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Jean Flowers is a renowned author who has written over twenty novels and five series. She combines her teaching and scientist career along with being a writer. She went to college at Emmanuel College in Boston and earned a B.A in mathematics. She later joined Fordham University for her master and later Ph.D. in physics. She has intense love for physics, and this has driven her to carry out research in high-temperature physics and spectroscopy. She has also keenly studied nuclear waste management, commercial nuclear plants, particularly with the US and human factor engineering. Her intense love for physics is clearly noted in her Period table series. Though the series is not more about physics, the naming is an integration of physics and chemistry. An example is the Hydrogen murder or even the beryllium murder. Some elements within the series include the use of simple physics.

She currently works at Golden Gate University, where she is a faculty member. During her free hours, she teaches writing within the Bay area. She is the acting president of Norcal mystery writers in the US and also a member of California Writers Club and NorCal sister crime. During the year 2007, she won the Jack London Award, which is offered by California Writers Club. She has also won an excellence in editing award from the Society of technical communication; this was between 2003 – 2008 periods.

Jean flowers is one of the few authors who uses a pseudonym when writing different series. She has used four different names in writing different series. As Camille Minichino alongside physicist Gloria Lamerino, they published the periodic table mystery. As Margret Grace, she featured her granddaughter, Maddie and Geraldine Porter in writing the Miniature Mysteries. As Ada Madison, she featured a college professor to publish the professor Sophie Knowles Mystery. As Jean flowers, she is launching a new series referred to as the post office mystery. The first Novel within this series- Death Takes priority debut in early 2015.

Death takes priority, is a novel, which features a woman who is trying to start over her life but becomes entangled in a complicated investigation. The novel begins with the protagonist – Cassie Miller being dumped by her boyfriend and being forced by prevailing circumstance to take care of her dying aunt. After her death, she decides to move back to her hometown in Berkshires. Her main reason for returning home is that she needs time to heal her wounds completely before moving on with her life. By deciding to move, she leaves her managerial position with the Boston central postal office and takes on the job of being a postmaster in her hometown.

She quickly integrated to her daily routine and everything becomes normal until one day when she arrives at the post office building and finds that the main door has been broken. Someone got into the office and stole something. After a careful analysis of all the items in the office, she finds out that the only missing item is a stack of telephone books. She tries to find out why someone would steal this book, but she can find the right explanation. Two days later a murdered man is found in the woods. Her new antique dealer is taken into custody due to suspicion of being involved in the killing, and this draws Cassie Miller to the case. She realizes that the stolen telephone book might be linked with the assassination and opts to track down the killer before he/ she strikes again.

The first series by Camille Minichon is the periodic table series. This series has a total of 8 novels that were produced between 1997 and 2006. The first book in the series is the Hydrogen Murder. This novel is about Gloria Lamerino, who is a physics using scientific analyst to solve murder cases. The novel begins with Gloria Lamerino celebrating her fifty-fifth birthday, after which she decides to move from California to Revere Boston her hometown.

She left her hometown thirty years ago, but she is lucky to find an apartment above her friend business, which is a funeral home. She signs up with the local police to act as a consultant in science-related cases. She thinks it will be more fun and appropriate to testify as an expert witness. Her first case is investigating a murder of a retired physicist, who she knew while in California. She is eager to find the underlying cause of the death, but she face love battle between her ex-boyfriend Peter Mastrone and Matt Gennaro, who is a homicide detective.

While investigating the crime, she notes that the murder of Eric might have been caused by a breakthrough in the research he was doing. Eric most probably discovered a fraud and in an attempt to shade light on it, he was murdered. She later learns that Eric had a complicated love life, and this can be the cause of his death. Gloria decides to confront all the suspects. Using scientific reasoning and assertive techniques, she solves Eric murder. She confronts the killer and this result in physical attack. Later that week she goes out on her first date in a decade.

The second novel in the series is the Helium Murder. In this novel, Congresswoman Margret Hurley is introduced but before we get to know her, she is killed by a hit and run driver. Before her hit and run murder, she was about to cast a critical vote regarding government’s helium reserves. Gloria is tasked with the responsibility of investigating this murder. She discovers that there is a large pool of suspects who might have intended to kill the congresswoman. Her gambling brother, her old lover Buddy Hurley and the CEO of the William Carey Company are some of the main suspects.

Gloria’s old boyfriend, Peter Mastrone and her almost to be boyfriend Matt Genarro. Have concerns regarding Gloria’s exposure to the extremely hazardous areas within the city as she carries out her investigation. Her friends including Frank Gatlin and rose have regularly advised her to control her investigation or even leave that job, but she would never consider this option.

Her life comes to actual danger when she discovers the clue Margret left before her death. Gloria decides to get on top of this no matter the consequence she might face.

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