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Jeff Bauman is a renowned author who is known more for the trauma he suffered as a result of the Boston Marathon Bombing in 2013 than he is for his literary work.

Jeff Bauman was born in 1986 to Jeff Bauman Sr. and Patty. Even though the author is famous, most people you meet can’t tell you that much about Bauman’s personal life.

This is primarily because his existence has been largely defined by the Boston Marathon Bombings, with every resource you encounter either in print, radio, or television dedicated primarily towards exploring the most tragic event in his life.

Bauman’s life should have ended in 2013. The author had just reunited with his girlfriend Erin, and his decision to participate in the Boston marathon was partly driven by a determination to strengthen their relationship.

Bauman was waiting at the finish line, cheering his girlfriend on when he noticed a suspicious man in the crowd. Everywhere that Bauman looked, people were reveling in the excitement of the Marathon.

But this one man seemed utterly uninterested in the festivities, and it was for that reason that Bauman and his friends decided to distance themselves from him, moving closer to the finish line.

By the time they looked back, the man was gone and he had left his backpack behind. Erin was still a mile away when all hell broke loose. A bomb went off. It blew Bauman’s legs off.

A man called Carlos Arredondo was close enough to not only put the fire that had caught his shirt out but to also stay with Bauman until emergency services arrived, and to carry him to the ambulance.

Jeff Bauman was just one of many victims of the Boston Marathon Bombings. But he captured the attention of the world because of the iconic picture that was taken of him as Arredondo helped get him to the ambulance.

Bauman became a symbol of the tragedy that had rocked Boston, and his despair was only just beginning. The damage to his legs was such that the doctors were forced to amputate them from above the knee.

His condition was so serious that his doctors had to frequently draw him back from the edge of death via repeated infusions of blood and fluids. The people that initially attended to the author said he had been mere minutes away from death.

And it took various procedures performed throughout that night to keep him alive. However, if Bauman’s visibility in the public consciousness was prompted primarily by the picture an Associated Press reporter took of him shortly after the bombing, his status as a hero was acquired via the actions he took in the aftermath of the tragedy.

The doctors had barely succeeded in stabilizing his medical condition when he insisted that they reach out to the FBI. Jeff Bauman was convinced that he had seen at least one of the perpetrators of the Boston Marathon bombings.

And regardless of the state of his physical health, Bauman was determined to give the man’s description to the authorities while his memory was fresh. And that is exactly what he did, providing information that the FBI used to corner Tamerlane Tsarnaev.

Bauman left the hospital four weeks after the bombing. He was given prosthetic legs that cost a hundred thousand dollars each. His ability to survive the Boston Marathon Bombing and to essentially reclaim his life transformed the author into a symbol of hope for those members of the Boston community that had been disheartened by the tragedy.

Bauman made multiple appearances on radio and television. His story also appeared in print media. The author did not shy away from the seedy aspects of his recovery. He admitted that he felt considerable despair in the aftermath of his treatment and that he began to drink and party heavily in an attempt to numb his pain.

The result was that his girlfriend Erin, who he had married in 2014, eventually divorced him. But Bauman overcame that hurdle, beat the depression and came out on the other side as a much stronger man.

His entry into the publishing arena came when he decided to write his story in a memoir called ‘Stronger’. Assisted in the writing process by author Bret Witter, Jeff Bauman’s debut literary work was published in 2014.

The memoir was adapted into a movie of the same name in 2017. The film was directed by David Gordon Green. It starred Jake Gyllenhaal as Jeff Bauman. Gyllenhaal was the perfect choice to play Bauman because the two had become close friends years earlier and Bauman believed that Gyllenhaal knew enough about his pain and despair to authentically capture his experiences.

The movie was received well by critics. However, it was a financial failure, failing to recoup its budget.
Bauman has not stopped telling his story. He uses his experiences to help other people in similar situations.

Jeff Bauman was just 27 when he woke up in the hospital. The doctors had just amputated his legs. They had also performed various other lifesaving surgical procedures on his person.

But Bauman didn’t care about that when he woke up. He needed to talk to the police. But he couldn’t speak just yet. So they gave him a notepad and a pen which he used to reveal that he had seen the man who had caused him and others so much pain.

Just hours earlier, Jeff Bauman was at the finish line of the Boston Marathon waiting for his girlfriend to finish the race. Then a bomb went off and nearly killed him. Somehow, Bauman got to the hospital just in time.

As he fought for his life, Bauman didn’t know that a reporter had taken a picture of him shortly after the bomb blast and that he had become the face of the Boston Marathon tragedy.

This book attempts to detail Bauman’s experiences, his life before the Boston Marathon in 2013 and the chaos that played out once a bomb went off at his feet. The book looks at the lengthy period of recovery Bauman undertook the hardships of his rehabilitation and the terrible guilt that plagued him.

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