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Jean Kyoung Frazier
Jean Kyoung Frazier is a literary fiction author best known for her debut novel Pizza Girl. From her first book, it is clear that Frazier is highly talented. Her writing style stands out, and everything about this book is just right. Frazier says that when she was writing Pizza Girl, she was thinking about love and how many confuse it for many other feelings. Just like the protagonist, Frazier has Korean roots, she once worked as a pizza delivery girl, and she resides in Los Angeles.

Pizza Girl
Pizza Girl tells the story of an un-named pregnant eighteen-year-old girl. The girl delivers pizza in Los Angeles, and currently, her job is the only thing keeping her sane. Still grieving from the loss of her father a few years ago, Pizza Girl is happy to get away from her loving boyfriend and supportive mum. She cannot understand why they are so excited about the coming baby while she cannot even accept that her life is about to change when she becomes a mother. Taking every order, she can get the only way Pizza girl can avoid thinking about her future and the emotions she has to deal with regarding her dead alcoholic dad.

Pizza girl’s life gets more complicated when she meets Jenny, a stay-at-home mum who likes ordering Pizza with Pickles for her son. What starts as a mutual friendship for these two ladies turn into an obsession for the Pizza Girl. The infatuation leads a few unfortunate events, and now complicated relationship ends in heartbreaking ways. Looking at some of Pizza Girl’s actions, it is easy to see that she is beyond stressed. It is also scary how she lurks around Jean’s house at night and goes to the extent of throwing up in her shoes by day. Why did this pregnant girl pick Jean out of all the regular customers she deals with?

Pizza girl is bold yet tender. Once you get to hear about her father, his passing, and the complicated relationship these two had before his death, it is easy to understand where she is coming from. The story of her obsession with Jenny is moving, and, sadly, this is the way this young girl decides to find her place in society. The author has constructed this girl in a way that the things she is struggling with sound real. This makes her relatable, and when she questions herself about her place in society, you cannot help but hope that she figures this out before her baby is born.

The author has done an excellent job of showing Pizza Girl’s raw emotions. We get to see through her frustration and annoyance with her boyfriend and mother even though these two do everything to ensure that she is comfortable. She also cannot forgive her father for failing her. Unfortunately, instead of making better choices, she chooses the bottle, even though she knows alcohol when pregnant could harm her baby. When she can no longer handle what looks like depression, Pizza girl decides to develop a fantasy world surrounding Jean’s life. How will Jean act once she discovers what is going on?

While this book sounds like it all about sadness and despair, the truth is that it is not. The author gives all the details in Pizza Girl’s life without sounding boring. With the protagonist as the narrator, we get to see her view of the world. This also makes it easy to know her character and the observations that help paint a picture of the world she lives in. Pizza girl does have her happy moments, but you will also feel those sad moments with her. You may disagree with the decisions she makes, but you will understand her and hope there is a way you would protect her.

One of the main themes here is this young girl’s relationship with her father. While he had died a few years ago, Pizza Girl always worried that she was following in his footsteps. Her father used to sneak and hide in a shed so she could drink and this girl finds herself doing the same even though she is carrying a life inside her. Her struggles will stay with you long after you are done reading this book, and you will be left hoping that you will meet a healthier, less stressed version of Pizza Girl in previous books. It is sad to see how some of these struggles are passed down generations. Parents who neglect their children do a lot of damage, and it takes a lot of effort for those affected to break these cycles.

For a debut novel, Frazier has outdone herself. Her writing is crisp, and the story unfolds so well time will stop moving as you devour every page. While the book raises some serious issues, it helps that there is still some humour in it. Pizza Girl often laughs at herself, and this helps lighten the mood. She is also not alone, and there are a few people who want the best for her. Her mother is a constant force in her life, and even though her daughter tries to push her away, she remains loving and supportive. Pizza Girl’s boyfriend is another positive force in her life. He somehow understands his girlfriend’s struggles and is there every step of the way.

Pizza Girl is a moving coming-of-age story filled with dark humour. Narrated by the pizza delivery girl who remains unnamed until the last pages, the story paints a perfect picture of a grieving and unhappy young lady apprehensive about her uncertain future. While she seems to have a good support system, this girl engages in destructive behaviour until this starts to mess the relationships around her. It comes as a shock that just like her father, she is hurting those who care about her most and her child will face a similar fate if she doesn’t change. Will she make the right choice to be a better mum, partner, daughter, and friend? You will have to read this book to the end to find out.

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