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Publication Order of Jason King Books

Isolated (2016)Description / Buy at Amazon
Hard Impact (2016)Description / Buy at Amazon
Imprisoned (2016)Description / Buy at Amazon
Reloaded (2016)Description / Buy at Amazon
Betrayed (2017)Description / Buy at Amazon
Corrupted (2017)Description / Buy at Amazon
Hunted (2017)Description / Buy at Amazon
Hard Impact is a prequel set 5 years before Isolated.

Publication Order of The Jason King Files Books

Publication Order of King & Slater Books

The Jason King book series is an excellent series of thriller, fiction, mystery, and action-adventure novels. This series is written by a bestselling Australian author named Matt Rogers. Matt has mentioned the chief character in each of the books of this series in the role of Jason King. He has described Jason as a former blacks ops operative, who used to work for the United States government. Throughout the course of the series, Jason King is seen taking a number of dangerous missions to rescue innocent victims, solving mysteries, or saving his own life from the attacks of the culprits.

Matt Rogers has done the settings of the novels in Peru, Venezuela, Vargas, Australia, Corsica, Calvi Bay, Egypt, Russia, etc. The books and series are very popular among the fans of mystery and thriller novels. Numerous critics have compared the character of Jason King with the likes of Jack Reacher, Micahel Bennett, Jack Noble, Jesse McDermott, and John Cory. However, the character sketch developed by Matt Rogers makes Jason King standout in spite of having some similarities to those characters. Jason’s involvement in the setups is described in a unique way by the author. Readers from all parts of the world have read and appreciated the Jason King novels. This has given a lot of boost to Matt Rogers to try and write more novels in this series.

The debut book of the Jason King series written by author Matt Rogers is entitled ‘Isolated’. It was released as a Kindle book in 2016. The book opens by showing that 2 construction workers were driving on a chilling night in Australia in their car along a lonely mountain road when they were gunned down by expert killers in their car. The killing was carried out in a fast and efficient way, making the investigators realize that it is the work of experts. The assassins are taken in for a great shock when they realize that someone has witnessed the whole act of murdering the construction workers. This man, who was resting by the roadside when the shooting took place, is none other than Jason King. He has recently retired for his military services in the US Army and had flown down to the other end of the world in order to escape the demons of his past life.

As the killers spot Jason King, they set him as a target and try to kill him too, so that they can tie up all the loose ends. They do not have any idea that Jason is a highly trained ruthless killer himself and that they have committed a mistake by going after him. Jason King doesn’t take much time to take out the assassins and then dumps their bodies in a nearby abandoned factory. From the moment Jason leaves the Special Forces, he goes on to help anyone he sees in danger or in need. At first, he saves a girl from some thugs and then rescues a man from the harassment of some brazen thugs. It just so happens that wherever any person finds himself/herself in a dangerous situation, Jason King walks in to give a helping hand. He seems to be a man on a mission, someone who is more than capable and willing to fulfill the mission.

Since the day Jason witnessed the killing of innocent construction at the hands of 2 assassins and the subsequent attempt on his life by them, Jason has been restless to get to the bottom of the story. He begins to investigate the matter by trying to establish the identities of the victims. Then, he moves on to discover who had hired the assassins to carry out the brutal task. It does not take him much time to find the culprits and give them the kind of treatment they truly deserved. This novel’s story is full of action and excitement in every sense. Its suspense continues to build throughout the storyline and is revealed just when the time is right. Matt Rogers has included many twists & turns in the story that make it even more interesting to read. The characters have been described with great detailing, which allowed the readers to connect with them easily.

Another exciting novel of this series is known as ‘Corrupted’. It was also published as a Kindle novel in 2017. Matt Rogers has depicted the central characters in this novel in the form of Sarah, Vadim Mikhailov, Ilsa, Jason King, Slator, etc. The setting of this novel takes place in the Far East of Russia, where there are inhospitable mountain ranges and desolate plains. In one corner of such a barren land, a deadly game is carried out, of which Jason King also becomes a part. He arrives at the Kamchatka Peninsula at midnight as an operative of the Black Force in order to find out the conspiracy behind the vanishing of a group of international relief workers from a nearby rural village. As soon as Jason King reaches the village, he senses that something is not right and fears the worst. Shortly after, his search for the disappeared relief workers takes Jason to a long-shut gold mine. There, he unravels a deep web of conspiracy filled with corruption.

Jason King learns that the mine is controlled by a former KGB executioner named Vadim Mikhailov. He is known to be a very dangerous man and would go to any lengths to keep his secret operation protected from any interference by the government or anyone else. Jason prepares himself for the carnage and knows that he is going to be pushed to his limits in his fight against Vadim Mikhailov. Before taking up this mission, Jason was getting treated for the injuries he sustained on his previous mission in Egypt. Jason is teamed up with Ilsa, who is the sister of Sarah, one of the 10 WHO relief workers who had gone missing from the Russian Peninsula. It seems quite clear that Ilsa has become a part of this mission for personal reasons. Together, Ilsa and Jason uncover a secret fight club in which participants have to fight until death. They bust this illegal fight racket that was broadcast live to viewers in a closed circuit and also rescue the WHO workers. Matt Rogers has filled the plot of this book with a lot of suspense and action sequences. Also, there are over-the-top combat sequences that the readers seemed to appreciate very much.

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  1. Howard Rourke: 3 years ago

    Hi, are the Jason King and the Will Slater series listed in chronological reading order? They seem to me to not follow a logical order.
    However I’m only a truck driver, so maybe I’m missing something.
    Cheers, Howard.

    • Graeme: 3 years ago

      Hi Howard,

      Nothing wrong with being a truck driver my friend ๐Ÿ™‚ That’s what my brother-in-law does. Big respect for you guys ๐Ÿ™‚

      In regard to this series I’m not 100% sure myself about the chronological order. I think it’s best to read it all in the order that the author went with which is all of the Jason King books, followed by the Will Slater books, THEN the King & Slater series. All in the order listed above.

      Hard Impact I know is a prequel to the series and set 5 years before Isolated. I’m not sure about the others if they change in chronological order. I will make a note to try and go through them and see.


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