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The Shadow of Death (2018)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Hour of Death (2018)Description / Buy at Amazon
Abide With Me (2020)Description / Buy at Amazon

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Jump Start This Church! (2014)Description / Buy at Amazon

Jane Willan is an author who focuses extensively on mystery novels. She has written books in the Sister Agatha and Father Selwyn mystery series, a book series that expresses her background in the religious field.

Willan is based out of Massachusetts and is a parish minister. She has been serving churches around the United States for years and particularly served the Iowa Conference of the United Church of Christ before moving back to Massachusetts.

Willan had lived in the Boston area as a science editor and worked on a biological research project at Harvard for a brief moment of time. She studied at Hiram College in Ohio and eventually moved on to Boston University where she got her Master of Science degree from.

But she found a higher calling and in 2003 became ordained to work as a pastor. This led to her serving her first church in Iowa not long after that. She is a graduate of the Vanderbilt Divinity School and holds a Master of Divinity degree from the school.

Jane Willan continues to work hard on her writing as she consistently writes creative and valuable sermons for her parishioners. She enjoys spending time with her husband and loves literature, a point that has led her to work on creating some unique mystery novels.

Book Series

The Sister Agatha and Father Selwyn mystery series is the main series that Jane Willan works on. The series focuses on two figures who serve their faith at the Gwenafwy Abbey. They and the others at the abbey focus heavily on prayer and on helping people to reflect upon their lives. They also work hard on the farms at the abbey where the vegetables and cheeses that they produce are sold to people all around the community.

The series takes place in Wales around a beautiful abbey. The island scenery and beautiful rolling meadows of the area are highlighted well in Willan’s series.

But while the local area is peaceful, there lies a darker side in the whole affair. Even as the police in the local area are conflicted over how certain crimes take place, Agatha and Selwyn are often willing to help. It is through their faith and their strong skills for finding answers that the two work hard to find the answers to many of the mysteries and questions that people around the area have.

The characters are also intriguing for who they are and how they act. Sister Agatha enjoys the peaceful life and loves to help others, but she has her own secrets that often surprise and amaze people. She is also interested in writing and particularly enjoys mysteries, but she often finds it hard for her to get the inspiration that she needs for getting a good story up and running.

Meanwhile, Father Selwyn cares very much about the needs of his community and is always in touch with his faith, but he always has concerns about the abbey’s budget. He often has worries about how well the abbey is able to afford some of the functions it is capable of working with.

The two figures work together to solve crimes and mysteries in their local area. They know that the peaceful setting that they are in might be disrupted after a while, but it will become easier for them to keep their places in check and peaceful when enough work is placed into finding ways to solve problems.

Books of Note

The Shadow of Death (2018)

The Shadow of Death is the first book in this series. Agatha is trying to find some ideas for a novel that she wants to write while Selwyn is looking to help with promoting the cheeses produced by the farmers at the abbey. But one day, the world of the abbey is turned upside down as the sexton of the abbey is found dead near the cheese storage space. Although the local police force believes that the case is a simple accident or possibly just a natural death, Agatha thinks otherwise. She believes that the person was murdered.

Although Agatha has not had much experience in managing mysteries outside of learning from many classic mystery novels and even from listening to some of her favorite mystery novel podcasts, Agatha is looking to find a solution and to see who could have killed the sexton. She, Selwyn and the many other nuns of the Coventry are looking to find out who the killer could be. They are also trying to restore the image and name of the abbey and to help a person who has been falsely accused of murder.

O Holy Fright (2018)

The second book in Willan’s series is entitled O Holy Fright. The book is about the death of the local art society’s president. The book takes place around the Christmas season. While everyone is getting ready for this exciting time of the year, there are some big concerns coming about as the death of the art society president has surprised people all around. Soon after that, one prominent artist in the area has her dog kidnapped while she is also being threatened and is even run off of the road in her car at one point. But soon, it appears that a relative of the art society president might be responsible for everything that is happening.

But as time moves along, the mystery becomes truly fishy. There are concerns that anything could happen as another person is soon found dead. Agatha and Selwyn are both looking to find the killer before Christmas can come along. Better yet, they are trying to find the killer because they can become possible targets.

Where To Buy Her Books

Jane Willan’s books can be found through Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Booksamillion and Indiebound. Her books are available in digital editions so people can read them anywhere while on the go. With her stories being gripping and suspenseful with many unique twists and turns coming about, people will surely want to have her books on the go as it will be hard to put them down anywhere.

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