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Mythic Delirium Magazine Issue 2.3(2016)Description / Buy at Amazon

Jeannette Ng is an English author of fiction. She first became a published author in 2017 with the publication and release of her first book, a debut that critics were calling enchanting!

She was from Hong Kong but has since relocated to the United Kingdom. She lives in England in Durham. She pursued higher education, getting her masters degree in the medieval and Renaissance time periods. Her studies ending up leading her to another hobby, which was her interest in the missionary and medieval theology.

Jeannette is more than just a writer. In her spare time, she likes to manage live role playing games. She also used to earn a living by selling costumes as well. She has a tendency to integrate what she learned while going to colleges and her theology interest into uniquely spun and carefully crafted stories that are set in a genre that could be called gothic fantasy. In this she is in good company with other authors that have written such words as Frankenstein, Mary Shelley’s all time classic gothic novel of horror and science fiction blended all into one.

Jeannette Ng is the creator and the author of the Fae series. This fictional series is set in the genre of fantasy. The series kicked off with the release of the debut novel in it, which was titled Under the Pendulum Sun. The book was received well with readers and critics, as it was nominated for Best Book category for a John W. Campbell award.

Jeannette Ng is able to blend hybrid worlds seamlessly in a fantasy world that has two parts to it. When the Victorian missionaries discover that the land that they’re exploring are the lands where a people that are known as the fae reside, they’re shocked. As far as they know, they are the first people to come there. Does anyone even know that they are gone?

Under the Pendulum Sun is the first ever published novel in the fantasy genre on print in real life and not online for author Jeannette Ng! If you are interested in fantasy novels and loved such creative books such as the Harry Potter series or the Lord of the Rings series or Susan Cooper’s series The Dark is Rising, then you may enjoy this totally innovative first book from Ng.

When the reader first starts out, there is a problem. Catherine Helstone has discovered that her brother Laon is missing. Laon has apparently totally disappeared, and not just anywhere. The last that she knew he was in the Arcadia region. The land had long been rumored to belong to the fae people, who were said to have magical abilities and powers.

Catherine doesn’t know what to do and is desperate to track down his brother. So she does what any good sister would do that cares about her brother and tries to find out everything that she can. Catherine scours around for any clues to where he is and talks to everyone that she can to try and find out if anyone has any news or has heard from Laon recently.

However, despite her best efforts, her work comes to nothing. Helstone knows that her brother probably got lost in Arcadia. It’s the best idea that she’s got and more likely than any idea that he would have suddenly left town without telling anyone. Could it be that he found some window or door to another world that is a land that exists within another land– the realm where humans live?

Totally desperate to find out what happens, Catherine will do whatever it takes. But once she takes on this journey, she knows somewhere deep down that there is no going back. It is going to be all risk all the way, but she doesn’t care. She’s going to do whatever it takes to find out what happened to her brother and if he is still alive, track him down.

Catherine’s goal is to retrace his steps and explore Arcadia. Maybe if she is in the right place then she can end up finding out some idea of what happened. Even a small clue would be something. However, from the second that she takes on this journey there is danger every step of the way.

Catherine goes out anyway and totally on her own. She then finds a house that seems not all that naturally friendly. After a long time searching, she is able to hear some news. She hears that her brother may not be that far away.

Could it be that they are going to meet soon and he is alive after all? It’s more than she could have ever hoped to hear. But that doesn’t mean it’s the truth. Catherine hopes that she is going to be reunited with her brother sooner rather than later but you never know what is rally going to happen.

Perhaps her brother will come out on his own, but she has an idea that he’s going to bring some company with him. As it turns out the queen of the fairies is right behind him. Can she get her brother out of there before it’s too late? Or has this all gotten just a touch beyond her control? It’s not the world that she knows, that much is for sure. Here the fairies are the ones that run things.

You are about to find out. Check out this stunning debut novel that is a great addition to the fantasy genre for yourself. Under the Pendulum Sun is a great first published work from an author that has already been nominated for a literary award for this debut book. Read this book before your friends get to it first!

You can find this novel by Jeannette Ng online or in physical book stores or even a library near you! Check online to find out more information and to find upcoming information about Jeannette so that you know more. Look for more books to be released in the exciting Fae series from an up and coming author that you definitely should keep an eye on!

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