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About Jason Wang

An American writer, Jason Wang is a chef and writer who knows his craft extremely well, speaking and writing in a direct and straightforward style. This skill has seen him accumulate a huge worldwide following, with readers from all over seeking his work and writing. Known for his entrepreneurship and business acumen, he’s got a background in finance that has really served him well over the years. Working as a restaurateur for a number of years, he’s sought to bring authentic Chinese cuisine to many, making it accessible and simple to make.

Opening his audience up to the possibility of cooking Chinese cuisine themselves, Wang has managed to reach readers from all backgrounds. Writing in a clear and coherent manner, he really understands his audience, knowing exactly what they’re looking for in his work. With real-world experience too, he manage to impart his ideas and recipes with a grounded sensibility that’s been tried and tested. Not just general readers, but critics have also responded well to his work, as his writing has reached far and wide.

There’s a lot to discover through the writing of Jason Wang, as his writing teaches readers in an easy to follow manner. The writing itself is well paced written in a clear instructional manner, setting him apart from other writers working in his field. Finding something quite different to offer, his work stands out with his recipes that have yet to be found elsewhere. Winning countless awards for his cooking goes some way towards being evidence of this, along with his popularity as a chef with the general public.

Part of Jason Wang’s success lies in his use of old family recipes, with them being passed down through the generations. Over the years, this has given him a passion for cooking and his craft quite unlike anyone else, making him a wholly singular figure. Always looking to adapt and improve, he’s continually reaching out to his customers and readers, finding new ways to create the perfect meal. With a lot more to come still, he has plenty more to offer upon the horizon, as he definitely isn’t finishing any time soon.

Early and Personal Life

Growing up in New York City where he was born and raised, Jason Wang would grow up with a deep appreciation for Chinese cuisine. With it being a key element within his family, he would seek to continue this tradition, becoming heavily invested in it himself. Learning the craft, he would find his own style and approach to cooking that would become very much his own way of doing things. Setting himself apart, he would seek to progress and advance his craft, becoming not only a well known chef, but a leading businessman too.

His father would start the restaurant ‘Xi’an Famous Foods’ back in 2005 and Jason was quick to see the potential of the business. Attending Washington University based in St. Louis, he would continue to experiment with cooking, before heading off into the corporate world following his graduation in 2009. Majoring in finance and marketing, he would use this to help grow the family business, which is something that he continues to do to this very day.

Writing Career

In 2020 Jason Wang would release his first book titled ‘Xi’an Famous Foods: The Cuisine of Western China, from New York’s Favorite Noodle Shop.’ This book would be a cooking book featuring a whole host of different recipes, all tried and tested in Jason Wang’s own restaurants. Bringing together a number of different never before published recipes, it would instantly become a hit with readers the world over.

Working with a variety of different publishers, many would already know his name from his success in the world of cooking. This success would further expand his reach, as more would come to know the name and brand of ‘Xi’an Famous Food’ around the world. A spokesperson for his craft, he will carry on making an impression, as his cooking career grows upwards and onwards.

Xi’an Famous Foods

Initially published through the ‘Harry N. Abrams’ publishing imprint, this would first come out in 2020 on the 13th of October. A stand-alone non-fiction title, it’s a cookbook filled with recipes from Jason Wang’s ‘Xi’an Famous Foods’ restaurants. Written alongside Jessica Chou, along with Jenny Huang doing the photographs, it’s clear and straightforward with its recipes.

Bringing together all of the cuisines that have made ‘Xi’an Famous Foods’ so well loved over the years, this offers the recipes to try out at home. Giving readers the chance to cook them themselves, these recipes provide the opportunity of taking the restaurant home with them. From cumin lamb to Biang Biang noodles, there’s a lot here for both the professional cook and the amateur to enjoy and learn. Winning numerous awards while being named the best cookbook of 2020 by many, it’s a straightforward guide to cooking the best Chinese cuisine.

There are plenty of observations and insights from Jason Wang himself here to keep things constantly flowing throughout. Talking about his own life in places, it really gives the readers some insight into who he is not just as a chef, but as an actual person. This works well for the tone and momentum of the book, making it not just easy to follow with its recipes, but easy to read as well. Honest and open, it makes it an enjoyable book that readers can continue to come back to time and time again, making it perfect for beginners and professionals alike.

The Xi’an Famous Foods Company

Running a business, Jason Wang is the CEO and owner of of Xi’an Famous Foods, which is a well known institution with multiple locations around New York City. Nominated for several awards, including making the Forbes 30 under 30 list, he’s hugely talented as a key figure in his chosen field. Lauded by many well known figures, his establishments are frequented by many high-profile chefs and celebrities. All of this has led to Jason Wang becoming one of the leading figures within his field and industry, and it will continue this way for a long time to come yet.

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