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Publication Order of Margo Simon Books

Death Crosses the Border (1995)Description / Buy at Amazon
Death of a Postmodernist (1996)Description / Buy at Amazon
Death-Fires Dance (1996)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Dead Man and the Sea (1997)Description / Buy at Amazon
Death in a City of Mystics (1998)Description / Buy at Amazon

Publication Order of Standalone Novels

Janice Steinberg is an award-winning novelist that is best known for her multigeneration and very rich 2013-published novel “The Tin Horse. “

It is work that showcases the fraught and often intense bonds between daughters, mothers, and sisters in addition to the surprising and profound ways we are shaped by those we love.
Janice is also the author of five mystery novels including “Death in a City of Mystics,” the Shamus Award-nominated novel.

She has also been a teacher of creative writing at the San Diego-based University of California and in several private workshops. She has also been active in giving presentations, workshops, and talks at writer conferences.
As an award-winning journalist, she has written more than 400 articles in the “Los Angeles Times,” “Dance Magazine,” and the “San Diego Union-Tribune,” among several other places.

Janice Steinberg got a fellowship for Dance Criticism from the National Endowment for the Arts Fellowship by the New York Times in 2004.

She has also worked at San Diego State University teaching dance criticism and still writes theater and dance reviews for “San Diego Story.”

As for her education, she went to the University of California in Irvine for her bachelor’s and master’s degrees in Social Ecology. She is also a Nia dance fitness practice Blue Belt and teaches several classes every week.

Steinberg grew up in Wisconsin’s Whitefish Bay and while it does sound like a bucolic childhood, nothing could be further from the truth.

She has said that it is a charming little palace on the shores of Lake Michigan with glorious autumns and quiet streets that she will always have close to her heart.

One of Janice Steinberg’s earliest memories is standing with her mother in their small but very cozy brick house which was at some point converted into a public library.
When it was ultimately made into the headquarters of the police department it gave the little town a kind of Mayberry vibe.

For college, she moved to California to attend the University of California. It was in college that she met Jack Cassidy who would then become her husband.
As a married couple, they spent several years in Los Angeles before ultimately making their permanent home in San Diego.

However, since they missed California so much, they used to watch Starsky and Hutch just so they could relive their memories of LA such as Lincoln Boulevard.

Like many of her contemporaries, Janice Steinberg felt like she had to write as much as she needed to breathe.
But for a very long time, she could not write since she had to work to earn a living. She held all manner of odd jobs before becoming an author that included teaching, urban planning, editing, public relations, journalism, and grant writing.
For several years, she had worked at Advertising Age as a Freelancer where she was fondly referred to as the Queen of the Sidebar.

After paying her dues, she was finally able to focus on arts journalism and fiction writing, which is what she has always loved.

Janice Steinberg’s novel “Death of a Postmodernist” is a work set at the Capelli Foundation for Postmodern Art. It is a place full of all manner of unexpected art.
One very popular exhibit came with a hall of mirrors which often trapped the viewers inside as they could not find the exits.

At the far end of the Foundation building, an artist was making a performance piece in the avant-garde format that he said might or might not involve a guillotine.

Margo Simon is a reporter for Public Radio who had interviewed several eccentric young artists a few days before Sudan Contreras, a beautiful female artist was found killed right before her own exhibit.
People are left wondering if she had committed suicide inside the exhibition as an artistic statement or if she had been killed.

It makes for an interesting narrative that takes us deep into the world of modern art.

“Death Crosses the Border” by Janice Steinberg opens with Reve Zeke and Margo heading to Mexico where the latter can interview workers about factory conditions for NPR.
It is not the first time the Reverend is making the journey down south as he has been ministering to the workers for several years now.

But this time around, things do not go so well right from the beginning as their car is pelted with stones leaving Rev. Zeke injured. When Margo arrives back in San Diego, she gets some disturbing information about her new friend Zeke.
She decides to head back to Mexico to resolve a series of mysteries, some of which prove to be just red herrings.

Janice Steinberg’s novel “Death Fires Dance” is a work set in San Diego which has been ravaged by Canyon fires that have destroyed homes, forests, and human lives.

According to the police, the cause of the fire crisis is the usual pyromania. However, Margo Simon the San Diego Public Radio reporter believes something is very bizarre about the fires.
She believes they could be hiding a modern-day witch hunt. The reason for this is that she has recently discovered that most people who died in the fires are New Age healers.

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