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Publication Order of Jaxon Jennings Books

Richard C Hale is an action and adventure author who is widely known for Near Death, Frozen Past and Eye Strain. In his lifetime, Richard C. Hale has won many hats including Bartender, Musician, Veteran Air Traffic and Respiratory Therapist. However, his most recent role of a thriller writer appears to suit him the best. Richard C. Hale can be found roaming the suburbs of Jacksonville, Florida, where he usually does his best to overlook meals with brussels sprout, never-ending shopping trips and camels that spit. Hale also loves movies where the heroes emerge victorious, films that contain historical facts that are not well known and talking in the third person. His real life heroes are his father and his wife. Richard C. Hale lives with his wife, daughters and several grandchildren.

Jaxon Jennings Best Books

Frozen Past

Frozen Past is the story about Jaxon Jennings, a homicide detective, who has always had his partner’s back and seldom made mistakes. However, things began taking a turn for the worse, when his son. Jaxon could not do anything to save his son, which in turn meant that everything that he had held so dearly was taken away from him. The narrative begins with the disappearance of a child. It does not take long before another child mysteriously disappears. As the narrative continues, the reader is told the gruesome tale of a serial killer and a broken cop. The serial killer preys on young children and teenagers as well. Jaxon is the broken police officer, who was left broken after the sudden death of his son. Jaxon is soon called into action when the body of a young boy is found floating on top of a swimming pool. At this point, Jaxon begins to chase a criminal who appears to be always one-step ahead. Apart from Jaxon, author Richard C. Hale introduces the readers to Ellie and Luke, who have always been the best of friends ever since the third grade.

Now, Luke and Ellie are in the ninth grade and from the look of things, their relationship is just beginning to warm up. As a group of children plays outside, Luke hears strange voices. Eventually, he is informed that Ellie’s dog has disappeared, and the two begin to search for the dog. Luke stumbles upon the dog during a snowball fight. Later on, Luke and Ellie begin to receive creepy messages on Facebook from someone who had been stalking them for quite some time. These two children decide to pull off one of the biggest pranks, which eventually turns into something horrible. It does not take long before the police start to make regular visits to the small town. Jaxon is more than determined to stop the serial killer from claiming more lives. However, as the serial killer continues to claim more and more lives, his spirit is crushed. As more and more bodies continue to pile up, the FBI decided to step in.

Jaxon’s wife, is an agent who has been serving with the bureau for quite some time. From the look of things, since they will be working together, things might just improve between these two characters and Jaxon might avoid getting more and more depressed. When it becomes apparently clear that the serial killer is after them, Ellie and Luke need extra protection. Will Jaxon and the authorities as well as Luke be able to stop the serial killer before he gets Ellie? The suspense and the mystery have been brilliantly done, though the murders were sometimes disturbing. The young romance was a warm and interesting element in the narrative that was used to set off the gruesomeness. The novel was not only fast paced, but an easy read as well. If you are a fan of thriller novels that are not too squeamish about serial killing, then you should read squeamish past.

Cache 72

In Cache 72, we meet once again with Jaxon Jennings, a retired police officer, who decided to become a private investigator after his retirement. Victoria, Jaxon Jennings’s wife, is also a private investigator as well. Before becoming a private investigator, Victoria used to work with the FBI. Jaxon and Victoria had a son, Michael, who had been killed. The book begins as Jaxon decides to take up Geocaching, which to him is a treasure hunt. One day as he was following his GPS to a wooded area, he discovers a small box that was tied up with a small bow. Upon opening the box, Jaxon finds a severed figure with a note as well. The not informs Jaxon that he has less than 72 hours to locate a young girl, Bethany Hope. If he fails to locate the young girl, then the young girl will die.

Jaxon is given several longitudes and latitude coordinates, which are going to lead him from one clue to another. As Jason continues to search for the next clue, he meets with Mel and Gil, a young couple, who eventually end up assisting him with his quest, to locate young Bethany Hope. However, being assisted by the young couple, in turn, violates the rules of the game. Thus, whoever was responsible for orchestrating the quest, decides to punish Jaxon. As Gil was opening the next clue, a black mamba bites him. To find the next clue and the anti-venom that will be used to treat the snakebite, these three characters should reach the next location within the specified time. Once Gil is taken to a hospital, someone tries to kill him. However, they manage to escape unharmed. It is at this point that Jaxon realizes that apart from saving Bethany, they should also protect themselves as well.

As the trio race through Florida, fighting against the evil genius and the clock as well, they continue to encounter more and more pitfalls. Furthermore, they also find themselves rubbing shoulders with the local police officers. Victoria, Jaxon’s wife, suggests that Jaxon was not randomly picked to play the game randomly because the person who chose him appears to have selected him purposefully. In the process, Jaxon comes with a huge list of suspects. Jaxon should not only get ahead of the game and save Bethany, but he should also figure out who is more than determined to see him dead.

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