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Publication Order of Jane Whitefield Books

Vanishing Act (1995)Description / Buy at Amazon
Dance for the Dead (1996)Description / Buy at Amazon
Shadow Woman (1997)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Face-Changers (1998)Description / Buy at Amazon
Blood Money (1999)Description / Buy at Amazon
Runner (2009)Description / Buy at Amazon
Poison Flower (2012)Description / Buy at Amazon
A String of Beads (2014)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Left-Handed Twin (2021)Description / Buy at Amazon

The Jane Whitfield series is a suspense, thriller, and mystery series by Thomas Perry. . All the books in the series have received numerous positive feedback’s from critics. The most notable thing about the series is that it has one main character that the reader easily associates with popularly known as the “guide.” The guide plays the role of different agents throughout the series depending on the storyline that the author selects. This makes it easy for the reader to associate with the lead character in the different books.


Jane Whitfield is a fictional character in award-winning author Thomas Perry’s “Jane Whitfield series” of novels. The Jane Whitfield series has seven books written between 1995 and 2012 by Thomas Perry. The first two are the “vanishing act” and “dance for the dead.” The last book in the series written in 2012 is “poison flower.” The first book in the series “vanishing act” has also been adapted into a television series. This is an indication of how popular the series has become in entertainment circles.

The character of Jane Whitfield in the series is presented as that of a native Seneca woman who prefers to refer herself as a guide. In the series her character, is presented as that of a tough and clever Native American woman. Her main role in the series is to help people disappear. This is not disappearing in the literal sense but in detail she helps people escape from life-threatening situations to other places where the people have happier lives. For instance, if someone is living in a place where there are enemies who want to kill him or her then, the “guide”, helps them to move into another region of the country where they will be at peace.

Because her character is that of the main protagonist, she finds herself traveling across the entire country in her quest to help people in danger. However, her natural location is in Deganawida, New York. Because of the nature of her work, Whitfield sometimes finds herself bending the law or doing such actions that are supposed to be taken up by police detectives. In real life, the character has a strict code of conduct, and as a result, she becomes very choosy while picking up her new clientele.

The activities that she is involved in are sometimes very dangerous that it is sometimes possible to classify the series as suspense rather than a mystery. In all the books in the series, her Seneca heritage is put to good use as she uses extensive resources to guide her clients to safety. For instance she sometimes need to use her arcane knowledge about the creation of peoples fake identities and forging documents in order to achieve her goals.


All the seven books in the series are good reads for any reader of thrillers, suspense, or mystery books. For instance, the first book in the series the “vanishing act” was chosen by the “independent mystery booksellers association” as being among the top 100 favorite mysteries of the century. As the title of the book suggests the “vanishing act” revolves around the character of Jane as she tries to help people vanish in order to escape from their pursuers. In this book, Jane one day finds an intruder in her house by the name of John Felker. He is an ex-cop who is suspected of embezzlement and he wants Jane to help him vanish as she did to his friend Harry Kemple.

However, as we would all expect the plan does not go as planned because as Jane tries to help Felker vanish from his pursuers, she finds herself entrapped in a situation that she has to use all her ancestral knowledge and modern science to save herself and the life of her new client john Felker. This is a must read for the lovers of comical, suspense, and mystery books.

The second book in the series the “dance for the dead” is as explosive as the first book. In this book the main character finds herself entangled in another twist of fate that she has to use all resources available to deal with a rogue killer out for the money of two people. The story starts with the main character saving the life of eight-year old Timothy Philips Decker. Young Timmy as he is popularly called comes back one day and finds his family brutally murdered and all his biographical information stolen. Timmy’s nanny Mona realizes that the killers are after timothy and realizes that only Jane can save this little boy.

In an attempt to produce timothy in a Los Angeles court Jane meets Mary who is also being pursued by someone who wants to inherit a fortune that she claims she does not have (the proceeds from financial embezzlement). With her realization Jane embarks to help these two people only to realize later that the persons pursuing these two clients is actually one criminal. Entangled in this web of events Jane has to unravel the truth and use modern technologies of hacking and identity theft to protect not only the lives of these two clients but her own too. This is another must read for mystery story lovers.


This is just a tip of the iceberg as the author continues to advance the series so does the themes and character development of the heroine (Jane in this case). This is a wonderful series that any suspense and mystery loving readers must get hold of. The books are easily available and they are pocket-friendly. According to some reviewers of the books “random house” the publisher, should not let go of this great author because he is just exceptionally creative in developing not only the story lines but the characters as well. Thus, in conclusion I would advice any suspense or mystery book readers to make sure that they get a hold of at least one copy from the series and I guarantee that ‘you’ the reader will absolutely fall in love with the entire collection.

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