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Publication Order of Jeff Bradley Books

The Field of Blackbirds (2012)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Mark of Halam (2015)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Ottoman Conspiracy (2017)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Bomb Maker's Daughter (2018)Description / Buy at Amazon

The Jeff Bradley book series is an exciting series of thriller, mystery, crime fiction, and suspense novels. It is written by a popular author from New Zealand named Thomas Ryan. The series is comprised of a total of 4 novels released between 2012 and 2018. Each book of this series features the chief protagonist in the role of Jeff Bradley. He is depicted as a former SAS trooper and soldier of the Special Forces. Currently, Jeff Bradley works to undertake rescue and retrieval missions. His new job takes him to different locations in Europe and countries like Iraq, Serbia, Turkey, Syria, etc., and battling against terrorists and rebels. Some of the other essential characters mentioned by Thomas Ryan in the books of this series include Arben Shala, Morgan Delaney, Lee Caldwell, Barry Briggs, Avni Leka, Reason Johanson, Arina Marcos, Kennedy Patton, etc. All four books and the series, on the whole, are quite popular among the fans of mystery novels all over the world.

Thomas Ryan has received a lot of praise for his work in this series. His efforts in creating the exciting characters and mind-blowing stories have been very much appreciated by the readers as well as the critics. Thomas hopes to add several more volumes to the series in the coming years. He is currently working on a new story and is expected to release it soon. He believes that his experience as a soldier has come in very handy in writing this series. Thomas has taken inspiration from his time in the army when he used to move through the terrain and jungles as per the orders of his commanders. All the struggles of those days have motivated Thomas Ryan to write mind blowing stories and achieve success as a writer. Thomas is pretty much satisfied with the way his life and two careers have turned up. He looks forward to writing exciting stories and entertaining his fans for as long his health permits. He is grateful to all critics, readers, and fellow writers who have praised his work and have boosted his confidence with their kind words. He believes that it is their praising comments and honest reviews that have enabled him to keep going so far in his writing career.

The debut book of the Jeff Bradley series written by author Thomas Ryan is entitled ‘The Field of Blackbirds’. It was released in 2012 first and re-released by the Thomas and Mercer company in 2015. The story opens by showing that Arben Shala goes missing while on a trip to Eastern Europe. His wife becomes worried about his well-being and approaches Jeff Bradley to help find her husband. Jeff promises Arben Shala’s wife that he will find him and bring back home safe. The first step he takes towards finding the location of Arben Shala is traveling to Kosovo, a Serbian province administered by the UN. Jeff Bradley is assisted in this mission by Barry Briggs, Lee Caldwell, and Morgan Delaney. Morgan is depicted as an American former trooper, while Barry Briggs is shown as an Australian citizen working in collaboration with the United Nations.

Lee Caldwell works as an agent in the largest private security company in the world. Together, the men uncover a criminal conspiracy that is responsible for multiple bombings in Europe. They ignore death threats and various other danders to their lives and dig deeper to find more information about the conspiracy. Finally, the truth behind the disappearance of Arben Shala gets revealed, but not before setting into motion certain unavoidable events that start a civil war in Kosovo. Subsequently, NATO troops are also stationed on the streets of the major cities of Kosovo and asked to be ready for action. This fast-paced and gripping novel keeps the readers on the edge of their seat until the last page. Thomas Ryan’s depiction of danger and action sequences appear to be quite believable. Through this book, Thomas has interwoven real-life situations and international agencies into a great story. Ryan’s description of the settings and the intricately developed characters have been well appreciated by readers all across the globe.

Another intriguing story written in the series is called ‘The Ottoman Conspiracy’. It was also published by Thomas Mercer publication in 2017. The book begins by depicting that Jeff Bradley meets the Bari mafia to find out about the whereabouts of Avni Leka, a criminal overlord, and nemesis. He learns that the tourist bus, which was boarded by Barry on his trip to Istanbul has been hijacked. The terrorists strap the bus with explosives and set it on a course to the northern borders of Iraq, Iran, and Syria. When this intel reaches the Turkish government, its president agrees to handle the situation. The military is positioned on the border to prevent the bus from crossing over to the neighboring countries. This puts the life of Barry Briggs in great danger because the terrorists will self-destruct themselves and kill the hostages along with them is they cannot find a way to escape.

Jeff Bradley decides to take it upon himself to save his friend from this dangerous situation. He teams up with Reason Johanson, a special agent from the United States. Jeff and Johanson try everything in their capacity to track down the hijacked bus before the Turkish military takes it down near the border. While going through this personal mission, Jeff Bradley uncovers a big conspiracy that unravels the people behind the hijacking and also threatens global security. At such a testing time, Jeff’s main focus is to rescue Barry Briggs at any cost and save the lives of all the hostages in the bus.

Thomas Ryan is a renowned novelist hailing from Auckland, New Zealand. He likes to write short stories and literature & fiction, mystery, and thriller novels. Thomas is a former soldier and has spent time in Eastern Europe as well as the Asian jungles. Thomas believes that the experience has helped him to develop his writing skills and write excellent thrilling stories. The people close to him think that he is a creator and a storyteller, who has a liking for telling enthusiastic tales through his imagination. Whenever he tries to develop a character, he keeps in mind the taste of the readers. This way, he has weaved numerous colorful characters in his books. He considers his style of taking the readers on an intriguing and thrilling journey as a motivation for himself.

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