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Publication Order of Jason Kolarich Books

The Hidden Man (2009)Description / Buy at Amazon
Breach Of Trust (2011)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Wrong Man (2012)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Last Alibi (2013)Description / Buy at Amazon

Apart from being a trained lawyer, David Ellis is also an award-winning author who has published nine novels. Some of the literary awards that Ellis has won include best first novel at the Edgar Allan-Poe Awards. In the year 2009, The Hidden Man has published at it featured the protagonist, Jason Kolarich. Due to its immense success, the Hidden Man received several nominations including the Barry Awards and the L.A Times Book PRIZE. The second novel in the Jason Kolarich book series Breach of Trust was inspired by the author’s involvement in the impeachment trial of Governor Rod Blagojevich and was also released in paperback. The third installment in the Jason Kolarich book series was released in the year 2012 and was nominated for the prestigious Silver Dagger Awards.

In the year 2012, Guilty Wives, a novel that the author co-authored with bestseller James Patterson. This international thriller documents the story of four frustrated wives who are on vacation in Monte Carlo and eventually end up to be among the most wanted criminals in the history of France. Guilty Wives stayed for more than two months on the bestsellers list of New York Times. In the year 2013, Ellis together with Patterson released another book, the Mistress, which featured a man who had been tortured by paranoia, Benjamin Casper. Benjamin Casper has been obsessed with a lady who had met an untimely death when she fell from a tall building. David Ellis’s novels have been sold throughout the world and have also been translated into Japanese, Italian, French, Danish and many other languages.

The Hidden Man

In the Hidden Man, Edgar award-winning writer, David Ellis introduces the protagonist of this great series, Jason Kolarich, who is coerced into representing his longtime friend, who is being accused of murder, in this elegantly crafted book.

Breach Of Trust

The Breach of Trust is the second installment from the award-winning author, David Ellis. Just like the first book, Breach of Trust focuses on the attorney Jason Kolarich who this time around is caught between a violent thug and a vengeful adversary. It is exceedingly clear that Kolarich is a born competitor. A while ago, Jason Kolarich was an exceedingly ambitious defense attorney who was working for one of the most high-profile private law firms in Chicago. In the Breach of Trust, the author introduces the reader to Ernesto Ramirez, an ex –street gang member who has turned into a good guy. After a series of intense interrogation, Ernesto Ramirez finally caved in and gave Jason useful intel. However, the information that he gave out would come to be less than essential. Jason had already acquired all the information that he required to exonerate his client, at Chris Moody’s expense. Chris Moody was the governments lead prosecutor.

However, towards the end of the trial, something goes terribly wrong. One fine evening when he was still working in his office, waiting for a phone call from one of his informant’s, Jason’s spouse who was more than tired of waiting for him decided to pack her bags and took her daughter to visit her parents. However, the two never made it to their destination. Their car had an accident, and they both died. Not able to stand the loss, Jason was at a point in his life where he never thought he would be. He not only lost hope, but he also stopped caring at all. He stopped caring about himself and his business as well. He continued to blame himself because he believed that if he were the one who was driving the accident would never have happened. Upon learning that one of the informant’s that he had been waiting on, had killed himself the same night that his family had died, Jason is not only jolted back to life but also back into action.

Jason believed that the two deaths were not a coincidence because they all happened at the same time. As he begins the investigation, Jason soon finds himself tangled in a dark web of corruption, extortion and kickbacks, which appears to begin from the governor’s office. Caught in the midst of crocked politicians, their crocked advisors and the federal government which was looking into the corruption cases, Jason has to find the truth, since he desperately needs to move on with his life. With that said, David Ellis is not just any attorney who eventually turned into an author. Having being featured in the impeachment trial of the infamous Governor Rod Blagojevich, Ellis had an in-depth amount of knowledge on how dirty politics may get and what exactly is required to take down corrupt officials.

The Hidden Man

Jason is not as to whether he will be able to make the trial begin within two weeks. Thus, he begins to get a little bit creative with the case. Smith, on the other hand, is not in agreement with Jason’s tactics. Thus he decides to apply pressure on Jason Kolarich to stick on his main role. This kind of pressure is first executed by framing Peter, Jason’s brother for involvement in drugs. However, when Jason manages to get his brother off the hook, he is kidnaped by Smith, who makes threats about wanting to kill him. Jason does not understand the main reason why Smith is ore than determined to ensure that Sammy is tried as quickly as possible. However, he ends up concluding that there is something going on between the two. With that said, the Hidden Man is an exceedingly great novel which gives the readers a chance not only to try and figure out what are the motives of Mr. Smith towards Jason. However, the only difference is that Kolarich believes that his family’s safety mainly depends on the answers that he will find.

With that being said, this book kicked off with a bang. It will not only grab your attention from the very first page, but it will also at the same time keep you fully entertained. All the characters in The Hidden Man have been well developed. All in all, if you are looking for a highly entertaining mystery series, then you should try the Jason Kolarich book series.

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