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Publication Order of Jason Striker Books

By: Piers Anthony, Roberto Fuentes
Kiai! (1974)Description / Buy at Amazon
Mistress of Death (1974)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Bamboo Bloodbath (1974)Description / Buy at Amazon
Ninja's Revenge (1975)Description / Buy at Amazon
Amazon Slaughter (1976)Description / Buy at Amazon
Curse of the Ninja (1976)Description / Buy at Amazon

Piers Anthony is an English author of fictional novels. Born August 6, 1934, his full name is Piers Anthony Dillingham Jacob. Piers is a popular author of many series, including his debut series the Aton series. His books have sold all around the world and not only is he known for his works in the sci-fi and fantasy genres, he has written novels in a variety of areas that include horror, historical fiction, and martial arts.

His books have made it to the New York Times Best Seller list on several occasions, and his novels have been picked up and enjoyed by millions of readers! Popular domestically and abroad, Anthony enjoys writing very much and eventually moved on to doing it full time after fifteen years working in various professions. He has not only written for anthologies but edited them as well.

Piers spent the first four years as a child of his life living in England but moved to Spain with his family. They moved to America and immigrated when he was just six years old. He graduated from Goddard College with a Bachelors Associate degree. He married a student that he met there and lives in the quiet woods of central Florida with his wife. They have two daughters together, both grown. In addition to being an author, Anthony is an environmentalist.

Anthony is the author of many fictional series. His works include the Of Man and Mantra series, Battle Circle series, the Jason Striker Martial Arts series, the Cluster series, the very popular Xanth series, the Tarot and Apprentice Adept series, and many more series as well as too many standalone novels to count! He has also worked with other authors on series and novels too.

The main character in the Jason Striker Martial Arts series by Piers Anthony is Jason Striker, as many readers may have guessed. Jason is an expert in karate. He is also an expert in akido and an expert in kung-fu. You name the art of fighting, and Striker has mastered each and every one of them. At this point in the game, his entire body is the weapon.

Unlike a soldier, Striker is unique in that he doesn’t need a single thing in his hands to take anyone down or to defend himself. All on his own, he is lethal. Anthony wrote the Martial Arts series along with fellow author Roberto Fuentes. If you love kung fu movies or anything with Bruce Lee, this series might be the right one for you!

Jason Striker, Master of Martial Arts is the first book in Fuentes and Anthony’s exciting fictional series. The book starts out with Jason Striker, the man who has mastered several martial arts. Striker is the man that you don’t want to mess with. Even if you knew what he was capable of before you tangoed with him, you would still likely find yourself on the losing side if you were lucky enough to wake up and know that you lost at all.

Striker is well versed in everything from kung-fu to karate. Each discipline takes time, and Striker has put in the time and the energy required to master them all. Striker is someone who has the type of training that no one else has except for military and trained mercenary. He is an individual that could easily kill you with his bare hands. Or he might not even want to use his hands and could still do some considerable damage to someone with a foot or even his head.

Fortunately, Jason Striker is not someone who is always looking for a fight. He is a man that knows the value of peace intimately and refuses to use his knowledge and what he has learned to hurt others. He would much rather maintain peace than to pursue out and out conflict. Conflict is not the way to go and when he was learning the variety of martial arts on his journey the schools that he learned in were dedicated to using the arts in self-defense. Using the arts for aggression or to bully or hurt others is not the intent.

Striker is caught off guard when there is a tournament announced. The tournament will be one to bring out the best of the best when it comes to martial arts. The tourney is designed to be a fight that will go on to the finish among some of the most talented and skilled fighters in the many leading martial arts fields. When it comes to the tournament, things are going to be a little different than most standard tournaments.

In this tournament, there are no rules. There would be no referees and no fouls named as well as no technique that would be forbidden. Any style of fighting and anything done when it comes to the martial arts tournament is all well and good. Even if someone were to die from the fighting, nothing will be done– no one will be held accountable for murder.

While no tournament like this could ever legally be held in the States, the rules are not the same everywhere else. Vincente Pedro is a man that does what he likes. When you consider that he is making the calls from his personal estate in Nicaragua and you see why there are no objections and only henchmen, you can see that this tournament is very real– and the consequences could be deadly. Want to find out what happens? Then pick up this exciting debut novel in the Jason Striker series today!

Mistress of Death is the second book in Piers Anthony’s Jason Striker series. When Jason crosses paths with the wrong person, he tumbles into a conspiracy that involves drugs and much more. Now he must rectify getting off on the wrong foot and running afoul of Ilunga, a black karate mistress that may be involved. Can Striker get out of this mess, or will he have to fight his way out of it? Pick up this exciting novel from Piers Anthony to find out!

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