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About Jas Hammonds

An author of contemporary Young Adult novels, Jas Hammonds is well regarded for their engaging and fascinating stories. With a professional handling of their craft they really manage to get to the heart of what it is that they’re saying through their work. Many of their stories feel wholly personable, resonating with the reader in a truly intimate manner, allowing them to feel as if they’re actually a part of the story. Setting themselves apart from other writers in their field, they’ve found an approach that is very much their own, and they definitely have a unique and extremely distinctive voice.

Pushing the format in new and interesting directions, they’re a gifted artist with a creative flair that’s very much theirs and theirs alone. Combining character and story to thrilling effect, they say something that’s quite different and unique in their output. Immersive and inventive, they draw the reader in and hold them there, keeping them constantly turning the page for what’s coming next. Over time this has seen them become hugely popular worldwide, with scores of readers from all over appreciating their fiction.

A key element in the success of their writing and what has made them so popular is that of their extremely well-drawn characters. They all feel wholly real and fully fleshed out, allowing the reader to feel as if they’re really getting to know them as living human-beings. This gift of Hammond’s also offers readers an insight into another unique perspective, gaining an understanding they may otherwise not have had. Each protagonist of theirs leaves a strong, lasting, and powerful impression upon the reader, long after they’ve finished the book.

Saying something important in their work, they make sure to offer a powerful message too, delivering it in an articulate voice. This style of Hammond’s has become almost a brand in of itself, as they’ve come a long way in a relatively short amount of time. With so much more in the way of storytelling yet to come, they aren’t going to be finishing any time soon either, with more planned on the horizon.

Early and Personal Life

Growing up with a keen passion for literature and the written word, Jas Hammonds could always be found with their head in a book. Raised in a number of different places, they’d gain a wide-variety of experience, all of which they’d put back into their work and writing. Constantly seeking new sources of inspiration, their work would benefit greatly from it, allowing them to hone and refine their own style. In time they’d find an audience, as they would continue to develop their craft and creative output as writer with something to say.

Gaining insight at the Lambda Literary, the Highlights Foundation, and Baldwin for the Arts, they would pursue an education in the craft. Working as a flight attendant at all hours of the day and night, they get to see and visit and wide-range of different cities far and wide. This experience has also proven to be hugely beneficial in their writing, as they’re constantly exploring, searching for their next big idea. Currently living and working in New Jersey, they continue to write, as their writing career carries on growing upwards and onwards.

Writing Career

In 2022 on the 29th of November, Jas Hammonds would release their first novel, reaching a large amount of readers worldwide. This book would present them to the reading public for the very first time, as they would truly establish themselves as an author. Met with critical acclaim by both critics and the general public alike, it was a hugely successful book both nationally and internationally. Titled ‘We Deserve Moments’ it would be a stand-alone novel aimed at a primarily Young Adult demographic, and would have a realistic setting.

Dealing with real-life and families, their work gets to the heart of some fundamental truths that speak honestly. Many readers have related to this, as they were immediately heralded as a writer to watch in the following years to come. Receiving the MacDowell James Baldwin Fellowship for their writing as well, they show a lot of promise for the future too. As more and more discover their work every day, they have plenty of further titles set for release, as their career goes from strength-to-strength.

We Deserve Moments

First published on the 29th of November in 2022, this debut novel from Jas Hammonds would come out through the ‘Roaring Book Press’ imprint. Introducing Hammonds as an author for the first time, it would set about establishing who they are and what they have to offer. A stand-alone Young Adult novel set in the contemporary world, it rings true from start to finish with its entirely self-contained narrative.

Uprooted from her life in DC, seventeen-year-old Avery Anderson is sent to live with her grandmother Mama Letty, who’s terminally ill. Facing the past, there’s a tension between them both, as family secrets threaten to rise up once again, while a friendship grows between her next-door neighbor, a girl named Simone Cole. Also befriending Jade Oliver, who’s the daughter of the town’s most prominent family and who’s mother’s murder remains a mystery, a romance begins to build between Avery and Simone. What happened in their past though, will Avery and Simone find each other amidst it all, and what will become of them as they proclaim ‘we deserve moments?’

A powerful and engaging novel, this really sets the standard for what’s to come from Jas Hammonds as an author. From its interesting story to its compelling characters, there’s so much to become invested in here, as it holds the readers attention the whole way. Keeping the momentum going for the duration of the novel, Hammonds never lets go, right until the very last and final page.

Relating to the cast too, readers will find something in each of the characters that personally resonates with them. From Avery as a main protagonist, to Simone and Jade, their friendship and romance really works on so many different levels. The story is one that works, with a book that will carry on finding an audience for many years yet, into the foreseeable future.

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