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Publication Order of Jason Lynx Books

A Little Neighbourhood Murder (1989)Description / Buy at Amazon
Death and the Dogwalker (1990)Description / Buy at Amazon
Death for Old Times' Sake (1992)Description / Buy at Amazon
Looking for the Aardvark / Dead on Sunday (1993)Description / Buy at Amazon
Long Time Dead (1994)Description / Buy at Amazon
A Death of Innocents (1997)Description / Buy at Amazon

The name ‘Jason Lynx’ refers to a series of novels written by A.J. Orde. Jason Lynx is also the name of the primary protagonist of the series.

+The Story

The Jason Lynx books were a breath of fresh air when they first came out. A.J. Orde is actually a pseudonym for Sheri S. Tepper. Sherry was a popular author in the 70s and 80s. Some readers will tell you that her reign extended all the way into the 90s.

The author was best known for her science fiction and fantasy series. And while the books were generally well received, they were criticized for getting too preachy. Sheri always had very strong opinions and it was common for the author to use her literary works to send some sort of statement. She alienated people as a result.

When the Jason Lynx books came along, they were a complete departure from Sheri’s other works. First of all, the books were mysteries, free of the science fiction and fantasy entanglements of her previous series.

Secondly, the novels were free of the preachy writing style for which Sheri had become known. As such, it wasn’t really surprising that the books were so well received – it helped that she wrote the novels under a pen name.

The Jason Lynx books revolve around Jason Lynx, a wannabe detective. Jason’s passion is antiques. Jason deals in items of an old and sentimental nature. Jason is also an interior designer. However, his true love comes down to puzzles.

Jason Lynx might so far as to say he is addicted to puzzles, not just finding and studying them but ultimately solving them. And that addiction becomes the root of the antique dealer’s problems.

The Jason Lynx series starts in pretty much the same way as every other cozy mystery series. Jason is living a relatively ordinary life when his neighbors fall foul of a murderer. George and Betty Whitney were ordinary people, the most average of human beings that Jason had ever seen.

Not only is Jason mystified by the idea that anyone would want to kill his boring neighbors but he is put in the crosshairs of the resulting investigation when he is named the prime suspect. On the one hand, Jason Lynx has no choice but to investigate the crime so as to prove his own innocence.

On the other hand, the fact that anyone would feel the need to murder someone as dull as George Whitney and his wife is the sort of puzzle Jason cannot resist. Plunging headlong into the hunt for a mysterious killer, Jason emerges triumphant, uncovering the truth using his unique skill set and unconventional approach to detective work.

And as with every other cozy mystery about an ordinary man or women who suddenly takes to solving crimes, Jason’s first solved crime puts him on the trail of another and another until Jason Lynx is practically drowning in murders.

Jason isn’t prone to seeking out murders, at least not in the beginning. Rather, he keeps stumbling into crime scenes. There are also occasions where the remains of the dead end up within the antique dealer’s vicinity, forcing him to take action.

Over time, the Jason Lynx series brings Grace Willis into the picture. A Denver Police officer, Grace builds a rapport with and eventually becomes Jason’s girlfriend. The pair helps one another solve crimes.

Sometimes it’s Grace Willis coming to Jason for help. Other times, Jason finds himself in hairy situations that only his cop girlfriend can help him resolve. Grace is written to be a relatively charming and endearing character. One of her most notable attributes is her appetite. Grace is always hungry and she always takes massive portions when she is eating. The fact that A.J. Orde doesn’t impute this to some eating disorder and instead allows her female protagonist to relish in her appetite is something most readers found refreshing.

A less refreshing aspect of the Jason Lynx books is the author’s tendency to fall back into her habits of preaching to her readers. As the Jason Lynx series progresses, Sheri’s strong opinions begin to shine through.

Fortunately for Sheri, most of her fans agree that her preaching in the Jason Lynx series is done in such a way that it doesn’t affect the overall narrative. Though, people who disagree with Sheri’s particular opinions are bound to take offense with some of her books, regardless of how effectively she plots her mysteries out.

+The Author

Sheri S. Tepper is the real name of author A.J. Orde. Born in 1929, Sheri gained fame from producing fantasy and science fiction novels. She was often praised and criticized in equal measure for writing what some have referred to as feminist science fiction.

Sheri was married at the tender age of twenty. The marriage did not last, and the author was divorced before the decade was even out. For a long time, the author was a single mother working a multitude of jobs to support her two children.

As an author, Sheri first experimented with poetry. Over time, she tried her hand at telling children’s stories under a pseudonym. It wasn’t until the 1980s that Sheri began gaining momentum as an author of science fiction.

She won a couple of awards over the years, though she alienated readers because of the feminist and eco-friendly elements of her novels. There were those that praised Sheri for being brave enough to expose her opinions to public scrutiny, though the author’s books came out at a time when her messages were prone to attracting hostility.

+Little Neighborhood Murder

Jason Lynx is an antique dealer and interior designer. His life is pretty ordinary. As such, he is shocked when his neighbors are murdered. What makes the occurrence unexpected is the fact that George and Betty Whitney are such boring people. Who would want to kill them?

The police seem to think that Jason might have killed the pair, so he’s forced to investigate to prove his innocence. Fortunately for Jason, he loves puzzles.

+Death and the Dogwalker

Jason is out with his dog one day when the canine finds a dead body. If the corpse wasn’t enough to pique Jason’s curiosity, the death of the beautiful Melody Steinwale throws him into overdrive. Jason knows there’s a mystery in play. He just has to put the pieces together.

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