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The Secret Supper (2004)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Lady in Blue (2007)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Lost Angel (2011)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Master of the Prado (2013)Description / Buy at Amazon

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The Fifth World (2009)Description / Buy at Amazon

Javier Sierra has to be one of the most exceptional thriller, mystery, and thriller fiction authors from Spain. The author was born in Teruel in North Eastern Spain in 1971.

From very early on, he had an intense interest in communications and by the time he was twelve, he had conducted his first radio program.

By the time he turned sixteen, he began writing press articles and by the time he was eighteen, he would become one of the founders of “Ano Cero,” the international magazine.

Aged twenty-seven, he became the lead editor of the “Alla de la Ciencia,” a popular Spanish monthly magazine. In 1995, he went to the Complutense University of Madrid where he studied Journalism and published his first work.

After publishing “The Secret Supper” in 1995, he now has more than seven works of fiction, nonfiction, and scientific and historical enigmas.

His first literary undertaking was La Dama Azul, which he published in 1998 that describes the bilocation and trances of Maria Jesus of Agreda the nun from Soria.

This first novel would be the one that propelled her towards using literature as a vehicle that she now uses to resolve some of the past’s biggest mysteries.

Sierra has become very well known in Spain and is a regular contributor to both television and radio broadcasts. He regularly contributes to popular radio shows on Onda Cero Radio such as “La rosa de Los Vientos,” and “Milenio.”

In 2004, he was the director and presenter of “The Other Side of Reality,” his own television show that would garner much critical acclaim.

Sierra is known as an incisive, inquisitive, and persistent man that has visited more than 20 countries across the world trying to probe their mysteries.

Egypt is one country that he is very familiar with, as he has been to the country on numerous occasions ever since he first went there in 1995.

While he was researching in Turkey, he found the “Piri Reis,” the controversial map that has been sought after for years. This work showed that Christopher Columbus may have used maps made before 1492 to reach the New World.

He has also been to several destinations in Peru and has been a participant in several archeological digs seeking lost Incan gold.

According to the author, some of the sacred gold of ancient peoples of Peru has been hidden in vast underground passageways that were far beyond the technological capacity of sixteenth-century Andean priests.

Over the years, Javier Sierra has come to be known as one of the most passionate storytellers of his generation.

He has a knack for finding hidden details, looking at mysteries that have remained unsolved for decades and even centuries.

He will then shares his finding on television, radio, and in print. Given his exceptional skills, he has achieved much international critical acclaim and commercial success for his works.

Javier currently makes his home in Malaga in Costa del Sol, where he lives with his wife and two children. He aspires to devote himself to his two passions of writing and traveling.

“The Secret Supper” by Javier Sierra is an atmospheric and tightly paced story that is both a unique vision of the genius of Leonardo da Vinci and a dazzling historical thriller too.

The work is set in 1497 Milan where Leonardo is busy putting the finishing touches to his masterpiece – “The Last Supper.”

Pope Alexander is hell-bent on executing the creative when he realizes that the painting has clues to a blasphemous and baffling message. The Eucharistic Bread and The Holly Grail are missing and there is no meat on the Lord’s table.
Moreover, Leonardo has drawn the apostles in the faces of well-known heretics and has gone even further to show them with halos around their heads.

A closer look also shows that da Vinci has painted himself into the scene but has bizarrely turned his back toward Jesus.

It is a great work of history as Javier dives deep into the many elements of what is arguably Leonardo da Vinci’s greatest artistic work. He also looks into the lives of several artists and their patrons from history.
He is also faithful in his insights into the Renaissance era and the different Orders and communities that were active at the time.

Javier Sierra’s “The Lady in Blue” is a beautifully woven work filled with intrigue that tells the story of one of the most enduring and curious legends in the United States.

The mystery of the “Lady In Blue” that had been spotted in Los Angeles has puzzled people for decades. In the present, a woman named Jennifer Narody has been seeing eerie images of a lady in blue in what are increasingly disturbing dreams.
What she does not know is that this is the very same spirit that had been seen three centuries earlier at the meeting of the leaders of the Jumano Native American tribe.

The apparition has over the years been deemed to have a connection with a Spanish nun known to have the capacity for bilocation.

In the meantime, Carlos Albert is a young journalist who heads to Agreda following a blinding snowstorm. It is there that he finds a seventeenth-century convent nearly forgotten, that he is told was founded by The Lady in Blue.
Fascinated by her alleged powers, he dives in deep seeking to learn more. The many threads in the story are seemingly connected by a death believed to have been a suicide.

Ultimately, the threads lead the inveterate investigator to an American spy named Cardinal Baldi and finally to LA.

“The Lost Angel” by Javier Sierra is an interesting mystery story. At the beginning of the novel, it is about 72 hours before a Middle East terrorist group little known in the West intends to destroy the entire world.

They are fully convinced that they are descended from angels and are just about to be taken back to Heaven.

A key component of their plan is the kidnapping of an undercover United States scientist Martin Faber whose research resulted in the unearthing of an explosive secret.

The only hope that Martin has of surviving the ordeal is that Julia Alvarez his young wife who was born with a psychic gift will find him.

But first, she needs to summon the courage to save him even as she runs from clandestine government agencies and religious extremists.

The author takes his readers on a global adventure from Santiago de Compostela the medieval Spanish city, the monuments of Washinton to the New Mexico deserts and the summit of Mount Ararat.

It is a showcase of his fast-paced yet erudite brand of storytelling that combines fiction with historical fact to make a dazzling narrative.

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