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Jasper Sanchez
Jasper Sanchez is a trans-masculine writer from northern California. He was born and grew up in idyllic California wine country. The author studied MA in cinema and media studies at UCLA and got a BA in Anthropology from the University of Pennsylvania. When not writing, Sanchez likes visiting the museum and the city for a cup of coffee.

He currently lives in Seattle with his cat, which is more of preconceived idea than him. Sanchez’s debut novel, (Un) Popular Vote story, appeared in Foglifter, Mithila Review, and Plenitude.

The (Un) Popular Vote
The unpopular vote features mark Adams, a Trans boy who has recently moved to a new city and a new school. He relocated with his mom to get away from his old life, old gender identity, and old name.

The main issue that made him move is to get away from his politician father, who doesn’t want to acknowledge that he has a son and not the daughter he thought.

Mark’s father is a congressman, and he took his sense of justice and love for politics from him. However, he can’t reconcile with his father since he is not ready to accept him for who he really is.

While in school, he keeps his head low and behaves like any other boy in the school. Things change when his friend Benji is bullied because of her sexual orientation. What surprises him most is that the people running for the student council turn a blind eye and do nothing about it.
Mark uses the skills he learned from his father since childhood to deal with the school bullies. When Benji is suspended, mark knows it’s time to do something about it and decides to run for student president.

Having grown up in a political family, mark watched his father run for elections and appearing in news headlines. While running for the student presidential seat, Mark learns more about his classmates and discovers things he never expected. The high school drama feels realistic and gives a reminder of what most students go through in school.

His platform is loveable, and seeing how he works in the school campaign makes you love him even more. His friends unite and speak to all the students to find out what was wrong with the school system.

Mark is a great character, and it’s fun going on his journey in the entire book. Even though he is a student politician, he has a big heart and cared a lot about other students, especially the needy ones.

He makes some mistakes during the journey, but after realizing that what he did was stupid, he apologizes and figures out what to do next.
The supporting characters are great and well developed with distinct personalities and well-rounded. Even though the story has a handful of subplots, it is easy to follow and very interesting. Mark’s mother is a likable character, and like most mothers, he believes in his son and always fights for him while his father does not accept him for who he really is.

If you are a lover of politics, this book is ideal for you as it has a lot of politics both at school and national level. The author uses words that produce a vivid image without getting extremely unpleasant. He gives an emotional roller coaster of how it’s like to study in high school in modern society.
The book is also ideal for teens to show them that their ideas and decisions are valid and there are also other people out there like them. It’s a fantastic young adult novel teaching readers about embracing their differences and courage to stand with what they believe.

It also aims at people in society today who feel as if they are underrepresented in the media. The author has crafted all the characters well in a manner that you feel like he is telling about real people. Ralphs and mark’s love story will keep your heart warm as you read between the lines trying to find out what happens next.

He tries to make his school a better place for his friends and those who come after him. The author gives a smart look at the intersection of people’s identity, politics, and a fight in standing up for ourselves, friends, and those we love. With what’s happening in modern society, this novel is ideal for a young adult.

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