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Jeanette Escudero

Jeanette Escudero is a writer and an entrepreneur. Her books include the Happyish and The Apology Project novels.

She was an attorney before switching to a full-time writer at the age of 30 years.

As a published author, she was able to fulfil her long-time dream and gave her a platform to unveil her romantic and imaginative side.

She also uses the pen name Sidney Halston and has published the USA Bestselling the Worth the Fight Series, the Panic Series, Seeing Red duet, and the Iron Clad Security Novels.

According to an online interview, Jeanette states that The Apology Project book was inspired by her husband’s 40th birthday.

According to her husband, Jeanette had invited people they hadn’t seen or spoken to in years to the birthday party.

She felt that it’s her obligation and thought that they’d get mad if they found out they hadn’t been invited. This sparked a conversation about how different (she and women in general) her thought process was.

How women tend to overthink things, and how they’re concerned about not hurting other people’s feelings even when there’s no reciprocation.
Besides writing, Jeannette has a passion for adventure and travel.

She and her beloved family have travelled to the Galapagos Islands, hiked the Shenandoah, Yellowstone, and the Great Mountains.

Jeanette was born in Miami, Florida, to her Cuban parents. She’s a resident of South Florida with her husband and three kids.

The Apology Project

The Apology Project is a story of attorney Amelia Montgomery, a forty-year-old lady and a famous litigator in Chicago in a prestigious law firm. She’s so hard to like and is referred to as the ‘She-Demon’ by her colleagues and staff.

Sometimes, she can yell at her staff when they make a mistake, and it seems that her success is because she pushes herself and the people around her very hard.

Being the only female partner in a law firm, the rest of the partners wants her to represent the defense for a very powerful man who has been accused of awful activities that wealthy men have always gotten away with over the years.

Amelia disagrees with her partners on how the defense should go, and when one of them says sexist, he punches his nose with her elbow.

This is how she ends up losing her job, and she’s sad to leave the only career that gave her hope and purpose.

What will happen next? She hopes that anything that is going to happen next will be better. Her sister gives her the idea of throwing a birthday party to meet and interact with her old friends.

The party was in a bar, and no one showed up except John Ellis, a stranger and the new associate at her ex-company. He’s there because he was forwarded the message about the party, and being new in the firm; he decides to attend the party.

Amelia starts reflecting on her life, her career, and some of her mistakes in relationships.

It’s the things that are happening to her which force her to reflect on her behavior.

Might she have burnt all the bridges, and as a result, she’s left alone?

Have you ever had friendship regrets? With John’s help and a lot of champagne, Amelia starts thinking of the people she’d wronged, who range from old friends to former work colleagues and boyfriends.

She decides to make amends and apologize to those who deserve it. This is where The Apology Project begins.

It’s at this turning point she starts looking into the choices she made in the past. She also starts making new choices with John and with herself. Will Amelia start a new chapter in her life?

The story shows how most of us realize how much we need our friends’ support more than other times in the middle of a life crisis.
The story is so relatable, and the storyline kept me engaged to the last page.

The story gets one thinking of how many people in my life deserve an apology?

Amelia is a complex character, and because of some life events, she’s to pass through a harrowing journey to self-discovery. She has some serious baggage to unload with her ironic sense of humor.

The story is light and humorous, and it looks into the lives of rude lawyers with some romance. The chemistry between Amelia and John is likable; they seem perfect even with their ups and downs.

It’s also likable how the apology list emerged, and Amelia decided which people were worth an apology. The sibling’s relationship between Amelia’s and her sister is sweet.

The story is told in the first person from Amelia’s point of view, and it’s wonderful how when a door closes, another one opens.

The book teaches on getting to know oneself and finding a balance between standing up for yourself and being a kind person to people.


Happyish is the second book by Jeanette Escudero. The book features Alex as the heroine.

According to an interview published online, unlike Jeanette’s previous heroines, Alex is a unique character who runs away from her own misfortunes and is afraid of confronting her own problems.

Published in the fall of 2022, Happyish is an excellent read for anyone looking to take their life and turn it around.

The author provides advice about how you can get out of your rut, find new meaning in what’s left, and give back now that the time has come.

It combines her personal experience with helpful tips from experts on happiness-related topics such as spirituality, mindfulness, self-esteem, relationships, career guidance and more.

All aimed at giving readers practical tools they need to create an authentic, happy lifestyle. Readers will explore techniques that are healthy and sustainable over time so they can live fully engaged lives without neglecting themselves.

It is an advantage to have books like these on hand because not only do you receive great information, but when you read it, you come away feeling happier than before.

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