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Jay Gill is a whodunnit mystery author from the UK whose books have become bestselling titles on Amazon and other platforms online and offline.

Growing up, Gill fed on a steady diet of Poirot, Columbo, Miss Marple, Murder She Wrote, Bergerac, and Midsomer Murders.

As such, it was only natural that when he became an adult and decided to try his hand out at writing fiction he would become a mystery author.

While he was born in Dorset in the United Kingdom, he moved to London when he was eighteen and found a job in printing where he specialized in packaging and pharmaceutical leaflets.

Following several years of commuting to work in the fast-paced city, he decided to move back home to Dorset on the South Coast for the slower pace of life. It was during this time that he made the decision to write detective thrillers.
Jay Gill published “Knife and Death” his debut fiction work in 2017 and has never looked back since. The author now has at least a dozen works of fiction to his name across several series.

Gill currently makes his home in the small town of Poole in Dorset, where he lives with his wife and his two children.

He has said that while he loved the two decades he spent in and around the English capital of London, there is nowhere he feels more at peace and settled than in Dorset.
When Jay is not writing his bestselling novels, he can usually be found working in his garden, reading, traveling, and cooking.

He usually communicates with his fans and his readers through the newsletter on his website.

“Knife and Death” by Jay Gill is the story of Detective James Hardy. His life has gone into a tailspin after he is informed that in the River Thames has been found the body of his best friend.

He now finds himself in a race against time to resolve the mystery of what seems like a murder. One potential witness to the crime is the flatmate who has gone on the run fearing for her life and Hardy needs to track her down before the killer can get to her.
Things are only more complicated by the fact that his personal life comes under a lot of scrutiny, even as his family comes under threat. Hardy begins asking himself if he has the ability to keep it together for long enough to find the killer.
Just when he was thinking things could not get any worse, a new serial killer comes onto the scene and begins showing an unhealthy interest in him. Could the detective have finally met his match?
This is a suspense-filled read that will keep its readers turning the pages to find out if the detective can keep his family safe and find the killer in time.

In “Angels” by Jay Gill, Detective James Hardy is having to deal with a caseload bursting at the seams. He soon becomes convinced that there is a serial killer in London that has come to be known as the “Angel Killer” due to his modus operandi.
He has been picking off high-profile political figures in London, hoping to finally get the Prime Minister herself, even as he also stalks ordinary young women.

Hardy is working on the two cases, even as he is struggling to make a stable home for his two daughters and himself following the brutal murder of his wife and their mother.
With the body count rising in both cases, it does seem the killer has been getting more confident and bolder.

Hardy soon realizes that he has to get his head in the game and put his life on hold. This could jeopardize the stability he has worked so hard to build over several months.
The stakes have been rising and time has been running out and he needs to give a lot more of himself if he is to stop the killers.

Combining two themes that the detective brilliantly manages, it makes for an interesting novel that will have its readers on the edge of their seats from the first page to the last.

Jay Gill’s novel “Hard Truth” sees James Hardy the detective inspector’s peace rocked when the killer nicknamed “the Mentor” real name Kelly Lyle makes a comeback.

During her murder campaign, she rips apart his new life and reveals a secret that threatens to shatter everything he thought was true regarding his wife’s death.

James Hardy had left his job as a homicide detective for Scotland Yard and found love. With his new romantic partner and his two daughters, he is determined to make a new start in a small seaside town in the UK.
He is now working as a consultant and wants to put his demons in the past but then his peace is unexpectedly threatened.

A series of brutal murders are reported in the small town and he is called in by Emma Cotton the local detective inspector who needs some advice. He learns that the new serial killer’s crimes have the hallmarks of a man from his past.
It is a horrifying and very gripping work that will keep you up the whole night.

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