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Janey Mack is one of the newest authors of America who has seen success right from her first novel. She has written only a couple of novels in her career, which has just begun. Her first novel was published somewhere in the middle of 2015, while her second novel is about to be published in the month of December of the year 2015. Janey is also working on her third novel, which is expected to be completed very soon and published in the summer of 2016. She always had two things in her mind that she wished to do after growing up. One of among them was becoming a cop, which her father did not like and disapproved, even though Mack was very serious about it. After being disallowed to pursue her first likeable career, she decided to do what she considered to be the next best thing. Eventually, Janey became an author. She has described herself to be an author of the suspense, mystery, comedy and humor genres, some of which can be seen in her first novel. In the novel, Janey has described a character named Maisie McGrane, who is depicted as getting to do all the things that she cannot do in her life.

Janey says that she has taken the inspiration to write mystery and humorous novels from the successful works of the prominent authors such as Raymond Chandler, Ian Fleming, Dashiell Hammett, and Dick Francis. As of today, she lives in Arizona along with her husband and children. Her house is very close to her brothers’ house, with whom she likes to spend some time whenever she gets some free time from writing novels. In her first novel, Janey has described Maisie as a scrappy lady, who wishes to join the cop fraternity of her Irish family very desperately. Getting expelled from the police academy, she begins to work as a meter-maid, hoping to make her way into the force. But, she discovers that Chicago is full of corruption and murder cases. Once, she boots the limo of the mayor of the city enthusiastically, which leads to a scuffle and goes viral. Soon, she finds herself as a target and there is no one to protect her except her ticket gun. In the second, Maisie McGrane is described by author Janey Mack as an unsinkable woman who finally becomes successful in becoming a police officer. However, she is asked to work undercover, disguising as a meter maid in order to gather evidence against a Serbian mobster named Stannislav Renko, nicknamed as The Bull. He is believed to be operating a mobile chop-shop operation worth millions of dollars. However, on one occasion, she inadvertently saves him from getting busted due to which The BUll begins to think of her as a lucky charm for him. He takes her under his own wing, but seems to be unable to save her from her Irish clan.

The first novel written by Janey Mack was titled ‘Time’s Up’ and was published by the Kensington publishing house in the year 2015. The plot of the novel deals with a new and engaging detective named Maisie McGrane. She is depicted as being able know how well to use her boot that is given to her by the police academy. In the opening sequence of the plot of the novel, Maisie is shown as living with the dream of joining the police force, all her life. She wanted to follow the footsteps of her father and her elder brothers’, and become a proud police officer. Maisie belonged to an Irish family full of cops. However, her dream of becoming a true member of the Irish family of cops gets shattered when she gets expelled from the academy. She becomes disgraced and takes up the job as a meter maid. As a part of her new job, she is required to boot the people’s cars and in turn bear the abuses of even the lowlife customers, who could not provide enough change for feeding the meter. Maisie feels very bad about the fact she will no longer be able to chase down the criminals. After a while, she comes across a staff member of the City Hall, whose body lies by the side of the road with a couple of bullets in his chest. After coming to know about the case, Maisie’s brothers warn her to stay away. But, she was not born to quit and seems to be determined to find answers related to the murder case. Her secret boyfriend named Hank Bannon, who is an ex-army Ranger helps her to follow the trail of the conspiracy. However, unaware of the consequences, Maisie keeps digging deep into the mystery and getting close to a deadly killer, having nothing but just a ticket gun for her defense. The novel became very successful after its release and ensured that author Janey had an outstanding debut. Being filled with riotous characters such as the large McGrane family, and an intriguing story, the novel shows a fast and furious setting of the plot, which is complemented by the humorous and laugh-out-loud dialogues.

Author Janey was very well appreciated and praised for her dedicated efforts in writing the interesting novel. Her fellow authors declared the novel to be a well crafted plot with a number of mystery buffs. They have even recommended it for the readers who love to read the works of authors like Tim Dorsey and Eleanor Taylor Bland. The second novel by Janey Mack is titled ‘Choked Up’. In this novel, Maisie McGrane is depicted as working undercover for the police force. Even though she was a little scrappy in the beginning, she has finally become a Chicago police officer. But, she is ordered to keep an eye on Stannislav Renko, by working undercover as a meter maid. Maisie is required to gather as much evidence as she can against the charismatic Serbian mobster who is often called as The Bull and is believed to be running a multi million dollar brutal mobile operation. Soon, she finds out that she is getting targeted by a killer, who seemed to be determined to finish her. The killer drops a dead body against her car in order to frame her, but she gets rescued by Renko and is taken under his wing. Now that she becomes successful in entering into the inner circle of Renko’s operation, Maisie decides to set up a sting operation in order to bring down the empire of Renko once and for all and get him arrested. However, her daring act seems to get blown by her handsome boyfriend and her overprotective family of Irish cops. Maisie also faces the danger of getting uncovered as an undercover officer from her family and boyfriend.

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  1. Tammy Bailey: 11 months ago

    Please tell me when to expect your book, I have loved all three previous ones and am waiting anxiously for the next. Forgive my impatience but your books are great with very interesting characters and I hope to find out what’s next. Thank you for your stories and hope to hear something soon. Thank you.


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