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Janet Fitch is a renowned American writer, who is famous for writing adult fiction, contemporary, and drama stories. She has written several mind-blowing standalone novels in her career and is particularly popular for writing the book called White Oleander. This Oprah’s Book Club novel was adapted into a movie in 2002. Author Fitch was born on November 9, 1955, in Los Angles, California, United States, and was brought up in her hometown in Los Angeles. She is the third generation native of her family and grew up among some voracious readers. She completed her graduation in 1878 from Reed College, Portland, Oregon, with a bachelor’s of arts degree in History. During her college studies, Fitch aspired to have the career path of a historian. Fitch was highly attracted to the field due to its powerful narratives, the colossal personalities, breath and potency of its themes, and scope of events. However, life had other plans for her. She earned entry into a student exchange program and joined England’s Keele University.

While studying at Keele University, Fitch developed a passion for the history of Russia. And as soon as she attained the age of 21, she decided that she will try her hand at writing fiction. The rest that followed became history. Author Fitch has served as a faculty member in Southern California University’s Master of the Professional Writing Program. There, she used to teach fiction. The authors who have inspired and influenced her the most include Edgar Allen Poe and Fyodor Dostoevsky. Fitch’s third book, Paint It Black, is named after a song of Rolling Stones that has the same name. This 2006 book was also adapted into a feature film in 2016 under the direction of Amber Tamblyn. The reason that Fitch gave for not becoming a historian is that she wanted to live her life and spent it inside a library. Even as a writer, she likes to undertake adventures and use her experience to write stories. Fitch’s idea of going on an adventure is by wearing a cape. Accordingly, she has bought several capes and undertaken numerous adventures since then.

Recently, Fitch has started writing a new series called The Revolution of Marina M. It is based on the life of a young poet and describes his coming of age at the time of the Russian Revolution. In addition to writing novels, Fitch is involved in teaching fiction writing at summer workshops. She has also undertaken teaching programs at Southern California University, Vermont College, Pomona College, Esalen Institute, UCLA Extension, and UC Riverside. The essays and short fiction penned by Fitch have appeared in many well known literary journals, including Black Clock, Real Simple, Los Angeles Noir, Vogue, Black Warrior Review, Los Angeles Times, Rattling Wall, Los Angeles Book Review, etc. As of today, Fitch resides in Los Angeles with her family. Fitch has earned fellowships of multiple institutes all over the world, including St. Petersburg’s Likhachev Cultural Fellowship, Helen R. White Fellowship, Huntington Library Research Fellowship, and Pomona College’s Moseley Fellowship. Fitch always looks for opportunities to travel and go on adventurous trips. She loves to enjoy her life and maintain a balance between work and enjoyment.

A successful book written by author Janet Fitch is entitled ‘White Oleander’. It was released in 1999 and describes the story of a child named Astrid Magnussen, who gets separated from her mom and is forced to live in multiple foster homes. The book is based on the theme of motherhood. Initially, Astrid is introduced as a 12-year-old girl from Los Angeles. She resides with her mother named Ingrid Magnussen. Ingrid is a cold-hearted and self-centered woman. She looks after Astrid as a single parent. Later, Ingrid kills her lover named Barry, who was cheating on her with other women. She surrenders herself and is sentenced to life imprisonment. As there is no one else to look after Astrid, she is handed over to foster care. Her first foster home is that of a stripper named Starr. She raises Astrid, along with her two children.

When Astrid indulges in a sexual relationship with the live-in partner of Starr at the age of 14, Starr shoots her with a gun. After spending several weeks at the hospital, Astrid is sent to a different foster home. Similarly, Astrid faces numerous other problems at each of the foster homes. Finally, Astrid moves to Germany with her new boyfriend Paul at the age of 20. In the meantime, Ingrid comes out of prison. When Astrid comes to know about her mother’s release, she wishes to move back to California and reunite with her. But, she does not have the courage to abandon Paul. In the end, Astrid decides to stay with Paul, but longs to be with her mother.

Another popular novel penned by Fitch is known as ‘Paint It Black’. It was published by Little Brown & Company in 2006. Fitch has created the primary characters in this book in the roles of Pen Valadez, Josie Tyrell, Michael Faraday, and Meredith Loewy. The novel opens by depicted that Josie Tyrell is an art model. She has run away from her home and now dwells in the rock scene of Los Angeles. Josie finds real love in the form of Michael Faraday, who is the son of a famous pianist and a Harvard dropout. But, Josie’s dreams of a happy future with Michael get shattered when she receives a call to visit the morgue and identify the body of her lover. As she tries to come to terms with Michael’s death, Josie is both repelled by and attracted Michael’s pianist mother named Meredith.

Josie faces the blame of Michael’s torment at the hands of his mother. Shortly after, the two women get drawn towards each other. Their twisted relationship reflects the blind need as well as distrust. Author Fitch has woven a spellbinding story of betrayal, love, and transcendence’s possibility with the help of her hallmark fever pitch intensity and luxurious prose. This book entertained readers in all corners of the world. Its worldwide success allowed it to be made into a film of the same name. The 2016 film was directed by popular director Amber Tamblyn and starred Alia Shawkat in the role of Josie.

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