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About Jay Boyce

Well known for her engaging and vivid style of writing, the novelist Jay Boyce has come a long way in a relatively short amount of time. Hugely entertaining, her books are extremely imaginative and innovative, transporting the readers to far off worlds. Keeping them there, she understands the format and conventions of the genre she’s writing in, all while turning them on their head simultaneously. Giving the readers something different, she really understands what they’re looking for, making for something quite different with her work.

Coming from a literary background, she’s well versed in all things literature, especially when it comes to storytelling. Gifted at her art, she creates highly compelling premises and narratives that really keep the reader constantly guessing throughout. Largely focusing on Game Literature, or GameLit, she centers many of her stories and series in fantasy gaming universes. This has proven to be massively successful, writing about fantasy situations in a way that really resonates with her audience.

The characters that she creates are extremely effective too, making for highly engaging personalities that stand out from the page. While her books may be fantasy oriented, she ensures that all of her protagonists feel wholly grounded, down-to-earth, and genuine. This allows the books to feel far more immersive for the reader, all while saying something important and unique in the process. There’s a lot more set to come in the near future as well, as she will carry on writing her series, continuing for a long time yet.

Early and Personal Life

Growing up as the daughter of a librarian, Jay Boyce would be continually interested in both reading and literature from and early age. This would go on to become a passion for throughout much of her life, as she would develop and nurture her craft and voice as a writer. Prior to writing full-time she would work as an editor, and this would allow her to become more adept with the written word.

Working at her local university, she also attends classes, continually advancing herself as a writer, making a brand and a name. This is something that she’s excelled at, allowing her to become one of the foremost figure currently working within her field to date. Currently still writing to this day, she has plenty more to follow, as continues to put out work at a regular and consistent pace.

Writing Career

Publishing her debut novel back in 2018, she would make her grand literary debut with the title ‘Siphon,’ and this would go on to Jay Boyce’s first series ‘Touch of Power.’ This was a GameLit fantasy series, set in a virtual gaming universe, and would come to set the tone for much of her work to follow. She would later follow this up with ‘Adapt’ in 2019, along ‘Sense’ in 2020, as she would continue the now much loved epic saga.

Travelling and reading, she’s always on the lookout for new and exciting ideas to help inspire her next great novel. Working as both and editor and a writer, she knows how to create interesting and evocative prose coupled with compelling narratives. Maintaining a strong presence both online as well as off, she continues to write, reaching a wider audience every day.


First published through the Mountaindale Press publishing label, this would initially come out in 2020 on the 27th of March. Marking the third book in ‘A Touch of Power’ series, it would continue the saga with another thrilling and exciting instalment. Following on directly from the previous two books, the novels should be read in order to get the most of the overall series.

It’s a fun novel with a lot of good ideas at the heart of it, making the most of the GameLit genre and what it has to offer. Making sure its concepts seem timeless, it doesn’t tie itself down to any one particular technology, really pushing the format for all its worth. This work in its favor as it makes for an ultimately satisfying and engaging story with plenty of interesting character development throughout.

Getting out of the bed, city, and life she was once trapped in, Jade is ten days free from the hospital she was previously stuck in. Now hunting mesmer, she feels lost in the wilderness, as she must navigate court politics along with foreign policy if she hopes to find her way. Making her way through Basaigh Woods, she hopes to pave her through state affairs as Andara’s latest traveller. Will she be able to find her way there? Can she deal with the obstacles in her path? How will she deal with her sense?

Lotus Lake

Initially brought out in 2021 on the 17th of April, this would originally come out on the Kindle to a great deal of acclaim. The first in ‘The Rise of the Mystic Mage’ series of novels, it would ultimately go about setting up a whole new franchise. Establishing both the style and the tone, it would also introduce the principle characters and leading protagonist for the first time too.

Working as an excellent piece of world-building, it really manages to create an ambiance that’s quite unlike any other out there. There’s everything here, from the lore to the complete set-pieces that really allow the entire universe of the series to come to life. Paving the way for more to come, it’s definitely an awesome first novel, making for an imaginative and compelling story.

Reborn five years ago in the past, Ashlyn is given a chance to do everything again, but this is both a blessing and a curse. With five years of knowledge accumulated, she’s reborn into the virtual world known as Elysium, which is labelled as one of the greatest games ever released. Looking to make a difference, she hopes to turn everything around, using all the knowledge to push her way to the top of the Mystic Mage class. Will she be able to make a fresh new start? Can she succeed in this new world? What will become of her as she finds herself beside the Lotus Lake?

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