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The Matzah Ball (2021)Description / Buy at Amazon
A Little Christmas Spirit (2021)Description / Buy at Amazon
Mr. Perfect on Paper (2022)Description / Buy at Amazon
Kissing Kosher (2023)Description / Buy at Amazon
Magical Meet Cute (2024)Description / Buy at Amazon

Jean Meltzer is a bestselling romance fiction author who loves to call himself the world’s only chronically disabled and ill, rabbinical school dropout, and Emmy award-winning author.

It was that extraordinary background combined with a firm belief in seeking happy endings and holding onto her joy, which resulted in the many diverse works she has produced.

Jean went to New York University, where she got her BFA before she proceeded to study creative writing at the Department of Dramatic Writing at the Tisch School of the Arts.

Following her graduation from college, she worked at the Oscar-award-winning film and television production company “Tapestry International,” where she worked as Creative Director.

During this time, she oversaw the writing, production, and development of more than 200 hours of television programs targeted at kids. Her work would go on to win several awards before she left in 2006.

In 2006, Jean left the United States to go to Isreal as she wanted to go to Rabbinical school. She would then study at several seminaries and colleges over five years before she graduated.

She would then spend years as a speaker raising awareness about Myalgic Encephalomyelitis, which is a condition she suffered from for many years.

Today Jean Meltzer is living a chronically fabulous and prosperous life as a Jew in Virginia. She has said that her biggest challenge is finding the time to share her stories and her larger journey with others.

In 2021, Mira publishing house published “The Matzah Ball,” her debut novel which went on to become a bestseller. The work was so popular that Ben Savage, Brett Gursky, and Lance Bass Productions are working with Sugar23 to adapt it into a feature film.

Meltzer works with the Transmatic Agency, where she is represented by Marilyn Biderman and Carolyn Forde her superhuman literary agents.

Outside of her writing, the author has been very active as a speaker on a variety of topics and subjects. Working directly with agents, she will usually craft an event that will suit each audience’s needs.
Given Meltzer’s background, she brings a unique understanding of what the Jewish world needs. She has also been known to speak on issues of advocacy, disability, chronic illness, and aging among other issues of health.

She will usually give Ted Talk-style speeches punctuated with unapologetic humor and joyfulness, summed up with inspiring and life-affirming words of Jewish wisdom and the Torah.

As for how she came to write, Jean Meltzer has said that she told herself she would write a book more than a decade ago.

It was a time when she was suffering from chronic fatigue syndrome, a chronic illness and she found herself needing to find a new vision for her life.

At that time, she had no idea if she had the chutzpah or skills to become a traditionally published author. However, she set out to write just one sentence a day in her quest to become a published author.
Her vision would soon become reality, even though it took more than ten years before she published “The Matzah Ball.”

She had always been the typical nice Jewish girl that celebrated Christmas and all the Christmas books. But she always yearned for a Chanukah book but could never find one.

It was from such a desire that she envisioned a white and blue book different from the Holocaust and hostage situation books she had read growing up.

She thus set out to pen a work, where Jews were the beautiful women paired up with sexy heroes who give them their happily ever after. Meltzer has said that she created the work to make a different kind of Jewish story.

Jean Meltzer’s novel “The Matzah Ball” introduces the nice Jewish girl Rachel Rubenstein-Goldblatt who has a very shameful secret. While nobody in her family is aware of it, she is a huge lover of Christmas.
For more than a decade, she has been working as a Christmas romance novelist, which she has made into a career.

Even though she has not been able to find love given that she is afflicted with a chronic illness, that has not prevented her from making great use of her talent.

However, she cannot find any inspiration when her diversity-conscious publisher asks her to pen a Hannukhkah romance. Hanukkah has never been merry or magical given that it is not Christmas.

In her desperation to keep her writing contract, she strives to find inspiration while attending the Jewish music celebration known as “The Matzah Ball.” It is an event that is usually held on the last night of the Hannukkah celebrations.

It is there that she meets Jacob Greenberg her archenemy that she has not seen for years. While it has been long since they fought as kids at summer camp, their grudge has not yet cooled down.
But the more time they spend together, the more they are drawn to each other.

“Mr. Perfect on Paper” by Jean Meltzer is a great follow-up to the debut of the series. It is the ultimate romantic comedy that follows third generations matchmaker that unexpectedly stumbles into the spotlight in her search for love.

In her book, the perfect Jewish husband needs to have no baggage such as children or previous marriages, should be a lawyer or doctor and of course a Jew.

As the CEO and creator of J-Mate the popular Jewish dating app, Dara Rabinowitz has cracked the formula for finding love – but for other people and not herself.

But things change when her best friend bubbe shares her checklist on national TV and Chris Steadfast the charming news anchor proposes they turn her quest into a must-see television program.

Chris is a non-Jewish single father and does not check any of the things on Dara’s checklist. Still, her quest for a husband gives his show a massive ratings boost.

However, Chris is strongly attracted to Dara while she is also questioning if perfect on paper could be as good as Chris the man she has before her.

Jean Meltzer’s novel “Kissing Kosher” is the story of Avital Cohen, who does not wear underpants for some very unsexy reasons.

She has been suffering from chronic pelvic pain and this has forced her to shelve her love life and dream of a career as a photographer. It is all she can do to manage “Best Babka,” the family kosher bakery in New York.

She would do with hired help and Ethan Lippmann, a distractingly handsome man seems to be perfect. But Lippman is an undercover operative at her place and working for his ironfisted grandfather.
While the Lippmans are known for kosher baked goods, they have never achieved Avital’s bakery charming reputation.

As they start working together, Ethan soon finds himself getting attracted to Avital and forgets he is there to steal family secrets.

But if they are to have a perfect romance, they will have to leave out the lies which can be too risky.

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