Buzzfeed’ and ‘Poets and Writers,’ she’s gone on to gain critical acclaim as well as commercial success. Maintaining a strong presence both online and off, she continues to grow from strength to strength as a novelist.

The Verifiers

Originally brought out through the Vintage publishing label, this would first come out on the 22nd of February in 2022. Working as an entirely stand-alone novel, it features a self-contained narrative that’s immediately accessible and easy to read. Not a part of any series, it’s Jane Pek’s first novel, with it being a contemporary mystery based around the concept of online dating. Set in New York City, it’s a novel that’s very much of a place, but not of a set time, despite dealing with digital technology online.

Recently recruited by a detective agency that works with online dating, Claudia Lin has been stealth recruited by the firm. Not wanting to conform to the standards set by her family, she instead decides to embark on her love of mystery and soon finds one larger than she’d initially anticipated. Following the disappearance of a client, she must now deal with a web of corporate deceit, as she breaks the protocol to investigate closer. Will she manage to get to the bottom of this particular mystery, can she find the missing client, and what will become of the verifiers?

Dealing with several different key themes and ideas, this book is a novel primarily concerned with love and romance in the digital age. Looking at people and how they interact with one another, both online and off, it’s an engaging story that gives the reader a lot to consider. The mystery of the story itself is extremely intricate, too, really making for something that’s quite different in the process.

Featuring a strong character at the heart of the story, the book has a lot to offer the reader, as it really comes alive on the page. The narrative is very well-paced, keeping the reader glued to the page every single step of the way; the book is an enthralling read. Everyone in the novel feels fully realized, not just the central protagonist, as there are continually interesting characterizations.

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  1. Jan Rowe: 1 year ago

    Jane Pek,
    I too enjoyed your novel and the clever weaving of technology throughput the book. Intrigue without gore. I, like Ruth, am non Asian, 68, and waiting for the next novel. Please write quickly.

  2. Ruth Horowitz: 1 year ago

    Jane Pek,
    Please write another book soon. I’m 81, not Asian and enjoyed and admired your book. More please


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