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Jasmine Mas
Jasmine Mas is an Amazon Top 100 bestselling author of fantasy and paranormal romance. loves writing dark romance novels that are set in fantastical worlds. Badass women, morally gray men, and only magical discoveries.

She is the mom of a fluffy cat named Boo and she lives with her husband. She is also a lawyer. She spends all of her free time writing about possessive men and the rebellious women that drive them crazy.

“Psycho Shifters” is the first novel in the “Cruel Shiftverse” series and was released in 2022. Fight like a girl, or a shifter of lore. After Sadie grew up without anything, she’s finally found her path to freedom. She is a shifter, an elite type of soldier that transforms into a monster. All she’s gotta do is survive.

She never counted on her three 6’5” roommates. Who are each jeweled, horned, and covered in tattoos, these men are not like any other man she has ever dealt with before. They do not believe she belongs, or that she is strong enough for war, and do not think she is able to fight. Sadie is about to prove them wrong.

Only problem is can she survive them learning the secrets of her past? In the battle for death and life, everybody is so much more than they appear. Cobra, Jax, and Ascher are going to be rather devastated when they learn her truth. And just wait until they see her shifted form.

This novel is a dark paranormal reverse harem bully romance. It is not for the faint of heart, because it is about three psycho alpha shifters and the girl that stands her ground.

Heat level is high (spicy MMM+ MMFM scenes), but it is still a slow burn. It is a fresh new take on the Omegaverse. Bloody and dark, yet still humorous, since we all love unhealthy coping mechanisms.

Readers got hooked on this novel, needing to know more about the characters and what would happen next with them. Sadie is a badass despite having a tragic and traumatic past. And each of the men of the harem have their own distinct personalities and are physically different was fantastic. The setting of Jasmine’s “Psycho Shifters” is a fantastic one and so is the world building she does here. It’s a unique omegaverse novel. The lore here is much different than most shifter novels out there. The cliffhanger comes out of left field, and makes you interested in reading more that this series has to offer.

“Psycho Fae” is the second novel in the “Cruel Shiftverse” series and was released in 2022. Are you ready to enter into a new realm? Fight for survival in the lethal gladiator Fae Games. Sadie shifted into a saber toothed tiger, however that was just the beginning. Sadie’s teammates are Ascher, Cobra, and Jax. They are fighting for their very lives. As well as their futures. However nothing is like it seems, and for each secret they uncover, another unfolds.

Under the spiteful watch of Xerxes and the evil Fae Queen, it is not all that clear that they are going to survive this. Can they work together or are they going to implode?

One thing is for certain, Sadie is about to uncover her destiny. Power is in her veins.

The pacing in this novel is addictive, and there is plenty of tension and action to keep you hooked until the very end. Readers had a serious case of “only one more chapter” the entire time they read it. This is so well written, and one of those kinds of books that you read and realize the author’s style of writing is so good that you can read anything they have written. Sadie’s inner monologues were pretty hilarious at times. While she can be awkward at certain points, she is unashamed of who she is and pretty funny.

“Psycho Beasts” is the third novel in the “Cruel Shiftverse” series and was released in 2022. Welcome to Serpentine City. The Mafia rule, and Sadie and company are just about to get indoctrinated. Cobra is the heir to the throne, and he has been handed an ultimatum. Form a pack, or else. Now everybody’s fighting for each other and their lives.

Will Xerxes, Jax, Cobra, and Ascher fall apart under the pressure? Is Sadie going to be strong enough to handle what they want? Is their tension going to crumble into hatred? Or actually build into love? Between fighting and training for their lives, it is about to go down like never before.

They might have survived the Fae realm, however the real test has really only just started.

Readers found this novel to be just as addictive as the first two in the series, and it might be some readers’ favorite of the three. It’s another fast paced, action packed, and full of sexual tension (with some smut thrown in, too). Sadie has more crazy interactions and hilarious inner monologues, both of which are sure to make you laugh out loud throughout. Fans loved this insane, vibrant, and certainly twisted world, and these characters are all unique, with their well defined personalities.

“Psycho Academy” is the fourth novel in the “Cruel Shiftverse” series and was released in 2023. This is Aran’s story. Aran is disguised as a boy at a supernatural war academy. However it’s not school, it’s actually combat training. And she never counted on the three Kings who want to make her life a living hell. Covered with tattoos, seven feet tall, and angry at the whole world, they are like no men she’s ever met before. Then, there are her male instructors, who are enemies from her past.

They each think that she is weak. Powerless and pathetic. Just wait until they learn she is secretly the rightful ruler to the seat of death, and the missing Fae Queen. She is a monster’s daughter. There is violence coursing through her veins. They continue trying to break her, however dictators are born from pain. So welcome to her rein.

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