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Publication Order of Janie Johnson Books

The Face on the Milk Carton (1990)Description / Buy at Amazon
Whatever Happened to Janie? (1993)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Voice on the Radio (1996)Description / Buy at Amazon
What Janie Found (2000)Description / Buy at Amazon
What Janie Saw (2012)Description / Buy at Amazon
Janie Face to Face (2013)Description / Buy at Amazon

Caroline B. Cooney is an American author of fiction novels. Born May 10, 1947, in Geneva New York, she has wanted to be a writer ever since the sixth grade, One of her teachers would rip off The New Yorker covers and pass them around, having students write a short story on the cover that they received. She says that she started writing then and has not stopped since!

She has been writing books for the young adult genre ever since her children were young. they started doing quite well, and Cooney was able to sell stories to publications such as Seventeen magazine. She quickly began penning novels, finding out quickly that she loved writing suspense novels and enjoyed that you could always count on some action within a book set in that genre.

Cooney visits local schools to keep her stories realistic by learning more about teenagers so she can write better books. During these visits, she plays a plotting game with the students where they work together to create story plots. It stokes creativity and similar to the cover writing exercise that Cooney did in middle school, get young people interested and familiar with creative writing! When not writing, she enjoys playing piano for musicals at the local schools and volunteering at the hospital. Caroline B. Cooney currently resides in Westbrook, Connecticut.

She is the author of multiple fictional series that include the Vampire’s Promise series, the Losing Christina series, the Both Sides of Time series, and the Janie Johnson series. The first book in the Janie Johnson series was The Face on the Milk Carton, which was released to readers in 1990. The sequel came out three years later, followed by The Voice on the Radio, What Janie Found, Janie Face to Face, and What Janie Saw.

The series focuses on the life of an ordinary girl. Janie Johnson has lived all her life with her mother, but when she sees a face on a milk carton for a missing girl one day, everything in her world flips upside down. The girl on the milk carton looks just like her– in fact, she’s positively convinced that it’s her. But that would mean that the mother she thinks is her own took her away a long time ago. Could it be true? That’s what she has to find out.

This series for young adults has proved to be extremely popular with readers. Janie must navigate a new world and figure out what the truth is for herself. She would have never thought that this would be the case, but if it is true, she might have an entire family that has been wondering where she was and suffering for years not knowing if she were alive or dead.

The Face on the Milk Carton is the first book in Caroline B. Cooney’s riveting Janie Johnson series. The series focuses on Janie Johnson, a girl of fifteen years who thought she had a normal life. But seeing a picture on a milk carton of a young girl with pigtails in a dress who is three years old– could that be her? If it is, it means that Janie is living with a stranger who she has been calling her mother all this time. But her mother apparently would have taken her from a New Jersey shopping mall years ago if she really is that girl staring out at her from the side of a dairy beverage.

Janie immediately feels her entire sense of what is real flip into a very strange place. Nothing makes sense to her anymore. She doesn’t want to think that her mother kidnapped her from her real biological mother, but the more that she starts to look into it and test the waters, the more she believes that it is the case. Things are starting to stand out and certain things don’t make sense. Like the fact that there are no pictures of her when she was a baby. In fact, there are no photos of Janie before she was four years old at all.

To make matters worse, Janie’s mother doesn’t have a good excuse. Janie asks her about the photos and her mother simply tells her that she didn’t have a camera back then. But there still would have been at least one photo that someone took at some point. It would have been a more reasonable explanation to say that there was a house fire and all the pictures burned up. The more that she looks into it, the more Janie is starting to think that her mother is lying.

Can Janie get her mother to admit that she kidnapped her, or should she keep her suspicions a secret? As Janie struggles with what to do– and trying to figure out how dangerous her fake mother could be if the truth comes out– she may just uncover the true events that went down all those years before in a Jersey mall. Pick up this gripping novel from Caroline B. Cooney to find out what happens in the exciting debut novel of this young adult series!

Whatever Happened to Janie? is the second book in the Janie Johnson series by Caroline B. Cooney. When Janie found out that she was on the side of a milk carton as a teenager, her world is forever changed. But the mystery of what really happened still remains. She’s starting to distrust her mother, who is acting more suspiciously by the day.

The Spring family might just be her real family. A family that has been existing all this time, while Janie grew up miles away with the woman who took her from them. But even if her mother did kidnap her, Janie just can’t forget the time that they had together. This woman is all she knows as a mother, and Janie is facing a crisis of choice that feels too much to bear. Check out this exciting second book in Cooney’s Janie Johnson series to find out everything that happens and pick up the rest of the novels in the series to see how Janie’s story ends!

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