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Jaye Ford is a bestselling author from Sydney whose first book became the highest selling debut novel in the country in 2011.


Jaye Ford is an Australian writer that was born in 1963, though she spent a considerable portion of her childhood on the Northern Beaches. Jaye pursued her education in Bathurst, NSW, focusing her efforts on Communications.

The author eventually found a career in journalism. She pursued the field for more than a decade and she garnered a lot of experience in the process. Jaye has experience working on the radio, on television and even in print.

And her resume isn’t limited to simply reporting the news. Jaye made a lot of waves in the sports arena. 1988 was a particularly good year for her. Some sports enthusiasts might remember that as the year that saw Jaye Ford become the first female host of a live national sports show in Australia.

Those who do not have that much interest in sports might also know her from Prime TV in Newcastle where she presented the evening news. At one point, Jaye even run her own public relations consultancy firm. However, Jaye didn’t last long in the self-employment game, though that wasn’t because she lacked the talent and abilities to persevere and succeed.

Rather, Jaye chose to focus her efforts on being a full-time mother, a task she will tell you she succeeded at, having raised two children in the process. As challenging as motherhood might have been, Jaye found the time to focus her efforts on writing.

And as an unpublished author, she definitely struggled to make it. But by the time she was forty, she had understood that if she wanted to realize her dream of writing novels for a living, she would have to stop daydreaming and actually get some writing done.

A late bloomer, Jaye did just that, eventually publishing ‘Beyond Fear’, her first novel, ten years later. If anyone doubted Jaye’s ability to succeed, they were immediately shamed by her success.

In 2011, her first book became the highest selling debut crime novel in Australia, and that isn’t an easy feat to accomplish. Beyond merely garnering financial success, Jaye also drew critical acclaim, with the author winning a few Davitt awards and being shortlisted for others. Since then, Jaye Ford has gone on to achieve her dream of becoming a full-time writer, producing high-quality crime novels. Jaye’s success is such that her work has been translated into nearly a dozen languages.

She has also achieved some success writing under the pseudonym of Janette paul.

Jaye Ford and her husband live in Lake Macquarie in Australia. They have two dogs.

Jaye is a fairly visible author and can be found speaking at events (and libraries) and interacting with her fans, not only with regards to her work as an author but her previous career as a journalist.

She also attends writing workshops, festivals, and conferences.

+Beyond Fear

Jodie Cramer never thought that her nightmare would reoccur. She was luckier than her schoolmate Angie. None the less, her assault at the hands of three strangers haunted her for years to come.

As a mother of two, Jodie is certain that the weekend ahead of her and her three friends in the country can only bring joy and happiness. She is all set to laugh and take a much-needed break from her life.

However, the group encounters some unexpected complications. Their destination, a secluded cabin, is host to a dark secret. Jodie doesn’t want to believe that there is anything concrete behind the evidence she found of prowlers at the cabin.

However, she becomes increasingly convinced that someone is watching them, and her Friends’ disbelief does nothing to alleviate her paranoia. As the night of Angie’s murder begins to emerge from the recesses of Jodie’s mind, questions about her sanity arise.

This book is very easy to read. It also features very human characters that anyone can relate to. Four fun-loving girls are looking forward to a fun weekend away from their husbands and children.

However, an accident at the beginning of their trip casts some doubt about the weekend ahead, at least for Jodie, their leader, a teacher with a dark past. Jodie’s unease only mounts as they venture into isolated territory.

The arrival of two men at the door doesn’t help matters. Jaye Ford’s strength in this book is her ability to not only introduce tension but to maintain it. Her book is such a page-turner, keeping readers at the very edge of their seats, unable to breathe or even think about anything other than what might be awaiting Jodie and her friends on the next page.

If there is one complaint that keeps arising about this book, it is the fact that it tends to get a little exhausting.

+Scared Yet

The media has been hailing Liv Prescott for her bravery ever since she fought off an assault at a car park. Even with all the congratulations coming her way from friends and family, though, one particular message stands out.

An admirer decides to advise her to be careful. Not only does the advice eventually become a warning, but it is delivered right to her home. Liv doesn’t know what to think about the situation.

The admirer is anonymous, and Liv cannot help but wonder whether her attacker finally tracked her down, or if it is just her ex-husband playing a nasty game. Liv’s worst fears begin to manifest when her stalker begins to draw her closest friends and family into a deadly game.

Jaye Ford feeds off the paranoia generated in the first few chapters to make this book engaging. She forces readers to look at everyone that Liv meets with suspicion. There is a stalker out there and he has set Liv in his sights.

Jaye does a great job of getting the message across that he could truly be anyone. And with Liv being forced into a situation where she cannot trust anyone, her life begins to unravel.

There are few psychological thrillers out there that are this tense. Jaye Ford definitely delivers something special here.

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