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Three Souls (2013)Description / Buy at Amazon
Dragon Springs Road (2017)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Library of Legends (2020)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Porcelain Moon (2023)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Phoenix Crown (With: Kate Quinn) (2024)Description / Buy at Amazon

About Janie Chang
As a writer of historical and fantasy fiction, the author Janie Chang is well known for her finely crafted novels. Writing from a close and personal perspective, her stories feel wholly intimate, with a fantastical edge to them, allowing her readers to get lost in her rich and immersive worlds. Drawing in an audience from all around the world, she really knows how to get the most out of her stories, delivering them in a style quite unlike any other.

The manner in which she writes is very much her own, as she really understands the art-form, playing with and finding something new in the process. This has seen adapt and evolve over the years, allowing her to become the highly regarded and equally versatile novelist she currently is today. Taking real-world events and adapting them into her fiction, she pushes the form forwards, something which she’ll continue for some time to come.

Early and Personal Life:
Born in Taiwan, Janie Chang was always passionately interested in both reading and writing, showing a great love for the art-form. Growing up listening to stories about a small Chinese town, she would take many of these fantasy stories rich with history, and have them inspire her own work. As a gifted storyteller from early on, she immersed herself in the world, using it to form the basis of her writing career today.

Attending Simon Fraser University, she’d graduate from ‘The Writer’s Studio’, which would see her build upon her craft. This would also be seen when she became a member of the Tall Poppy Writers, fast becoming an integral part of the writing community. She would continue this in Canada when forming the Canadian Authors for Indies group, which would see her supporting independent book-stores nationwide.

Travelling for a number of years prior to becoming a full time writer, Janie Chang would live in a variety of different countries across the world. This included the Philippines, Thailand, Iran, Canada, and New Zealand, all of which gave her a wealth of inspiration to draw from. All the while she would continue to write on a regular basis, building her career as an internationally regarded author.

Now living in Vancouver, Canada, she’s well known for her flights of fantasy, incorporating real world events in. Her knowledge of history is also unsurpassed, as she immerses herself in Chinese folklore and tradition, something which has been with her throughout her life. Continuing to do this for many years to come, she’s not stopping any time soon either, as there’s a lot more to come yet.

Writing Career:
The first novel that Janie Chang would write would be ‘Three Souls’, which was released in 2013, marking the start of her literary career. Quickly grabbing the attention of the international publishing press, she would fast become a household name across the world. Her fantasy style infused with real world settings proved to be hugely successful with readers from far and wide.

Inspired by her own father who would tell stories constantly, she would come to absorb this, immersing herself in it. Soon turning to writing of her own, she’d fast become an adept storyteller herself, with her own unique and idiosyncratic voice. Writing her first novel during a one-year writing program at university, her fate as an author was sealed and she never looked back.

Securing a place on numerous programs, she would also fast become a regular within many writing groups and circles too. Helping run the Canadian Independent Bookstore Day through the Retail Council of Canada, she was instrumental in setting that up and getting it recognized nationally. This was initially part of the Canadian Authors for Indies, running between 2015 and 2017, before becoming a regular annual day. Winning awards for her work, along with good reviews, she’s an author with a lot more to say and write about.

Three Souls
Published through HarperCollins Canada in 2013, this would be the first book to come out from Janie Chang. Working entirely by itself as a stand-alone, it’s a fantastical take on the history of China, with some magical realist underpinnings. Setting up her career, this would really evoke an atmospheric and moody ambiance, and one that really resonated with readers upon its release.

Set in China in 1935, this sees the young woman Leiyin as a ghost, now having to watch her own funeral from afar, whilst making amends for her own past. Looking back at her life, it sees her cast amidst the social upheaval and unrest of the time, as a privileged lady only concerned with her own life, all while the country falls apart around her. Then she meets a left-wing translator and poet, who she then falls in love with, defying her own father, before finding herself in limbo. How exactly did she get there? Can she take stock of her own life? Where will her journey take beyond the judgement of the three souls?

The Library of Legends
This time published through the William Morrow Paperbacks label in 2020, this was initially released on the 12th of May. Again a stand-alone novel, it also deals with the history of China, also dealing with the same time period, with it expanding upon the ideas of before. It also brings in elements of fantasy once more too, all of which help to bolster the ideas and themes of the story and the past.

This time taking place in China in 1937, it sees a group of students flee from Minghua University after bombs begin to fall, with nineteen year old Hu Lian alongside them. They’ve also been entrusted with the Library of Legends; a priceless collection of mythical folklore, as they come together to protect their cargo. Within these ancient books and tomes are equally ancient secrets, all of which threatens to awaken thought to be long sleeping guardians of old, that could alter the country’s fate forever. Will they come alive once more? Can Lian and the rest of her group keep the secrets safe? What will become of the Library of Legends?

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