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Publication Order of Jaywalker Books

The Tenth Case (2008)Description / Buy at Amazon
Bronx Justice (2009)Description / Buy at Amazon
Depraved Indifference (2009)Description / Buy at Amazon
Overkill (2010)Description / Buy at Amazon
Guilty as Sin (2011)Description / Buy at Amazon

The American author Joseph Teller has been writing for quite some time now, with mystery and thriller genre novels being his primary focus, given his ability in crafting a finely tuned intricate narratives that draw his readers in, whilst keeping them guessing until the very final denouement at their ever thrilling conclusion. His characters are also no exception either, with them also being extremely well drawn and lovingly crafted by an author who is clearly in command of the art-form, with him being a master of the genre and its many rules and conventions. Over the years he has also produced a number of long-running series, many of which have amassed legions of fans worldwide, all eagerly anticipating each new release and installment. One particular series that would fall into this category is that of his ‘Jaywalker’ series of novels, a franchise which he has been maintaining for a number of years now. Following the investigations and case files of one Harrison J. Walker, or ‘Jaywalker’ as he’s more commonly known hence the title, it sees him working as criminal defense attorney. Having been previously disgraced in the past, he must now also remake his name for himself once more, something which works as an ongoing arc throughout the course of the series overall. Giving him a sense of drive, it allows readers to root for him as a character, giving him a sense of ambition, whilst also not getting in the way of each individual mystery either. Set in Manhattan, New York City, this is a resolutely American series both in its sense of location and its handling and perspective of the current state of the criminal justice system. It is also well regarded for its sense of realism too, especially given Joseph Teller’s own previous history working within the world of law and criminal justice, a practice which he left behind in order take up writing full time.

Writing over five books in the series so far and counting, this is a franchise that was first started back in 2008 and continued to 2011, coming a long way in relatively short amount of time. Not only understanding the genre, Teller manages to make the most of his own background in law, creating a heightened sense of realism in the process as well. Knowing the world and the sort of characters that inhabit it, he really allows the story itself to come alive, something which lets the reader feel like they are really there.

The Tenth Case

Brought out on the 1st of May in 2008 through the ‘Mira’ books publishing label, this was to be the first book in the ongoing series of ‘Jaywalker’ novels. Setting up the character and the overall franchise as a whole, it works at establishing the core themes and ideas of the series, whilst also providing him with his first case to solve. This also gives readers some clear idea of what to expect in the following novels to come, as well as offering a well drawn thriller to get involved in on a basic level.

Whilst many of the themes and ideas contained within may be realistic, some of which are fairly hard-hitting, it is still handled with tact and grace so as not to be off-putting to readers. The character of Harrison J. Walker himself is also a very well drawn one, as he manages to seem very real and very flawed, yet highly easy to relate to as a reader. Taking place in the world of law and the criminal justice system of Manhattan, it also manages to come across as very exciting and engrossing for the reader.
Having made a mistake in the past whereby he was found being ‘pleasured’ in a stairwell by a client he’d acquitted of prostitution, Harrison J. Walker is a disgraced attorney. It is now up to him to regain his name and prove that he really can do his job, something which he must prove when he is given ten final cases to deal with. When he comes to the tenth case, though, he finds that he is to be really tested, given that this is what could make or break him, as a beautiful young woman is charged with murdering her wealthy old billionaire husband. Are looks really deceiving, or is she being framed? Will Jaywalker fall back into his old ways? What will happen with the tenth case?

Bronx Justice

Released the following year in 2009 on the 24th of March, this was once again brought out through the ‘Mira’ books publishing house to much acclaim. With many fans eagerly awaiting this installment ever since the first title, it manages to pick-up directly from where the last left off, it being the second book in the ongoing ‘Jaywalker’ series of novels. Providing another case for the eponymous criminal defense attorney, it manages to also offer some twists and turns along the way, keeping the readers guessing constantly throughout, whilst also allowing newcomers easy access to the series as well.

Set in the 1970s, this novel sees Harrison J. Walker receiving a call from a desperate mother, all whilst struggling to make his own new practice. Known as the ‘Jaywalker’ largely due to his rebellious tactics in the courtroom, he finds that her son has been arrested for raping five white women in the area of Castle Hill in the Bronx, a thought to be long forgotten area at the time. The convicted man is a young and attractive black man, and all the women but one have testified against him, all except one who is about to do so. The case appears to be open-and-shut, but Walker believes otherwise and, as he delves deep into the case itself, he comes up against the prevailing attitudes of the time. Is the man truly guilty? Can Walker get to the bottom of it? Who will serve Bronx justice?

The Jaywalker Series

A well written and highly addictive set of novels, and a series which will definitely stand the test of time in the years to come, given its timeless quality. Whilst the stories themselves may be American, they’re still universal in the approach, something which can be clearly seen reflected in Teller’s readership and audience. A master of his craft as well as of the genre, this is a perfect example of the form, whether for casual readers or those returning for more, as this is a series that will be read for many years to come.

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