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Publication Order of Encoded Orbits Books

Fractured Orbits (2022)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Alien Algorithm (2022)Description / Buy at Amazon
Subject 34 (2023)Description / Buy at Amazon

Publication Order of Settler Chronicles Books

Day 115 on an Alien World (2018)Description / Buy at Amazon
Far Side of the Moon (2018)Description / Buy at Amazon
Abandoned Ships, Hijacked Minds (2019)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Alien Artifact (2020)Description / Buy at Amazon

Publication Order of Standalone Novels

Hope is the Thing With Feathers (2023)Description / Buy at Amazon

Jeanette Bedard is an accomplished published author.

She is constantly writing and has been able to fill up entire hard drives with all of the data eventually becoming books. She has had an interesting path to becoming an author, working as a soldier and as a scientist.

Jeanette is married and shares a daughter with her husband. They live in the Pacific on a non-tropical island. The author admits that she also has a fondness for math jokes, and this is even more true when there is pi involved in them.

Bedard says that she is a science fiction author by the night or by early morning, and a scientist during the day. She doesn’t know whether this is bad or good, but since she works at a day job that has serious safety protocols, the author knows that she is not likely to be getting superpowers anytime soon. She instead prefers to get into a comfortable chair and come up with dangerous adventures for characters that she has made up that take place in worlds that exist far, far away.

The author also has her own website where she sends out newsletters. The newsletters reach their readers twice each month. She takes the time in each one to give them some updates when it comes to her writing or other creative things that she is working on and then might go into other things that she has been thinking about lately while also trying to showcase the work of independent authors.

In addition to being an author and veteran, Bedard is an oceanographer. She has been writing non-fiction and fiction for as far back as she can recall. She has authored the Settler Chronicles as well as the Encoded Orbits trilogy. She also collaborated with other authors on the collection Bright Future and penned the 2023 novel Hope is the Thing with Feathers.

Jeanette Bedard is also a co-founder of the writing collective Armchair Alien. Some of her short fiction works can be found in association with this writing collective.

She attended the Royal Roads Military College and graduated with her Bachelor of Science. Bedard was a military engineer, serving internationally and domestically with the Canadian Armed Forces. She left the military behind and then decided to return to school, attending the University of Victoria and graduating with her Masters and her PhD. Both of the degrees were focused on oceanography. She had the chance to also go o n voyages that took place in the Arctic and Pacific and now works her day job in the very same field that she obtained her degrees.

Bedard loves writing, but she also enjoys drawing, making things, growing things, learning new things, or taking notes. Check out more of her work or what her books involve by reading on!

Day 115 on an Alien World is the first book by Jeanette Bedard in the Settler Chronicles series of fictional novels. The book was first made available to readers in 2018. If you have been looking for something new and fun to read, check this book out for yourself!

Main character Margo was given a dishonorable discharge, and now she’s having trouble when it comes to tracking down an honest day’s work on Earth. She thought that she might be able to find a new start when she came across a colonizing mission that was going to a new world. Margo signed up, hoping that this could be the fresh beginning that she desperately needed.

The goal was to get on the mission, get the job done, and then do something with the money. But as she ends up on a colony ship that is rapidly crashing, Margo has the opportunity to examine just how misplaced her optimism was.

The ship ends up hitting the ground, and all hell breaks loose. What should have been a straightforward colonizing mission quickly turns into a fight for survival. On top of that, there are accidents that keep occurring that start happening way too frequently to just blame on random circumstances.

When Margo starts tracking down some evidence, she starts to realize that someone among them is sabotaging the group. It has to be one of the colonists in their midst, but which one of them would it be, and how would she find that out? With the first window for communications with Earth opening the next day, the group has a chance to get a message back home. It’s likely the only one that they will get.

Margo has a short amount of time to catch the saboteur and stop them from causing more accidents. Someone is going to get hurt eventually. Can she stop them in the end, or will she find that it’s far too late? Read this story to find out!

Far Side of the Moon is the second book in the Settler Chronicles by Jeanette Bedard. The book carries on with all of the science fiction adventure that readers enjoyed in the debut! The book first came out in 2018.

Margo Murphy once more returns for all of the action in a follow-up to the first story. This time, she’s got a borrowed body, but the bad news is that she is quickly running out of time.

Margo was able to live through an attempt at destruction from The Conglomerate along with all of the other colonists. Now she has a new goal, to make a new life for herself that is peaceful, one far away from the corporate monopoly that has taken over Earth. In the meantime, a virus has come into the AI for the colony, which could mean that their life support is compromised.

The virus shows the evil that has gone on, a cold war that has been going on for nearly two centuries that has led to this. It’s about to reach its peak in a mysterious boy that was abandoned on the world to fie.

Margo needs to get rid of the virus, and doing so she can save the kid and keep the colony protected. But to do that, she needs to get some information from the headquarters of The Conglomerate, which circles around the Earth.

The only problem is that she is in a different solar system and doesn’t have a spaceship to get there. She has to use a technology that’s only experimental to send her mind over the galaxy to try and get the secrets. Can she obtain them and save the day, or will she lose her mind in the process? Read this science fiction novel to find out!

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