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Publication Order of The Wedding Date Books

The Wedding Date (2018)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Proposal (2018)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Wedding Party (2019)Description / Buy at Amazon
Royal Holiday (2019)Description / Buy at Amazon
Party of Two (2020)Description / Buy at Amazon
While We Were Dating (2021)Description / Buy at Amazon

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About Jasmine Guillory

The American author Jasmine Guillory is one of much repute, as she has made name for herself writing romance novels. Coming a long way in a very short amount of time, she has quickly established herself as one of the ones to watch on the romance scene in the following years to come. Publishing novels with strong characterizations and equally strong plots, she really knows how to craft a story that keeps the reader coming back for more. Whilst she doesn’t write series as such, she mainly opts to write stand-alone titles that take the many tropes of the contemporary romance, injecting her own personality along the way. This has proven to be a winning formula over the years, allowing her to establish herself fast as a writer with something different to say.

Writing material that resonates with her readers globally, she is able to put forth a message that everyone can appreciate regardless of their background. Keeping them entertained throughout is also another talent of hers that she has clearly excelled at, as they continue to come back for more. Her stories are filled with fun surprises, making them light-hearted and witty, whilst she’s also not afraid shy away from more serious subject matter too. This has then allowed her to maintain an image of someone who always delivers when it comes to producing material of a high quality. With more set to come in the future, she will carry on producing work of a high quality, as more and more readers discover her novels every day.

Early and Personal

Always an avid reader, Jasmine Guillory was born and raised in America, as she would harness a passion for the written word from a young age. Growing up in the Bay Area she has immersed herself in literature for most of her life, as she has sought to really push the format forwards, as well as progressing her own voice. This has evolved over the years, allowing her to really come into her own as a writer later on, as she would come to write both fiction and non-fiction. Writing not only novels, she would write on the form as well, having her many essays and pieces published in a variety of notable publications and outlets. Reaching a mass audience both online and off, she quickly rose in profile, reaching scores of readers worldwide from all corners of the globe.

Educated at Stanford Law School, along with the Wellesley College, she graduated going on to become a full time writer. It was during her education that she would find her voice as an author too, as she would build upon her skills, developing over time. With a witty and fun style, she would also write a number of fun and entertaining articles too, which would also build upon her profile. Looking at pop-culture in an entertaining and irreverent manner, she would build upon her profile, allowing her to become a lot more prolific too. Currently living in Bay Area, she still continues to write to this present day, as she is definitely a writer to watch in the years to come.

Writing Career

It would be in 2018 that Jasmine Guillory would bring out not just one, but two fiction novels, with her debut being released that year. She would quickly follow up her January debut, ‘The Wedding Date’, with her second novel, ‘The Proposal’, in October that same year. These would both be stand-alone novels, as she would focus on the romance genre, with it moving into the more ‘chick-lit’ area. Proving to be highly adept with the form, she would write in a manner that would introduce a trademark sense of humor to her work. That’s not to say that she isn’t able to move into more serious territory though, as she gives her stories a sense of sincerity quite unlike any other.

Working as a lawyer in Oakland, California, as well as writing full-time, Jasmine Guillory would find a lot material from her own life too. This would allow her to write with a high degree of authenticity, something which her many fans worldwide would come to appreciate her for. She would also gain a large amount of critical acclaim too, with a number of positive reviews received for her novels. Writing in a style that is immediately accessible, she has been able to create characters that really speak to the readers too. With work produced in publications and on sites such as ‘The Toast’ and ‘Slate’, she has made a strong name for herself throughout the industry, which will grow as more and more discover her work every day.

The Wedding Date

Published through the Berkley publishing imprint, this would come out on the 30th of January in 2018 to much acclaim. Heralding the arrival of a major new talent, this is Guillory’s debut novel, introducing her to the literary world at large. Providing a fun and breezy read, it allows the reader to really enjoy themselves, as they’re taken along for the ride.

It’s not normal for Alexa Monroe to agree to head off to weddings with guys that she’s just met in elevators, but then Drew Nichols doesn’t seem like an average guy. There’s something about him that she just can’t put her finger on, as they both have the time of their lives at the wedding before going back to their own lives. Not able to stop thinking about each other, they then attempt to have a long distance relationship, as they both must question what they really want in life. Can they really have it all? Will their relationship survive through all of this? What will become of the wedding date?

The Proposal

Brought out in 2018 on the 30th of October, this would be another stand-alone book that was released through the Berkley Books publishing label. Providing another good natured romantic comedy, Guillory is clearly in her stride here, as she carries the story along with confidence and wit. Not only that, but she also manages to offer another side to her writing style, taking it in new and exciting directions.

Facing a scoreboard proposal at a Dodgers game, getting married is the last thing on freelance writer Nikole Paterson’s mind. That’s the case though, after her boyfriend of only two months throws this at her, along with a stadium full of eagerly awaiting fans. Rejecting him, she is rescued from the stadium by Carlos Ibarra, as the two of them then embark on a rebound relationship amidst all the fallout on social-media. Will it just be a fling though? Do they have feelings developing for one another? Can they ever get over what happened with the proposal?

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    Hello from Sacramento, CA. A friend introduced me to The Wedding Date and I have been hooked.. it’s been like binge watching a Netflix series! Thank you for sharing your extraordinary talent with the world!


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