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A bestselling author of urban fantasy novels, the American writer Jayne Faith is well known for creating vibrant and highly colorful fiction, with work that transports her readers to far off realms, allowing to experience new and exciting landscape to come to life leaping off of the page. Using elements of dystopian romance as well, she really evokes a feeling of tenderness coupled with high-octane action and excitement, arresting the readers attention and bringing them along for the ride. Knowing and understanding her audience, she really is able to play to her strengths as an author, giving her characters a real world sense of personality and perspective, ensuring that readers feel as if they can really relate to them on a personal level. Garnering attention from all over the world too, it’s both the critics and the general public who are currently singing her praises, with her many series gaining traction with large quantities of readers globally. Her world building is also something to be admired too, with her unique and highly engaging vistas and locations, juxtaposing them against the personalities of her characters. Not afraid to portray some of the grittier aspects of modern life too, she deals with a variety of contemporary issues through the conduit of the fantasy genre, thus essentially giving them a timeless quality overall.

Early and Personal Life

Born in America, Jayne Faith was known for being both an avid and voracious reader from a very young age, fascinated with words ever since she first picked up a book for the first time. This would come to be a passion that would continue to blossom throughout her education, as she continually nurtured and harnessed it constantly. Always keeping herself active as well, she is a keen cook with a passion for food, as well as doing Pilates and yoga, activities which keep her constantly fit and active. This allows her to always be on the lookout for new and exciting ideas for her next book, as she continues to write from her home in America.

Writing Career

Bringing out a whole succession of series and franchises, Jayne Faith is one of the most prolific authors to date, creating vast and expansive worlds through her literature and prose. Becoming a USA Today bestselling author as well, she is no stranger to high sales either, generating vast amounts of publicity for her work. Constantly interacting with her fans, she is continually looking for feedback, as she remains active both online and off, thus marking her as a novelist who will be writing for a long time to come.

The Divining

Initially published on the 1st of March in 2016, this would originally come out on the Kindle to much acclaim, with an already loyal fanbase eagerly awaiting its release. Marking the third title in the ongoing ‘Sapient Salvation’ series of novels, it picks up directly from where the previous title left off. Standing on its own though, it really manages to take the story to even higher heights, not letting up on any of the action.

With this series focusing on the legendary Lord Toric and the trials and tribulations he places upon his harem of chosen women, each title details a new challenge for them. Using characters that must contend with their own innate desire and dreams, it sees them as they go about trying to satiate him and his appetite. Set within a fantastical world, it really brings to life the competition between the women, giving way to a sense of eroticism that is both seductive and enticing at the same time.

This challenge may prove to be one of the most controversial so far, as each of the women, or Obligates, are required to spend a night with Lord Toric himself. Proving to be an extremely difficult task for Maya, she finds herself dealing with her own lack of experience, whilst also looking to preserve her innocence. Not just that, but the ever troublesome Akantha is stirring up a whole world of trouble throughout the lands of Calisto, as he’s spreading information set to incite a high degree of religious fury. What will it take to complete the challenge? Can Maya overcome the insurmountable odds? Will Maya be able to survive the divining?

Magic Currents

This would come to mark the eighth title in the long-running and much loved ‘Watchtower’ collection of fantasy novels, showing Faith’s gift for wit and engaging storytelling once more. First brought out on the Kindle once again, this would be released on the 21st of November in 2017, with it being published the same year as the previous title. Picking up from where the seventh book left off, it wastes no time jumping straight back into the action, developing the characters, whilst also building the world as a whole, as it takes the story and the ambiance forwards even further.

With this series focusing on demons that have ravaged the Earth, this takes a look at the angels and witches that have had to combine their forces in order to take down a common enemy. Throughout the lands there are Demon Lords presiding over specific dimensions, protected within the Watchtower of each commanding city for that particular region. Using a colorful cast of characters, the franchise looks at the forces seeking to overthrow them, ousting them from the thrones and restoring order to the lands.

Victoria doesn’t want to end up the same way that both her mother and fiancee did, especially since she’s got children to look after. Concealing her magic from the Demon Lords will be difficult though, especially since a mysterious stranger has just walked into her life, pursuing her at every angle. Knowing how to end the tyranny of this region’s particular Demon Lord, the fallen and sullen angel Lorenzo might have a plan that could help save them all, that is unless he can contend with the countless innocent lives that may be lost in the process. Will he succeed, or will many lives perish? Where will Victoria’s journey take her? Can they overcome the magic currents?

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