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Jason Wade by Rick Mofina
Author Rick Mofina pens the “Jason Wade” series of thriller novels. The series began publication in the year 2005, when “The Dying Hour” was released, which Rick pulled on his own personal experiences working at The Toronto Star and later, The Calgary Herald.

The series features a total of three novels, with the final novel, called “A Perfect Grave”, being released in the year 2007.

Jason Wade is a rookie crime reporter for a newspaper called the Seattle Mirror. He is a loner that grew up in the shadow of a brewery in one of the city’s blue collar neighborhoods.

Henry Wade (Jason’s dad) is a former cop turned private investigator and he helps his son on his investigations. A holdup went bad and somebody ended up getting killed. He turned to the bottle, as a result, and Jason’s mom left both him and Jason.

In 2006, “The Dying Hour” was selected by the International Thriller Writers as a Best Paperback Original Finalist for a Thriller Award. The novel was also a bestseller, reaching number seven on Canada’s best seller list (Quill & Quire), it made the Heatseeker’s bestseller list when it was released in the United Kingdom, and was number on among Wal-Mart Canada’s best sellers.

The books in the series have also been praised by other bestselling authors such as Kay Hooper, Sandra Brown, and Tess Gerritsen. Sandra Brown told Rick personally that she loved the book, saying that it begins and ends scary.

“The Dying Hour” is the first novel in the “Jason Wade” series and was released in the year 2005. Jason Wade, at The Seattle Mirror, competes for the one single full time job that’s offered through the paper’s intense intern program.

However, unlike the program’s other young reporters, that went to big name schools and worked at some other big metro dailies, Wade attended community college, and lacks that same experience. Wade struggles with his haunting past while he pursues a story about Karen Harding, a college student whose car was discovered abandoned on one lonely part of highway in the Pacific Northwest. How could this beloved young woman with her altruistic nature just disappear like this?

Wade battles cut-throat competition and mounting odds to find the truth behind Karen’s disturbing case. Her disappearance is one story that he just cannot give up, never actually realizing the toll it could take from him.

Readers found this to be a mesmerizing and bone-chilling page-turner of a novel that introduces readers to this all-too-human young hero that journeys into the darkest sections of the human heart to face off against a nightmare. The novel is full of suspense and the atmosphere is pretty creepy throughout, and the case is riveting yet still quite horrifying. These characters feel entirely real and you feel like you know them personally.

“Every Fear” is the second novel in the “Jason Wade” series and was released in the year 2006. Maria Colson takes Dylan, her baby son to the corner store one ordinary morning. She just turns her back for a few seconds. She looks back and she sees his empty stroller, at the exact time he’s being abducted into one waiting van. Maria gets onto the van, but gets thrown off violently to the road where she’s left for dead while the van disappears without a trace.

While Maria battles for her life and her anguished young husband keeps up a bedside vigil, the police and the FBI across Washington State and metro Sea-Tac, hunt for young Dylan.

On the other side of the city, Jason is under a bunch of pressure to bring in a huge story, and the Colson kidnapping just might be it. It is definitely a strange case with some pieces that don’t add up. The Colsons are high school sweethearts and a hard-working couple. No enemies and no problems.

Then Jason and his dad, who is a private detective that’s haunted by his old life as a cop, find a brutal murder of one young woman that’s connected in someway to the Colsons.

Jason, in a dark Seattle underground of ex-convicts and desperate dreamers, embarks on his investigation that parallels the one Homicide Detective Grace Garner is leading. They both are hunting down the one piece of the puzzle that links the baby’s disappearance with a spine-tingling case of revenge. Time runs out, because whoever took little Dylan is much more dangerous than anybody could have ever imagined.

The novel features a story that pushes crackling suspense right to the breaking point and beyond. Readers found this to be an emotional roller coaster, with some detailed scenes that Mofina does a fantastic job of bringing to life. It is a suspenseful and hard-hitting book on a nightmare worthy topic, all while it addresses the vulture-mentality of the news media.

“A Perfect Grave” is the third novel in the “Jason Wade” series and was released in the year 2007. The murder of a beloved Seattle nun, named Sister Anne, takes Jason Wade into the hidden past of one order of nuns, and leads him to to one unlikely suspect. This is a hermit nun that founded the mysterious religious order.

Jason, in his relentless pursuit of his story, also discovers the secret that’s been tormenting his ex-cop dad for decades. It culminates in a life and death struggle against time. As time runs out, Jason and his dad fight the odds to confront a horrible truth.

Fans of this novel found it to be a lightning paced thriller with some tense, lean, and outstanding writing. Rick Mofina delivers a well crafted and interesting crime thriller, with a story that is plausible, all of the turns and twists interesting, and these characters and settings are all believable. The novel continues to pick up momentum while you read, and it keeps you guessing the entire way through. It has got revelation after revelation, with some excellent intensity, intrigue, and characterization. The ending of the novel comes as just as much of a shock to Jason as it does to the reader.

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