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Janice Cantore is an American novelist popular for her series of action and suspense novels. Having worked for 22 years as a police officer in Long Beach, California, she offers some interesting perspectives on crime and investigations. During her time in the police force, she worked in training, juvenile investigations, administration, and patrol aspects of which she incorporates effortlessly in her novels with. She has always found her faith to be indispensable in a variety of situations ever since she was a police officer. She was especially active in the publishing of articles in Cop and Christ, a quarterly newspaper, and Todays Christian Woman that was a monthly news bulletin.

Upon Janice Cantore’s retirement from the police force, she shifted her focus to longer pieces and soon she was writing her classic suspense and action novels. The Pacific Coast Justice series is a trilogy that effectively launched her career as a suspense writer. The series chief protagonist is Carly Edwards, a female detective who faces a number of challenges in her professional and personal life, who turns to faith and trust in God to find a way forward. The series was followed by the highly popular Critical Pursuit and Cold Case Justice series, all of which have gone on to become fan favorites. Critical pursuit features Brianna Caruso as a K 9 police officer who finds missing and presumably abducted children. Abby Hart, a homicide detective is the chief protagonist in the Cold Case Justice series of novels. While she writes in the action and suspense genre, her novels feature strong female leads that will leave you inspired and engrossed until the very end. Most of her narratives have been gleaned from her experiences, which she asserts have been a mix of inspiring, tragic, bad, and good that happened while with she was with the LBPD. The novels also have a very strong religious and faith component with the protagonists turning to God to guide them in times of loss, tragedy, or any type of crisis.

Janice Cantore is a born and bred Southern California native. While she had always had a strong urge to write, she never felt that anyone would like any of her writing and hence never started until very late in her adult life. She majored in physical education and biological sciences in her college education, but upon her graduation, she found that practicing any of her graduate school majors did not appeal to her, and opted to become a police officer. Nonetheless, she asserts that this was not a random choice, as deep down she has always had a heart for helping people – particularly victims of injustice and unfairness. She goes ballistic when she sees someone taking advantage of or victimizing the innocent or the weak. As a police officer, she asserts that nothing gave her as much joy as being the first responder to an accident or a crime. This gave her the opportunity to help the victim by showing care and compassion while collecting information needed to arrest a suspect or solve a crime. It was always such a pleasure for Janice Candore to arrest the bad guys!!

For the most part, Janice Cantore work in uniform was in Long Beach, California and she asserts that it is one of the best places to live. Most of her work and education has been in California, with the physical education degree from California State University at Long Beach, biology qualification from University of California at Irvine, and a Masters in criminal justice from the University of South California. She is currently an active member of Sisters in Crime and American Christian Fiction Writers. Having moved to Oregon with her family of three Labrador retrievers a few years ago, she attends the Trail Christian Fellowship in the small town of Eagle Point. When she is not writing, she loves to walk her dogs, hike, kayak, cross-stitch or sit back with a good book.

The first novel of the Pacific Coast Justice series, Accused is the most popular. The novel’s chief protagonist is Detective Carly Edwards that has just been transferred from patrol to juvenile misdemeanor investigations. But the arrest a Londy Atkins, a troubled youth who has allegedly murdered the mayor gets Carly pumped up for some action. Londy turns out to be one tough cookie, swearing his innocence despite all the pressure from the detective that he confesses to the crime. While her better sense of judgment tells her that the youth is guilty, she chooses to believe him. The homicide department remains convinced that he is guilty and intends to move heaven and earth to get him convicted. But it is not all doom and gloom for Carly, as Nick a fellow police officer and her ex-husband is prepared to believe her. His support though seems to be because he wants her back, and the case resents the best opportunity for showing her that he is a changed man. Carly is not buying his whole changed man story and is not convinced that he will not betray her like he did before. As the investigation moves forward, Carly believes that she may be dealing with a cover up and decides to work alone, not knowing whom she could trust. As she gets closer to the truth, the danger mounts making her wonder if working alone was the right choice.

Abducted, Janice Cantore’s second novel is another very popular novel. A riveting suspense novel, it offers one of the most candid of looks into the life of a law enforcement officer. After exposing corruption among the higher ups in the city and putting the mayor’s murderers behind bars in the first novel of the Pacific Coast Justice series, Carly Edwards is back in her element – patrolling the streets of the city with Joe. Everything seems to be going so well for Carly when without warning it all starts to fall apart. When an injury she got from work takes too long to heal, Nick her ex-husband is becoming distant, just when she believed they could rekindle their old romance. In the meantime, her partner Joe also has his own problems including getting his baby kidnapped, and a wife hospitalized with a strange illness. As Carly hunts down every improbable lead in the quest to recover Joe’s baby, she finds that her newfound faith is put to the test time and again.

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  1. Lola Ulrich: 1 year ago

    I have everyone of Janice’s books. I totally enjoy reading a mystery novel that doesn’t dishonor God. I just finished ‘Code of Courage’ and anxiously await the next book. Thank you Janice! Aloha!

  2. Karen Onishenko: 2 years ago

    Janice writes in a completely realistic, flowing style that has just the right amount of details and background. It is so apparent that only someone who has lived the position would know the details she includes. The books dig deep into current problems and issues found in contemporary cities and towns.
    Her strong faith comes through in subtle ‘non-preachy ‘ situations that play out through her well-developed characters in totally believable ways.
    She is an excellent writer that I have rarely encountered in this genre.

  3. Barbara Mccauley: 3 years ago

    I just finished Breach of Honor and I could not put it down! I so enjoy mysteries but this one is one of my favorites. I share my books with my mail lady she is going to love this one. Thank you very much for a great book!

  4. Eva M Ellis: 3 years ago

    Thank you for writing books that Christians can read knowing that we won’t see God’s name taken in vain and no porn.


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