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A well known and equally well-regarded writer of intense and suspense filled thriller novels, the American author Jeff Carson has been writing for quite a while now, with his books managing to reach a worldwide audience on a global scale. With his ability to create a mystery that keeps the reader guessing right until the very last page, he’s become a consummate professional of his craft over the many years of his highly impressive career. Following in the footsteps of such luminaries as Lee Child and Robert Ludlum, he’s up there with the best, as a writer of taut and lean thriller novels that always manage to defy all expectations of the genre.

Early and Personal Life

Growing up in America, Jeff Carson had a strong passion for the written word from a very early age, something which he nurtured throughout the years. Always wanting to be a writer, he kept this idea at the back of his mind for years, taking in inspiration from the world around him. Harnessing his craft, he would continually keep coming back to it, as he honed and refined his voice as an author to be.

Learning the tools of his trade he educated himself in English, managing to provide his subject matter with the academic underpinning required. Pushing himself to succeed, he mastered the art of setting himself small deadlines and gradually working towards them. In time this began to pay off, as he became skilled at his craft, ultimately creating the voice that readers know and appreciate him for to this day.

It was during his time in Italy that he finally decided that he really wanted to be a writer full-time, a decision his wife stood behind. Setting himself the task of publishing ten stories, he would give up if he hadn’t made a name for himself by the end of it all. Reaching a level of success, though, he would carry on, ultimately leading to him becoming the writer that he currently is today.

Currently writing to this day, there’s a lot more to come from Jeff Carson as an author yet, with a lot more novels set for release. Continuing his immensely popular David Wolf franchise, he will carry on providing his readers with more adventures and cases for the eponymous sergeant. As his writing career grows from strength-to-strength, he has a lot more to come still, with a lot more planned on the horizon.

Writing Career

Starting back in 2012, Jeff Carson was highly determined to become a writer, with strong ambitions for succeeding. Setting out with a clear goal in mind, he began looking into the world of self-publishing and what it might take to get his work out there. Beginning with the novel ‘Foreign Deceit’, he’d not only start his writing career, but he’d also start his long-running David Wolf series of novels as well.

This David Wolf would go on to become his main source of inspiration, with it running throughout the duration of his writing career. Featuring the eponymous sergeant in its lead role, it manages to develop his character and role over the course of the novels. Providing him with new and exciting case files with each installment, it’s clear to see why this has achieved the mass success that it has.

Gaining critical acclaim as well as commercial success over the course of his career, Carson has managed to build himself a large following. With the respect of both his peers and contemporaries alike, he’s managed to bring something else to the genre, a contribution that’s fast been recognized. Building a worldwide audience both nationally as well as internationally, he’s managed to attract millions to his work on a global scale.

Not only that, but he’s managed to build his audience through his own sweat and toil as well, making his novels known through hard work. Starting out by being self-published, he soon made a name for himself in what is an extremely competitive and high-paced industry. This success can be seen reflected in his commercial sales, which has been attracting readers from far and wide, as mentioned previously.

Continuing to write to this day, he is carrying on his long-running David Wolf series, which maintains a strong following. Living with his wife Cristina, he’s become one of the most adept voices of the mystery thriller genre to date. With a lot more to come from as an author, it appears that he’s not stopping anytime soon, as his writing career carries on into the foreseeable future.

To the Bone

Initially brought out through the Cross Atlantic Publishing label, this was first released on the 9th of August in 2015. Working as the seventh title in his ongoing David Wolf series, it manages to capture the excitement of the previous novels perfectly. Also along the way, it manages to provide some surprising twists and turns as well, as it effectively develops the character and world he inhabits.

Now a chief detective, David Wolf’s son has a new girlfriend and, not only that, but her father has been murdered. The father worked within ancient fossils, particularly with those who traded in them, leaving it up to David Wolf to crack the case. There appear to be a number of secrets buried deep beneath the earth, and it is up to Wolf with a small-town sheriff and his dog to get to the bottom of it all. Will they be able to crack the case? Where will the killer strike next? Can they find the secrets as they dig to the bone?

Alive and Killing

An earlier entry from Jeff Carson, this was to make up the third title in the popular ongoing David Wolf franchise. Originally published in 2013 on the 30th of November, this was a well-received entry into the series whereby he had really started to build his name. Giving the readers more of an insight into David Wolf as a character, it’s ideal for not just fans of the series, but newcomers as well.

Hoping to get away from it all, David Wolf takes his son on a camping trip out into the Rockies so they can spend some father and son bonding time. This isn’t to be, though, after they stumble across an eerie incident and soon he finds his son’s life is under threat if he doesn’t get to the bottom of it. With the local politics of the small-town weighing in as well, he finds he’s up against the elements as, with the help of an FBI agent, he starts to uncover an international conspiracy. Will he get to the bottom of it all? Can he protect his son? Where is the killer when they’re alive and killing?

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12 Responses to “Jeff Carson”

  1. Jo-Ann Brown: 1 month ago

    I have read all the 17 David Wolf books in the series as well as the2 Ali Falco novels. I loved ever one. I really like the way Jeff Carson writes. I am impatiently waiting for the next book.Thank you Jeff for all the wonderful hours with David Wolf and Ali Falco.

  2. Jon Shaw: 11 months ago

    Just finished another great Wolf book Alive and Killing and just like the previous it was a page turner. Will look forward to reading more in the future. Great work again Jeff. Jon Shaw

  3. Joyce cox: 1 year ago

    My husband is reading your David wolf series and loves them he is reading book 13 and I just ordered the last three will there be more in this series

  4. Dennie: 1 year ago

    I am entering your David Wolf series. Will there be more Wolf stories ?

  5. Phyllis e smith: 2 years ago

    love the David Wolf books. Will there be anymore after 16?

  6. Liz Carlson: 2 years ago

    Have written to you before to tell you how much I have enjoyed the David Wolf series. Thank you for many hours of enjoyment! Can hardly wait to read The Como Falcon.
    Didn’t realize you live in Castle Rock. I live in Eaton. Passed thru Castle Rock many a time on way to Colorado Springs. Love Colorado and your story base in Colorado.
    Again, many thanks. Please keep writing

  7. Hope Gilbert: 2 years ago

    I am on #14 of the David Wolf series and I loved every one. Each book just seemed to get better than the last. AfterI finish this series I will be looking for other books by Mr. Carson. He is right up there with two of my favorites…Michael Connelly and Lee Child.

  8. Elizabeth Hall: 2 years ago

    Reading your books was fantastic! The characters are great and the story kept me captivated from the beginning to the end! I love the series and am waiting for the next one to come out

  9. Jean Anderson: 2 years ago

    Just finished books six through nine from the books
    for the blind and visually impaired. Loved every one.
    Waiting for more of your books to be available. Thank you for developing a great character and such good plots.

  10. Linda Spencer: 2 years ago

    Jeff Carson, your books of the David Wolf series is spectacular. I have truly enjoyed the first four books I have read and will definitely purchase every one that you have written and the order that you have written them. You are right up there with John Sanford, JD Robb and all the great ones. I just hope everyone takes the opportunity to read this series. Thank you for this gift.

  11. Ron bryant: 2 years ago

    I have been binge reading your series since I found them, I am at book 6 and have loved every one

  12. Lila billings: 3 years ago

    Jeff Carson. I would like to know if you wrote the poem. That began with”you see old Satan called a meeting….”? I think it is very alt in this age a day and I only have. Half of the poem. Please respond. Also I would like to send it on Facebook if I have your permission. Thanks .


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