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Jay Crownover is a fairly new romance writer who credits luck and a purple mohawk for her ability to hit the big time. She has scored coveted spots on the New York Times and USA Today bestseller lists with her popular Marked Men series. Her books are published by William Morrow, and sold by Harper Collins. So far, she’s published 5 books, with 3 more in the pipeline.

Jay is a vibrant natural redhead, currently sporting blond locks and lots of tattoos, who lives near Fort Carson in snowy Colorado with her 3 crazy dogs. She even grew up in a small town in the mountains of Colorado. Unfortunately, she did not always fit in. As a result, she knows how it feels to be judged unfairly, knows the importance of developing a thick skin, and knows from personal experience that sometimes making your own rules is the only thing you can do. She’s learned not to let the judgements of others affect how she views herself. All of these things show in her choice of plots and characters for her novels.

She obviously loves to write, but also enjoys reading engaging stories that stimulate her emotions and listening to music. She has worked in the bar industry since her college days, and enjoys the opportunity for people watching. This gives her fascinating insights into the interactions between men and women, which influences her steamy plot lines and characters. She also loves tattoos, which shows in her writing since her bad boy characters so loved by her readers are covered in them, and so is she! The many tattooed boys who have drifted in and out of her own life serve as inspiration for her sexy male characters.

Her not-so-secret dream is to be a successful rockstar, but since she does not have a natural talent for singing, she contents herself with writing and bartending.

Although Jay is very busy writing her upcoming novels, she enjoys interacting with her fans via several mediums. She maintains her website and an active blog, plus is active in social media on both Twitter and Facebook. She is also delights her fans by being available for book signings throughout the year.

Her Marked Men series contains 5 compelling novels, which she has released over 2013 and 2014. More novels are in the works with another one set to come out in October 2013 and another in April of 2015. The Marked Men series tell tales of good girls falling in love with sexy tatted up bad boys.

The very first book in her Marked Men series, Rule, was released in late 2012. She took a chance and put it out into the world, not even having a professional editor in her corner. Called “wildly addicting” by fellow New York Times bestselling author Cora Carmack, Rule is a 423 page tale – it tells the story of a passionate love story between two opposites: Rule Archer and Shaw Landon. Shaw is a girl who is doing all the right things: she’s a beautiful pre-med student with a bright future. Rule, on the other hand, is full of intimidating piercings and tattoos – he’s a rebel, wild and unpredictable. At first Rule isn’t attracted to Shaw at all – she seems like a snob and out of his league – plus, she used to be with his now deceased twin brother. But after a few too many drinks, he finally let his guard down, and the passion that bubbled up between them that night changed everything. They feared that their love would destroy them both since they were so obviously wrong for each other on paper, but they decided that they had to see this thing through.

Rule is available in the following formats: paperback, plus digital formats like kindle or downloadable audiobook.

Her second book, Jet, quickly followed and was released in late May of 2013. This 403-page novel is a hot love story that tells the tale of Jet Keller. He’s a wild and dangerous leather-clad bad boy, who falls in love with good-girl Ayden Cross from the south. Her irresistible legs that go on for miles, sexy cowboy boots, and passion, are so attractive to him. They become close – but the trouble is, they are very different people with very different ideas about what they want from each other. The question is, can this fire between them turn into a love that lasts? Or will all that they hope for be destroyed by it?

Jet is available in several formats: paperback, CD, plus digital formats such as kindle or downloadable audiobook.

Readers are anxiously awaiting her next book in the series, Rowdy, which is scheduled to be released in October of 2014. Like the other novels in the series, Rowdy will be available in paperback and digital formats, including audiobooks. The audiobooks are great for readers who can’t put her books down but need their hands free!

Her Welcome to the Point series debuted in June 2014 with a hit: Better When He’s Bad. This new series is more somber and gritty than her first one, but is sure to be a hit with her fans. The books take place in a rough neighborhood called The Point. And now, her bad boy love interests aren’t just a little bad – they are really bad, and they don’t want to change. But yet, they are so easy to fall in love with. Enter Shane Baxter, known as Bax.

Bax is one of the main characters in Better When He’s Bad. He is from a nasty neighborhood on the wrong side of town, he’s got a criminal record, he gets into brawls, and makes all around bad choices. When he ends up in jail for 5 long years, he wants revenge and he doesn’t care about the consequences. But then he meets Dovie Pryce, and things get messy. She an innocent, and does all the right things. But now she needs the help of a guy like Bax, and to her surprise, finds herself falling in love with him.

Jay Crownover continues to write, and people-watch during her bartending hours. More novels are planned for release.

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