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Jeff Giles is an established author based in the western state of Montana. Before Giles became a full time author, he served as the deputy editor for the world-renowned, Entertainment Weekly. While working at Entertainment Weekly, Jeff Giles was in charge of books and movies. Furthermore, Jeff Giles also served as an editor and an arts writer at NewsWeek, and an Army Extra in the critically acclaimed film, Lord of the Rings. The Edge of Everything is Jeff Giles debut novel, which features a young Montana girl, who is having a rather difficult time, as she tries to come to terms the sudden death of her father. While chasing her brother through a blizzard, the young girl comes across a bounty a hunter, who had come to collect her soul and take it to the underworld.

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The Edge of-Everything
Two opposite worlds collide in a supernatural tale of good versus evil in a forbidden world, as a 17-year-old girl, Zoe is still trying to come into terms with the sudden death of her father and some of her neighbors in a strange series of accidents. Nonetheless, as more and more catastrophe continues to loom, Zoe crosses path with X, a boy with supernatural abilities. X manages to save Zoe and her brother, from the grasp of an evildoer, who is more than determined to cause havoc. In the process, X ends up capturing Zoe’s heart. From the very start, X and Zoe’s love affair is ill-fated. One of the main reason, why their romance is not going to work is mainly because X happens to be a prisoner from the underworld-a hellish and supernatural landscape, where he mainly serves as a bounty hunter. X is tasked with the responsibility of collecting souls from bad individuals for a mysterious higher power.

With Zoe’s witty banter and dialogue, she is positioned as a funny and likable character. However, X, on the other hand, does not have more than enough substance to set him apart from other young men within the mystery genre.With that said, Zoe emerges as an uncompromising character who has a heart of gold. Moreover, Zoe possesses the ability to navigate the boundaries of evil and good, while in the process maintaining a sense of humor. With vive and imagination, author Jeff Giles delivers all the goods required by this genre, including the creation of a swoon-worthy love interest with old-fashioned charm and a sense of justice. To charm teenage readers, author Jeff Giles decides to throw in a little bit of pop culture, frequent use of slang and social media references. Apart from Zoe and X, the Edge of Everything is filled with brilliant characters, easy to visualize settings and edge of your seat plots.

Brink of Darkness
Brink of Darkness is a twisted and dark thrill ride, which is not only funny but also warm-hearted as well. In this highly entertaining sequel, Zoe and star-crossed X, must be able to overcome the boundaries of the world that they each come from if they are to find their way back to each other’s arms. Ever since the mysterious events which brought Zoe close to the supernatural boy, things have never been the same for Zoe. While trying to save Zoe and her family, X does the unthinkable. X had to give up the freedom that he had attained and returned to slavery in the Lowlands. X is more than determined to ensure that he breaks the hold that the Lord of Darkness has on him, once and for all. However, once the Lord of Darkness stripped his power, X ends up in a place where he has never been before and a past he had struggled so hard to forget.

Nonetheless, the secrets which resurface along the way could be Zoe’s key to reuniting with Zoe. However, the secrets could also mean the destruction of everything that the two have been fighting for the entire life. As the narrative progresses, Zoe and X continue to become more and more compelling. Author Jeff Giles manages to intensify their love story, while at the same time filling the pages with action, suspense and a team of well developed secondary characters who not only add meaning but also texture to the narrative. Apart from being a page-turner, The Brink of Darkness is also an entertaining and satisfying read.

Moreover, The Brink of Darkness contains all the beautiful and wonderful things to say about hope and love, regret and guilt and also what it truly means to be kind and strong. Overall, the Brink of Darkness is a highly entertaining read, filled with moments of love and humor.

Back in the-Blue House
Back in the-Blue House is a memoir about a dysfunctional family. Instead of pop psychology and inspiration, author Jeff Giles serves the readers with a suburban nightmare as a nostalgic sitcom. Jeff Giles, the author who pens down the Nightlife column for New Yorker and is also a regular contributor for Rolling Stone, was born and raised on the South Shore of Boston. Giles attempt to pretend that his family was normal was constantly thwarted by his foul-mouthed mother who was fixated in peppermint patties. His father, on the other hand, was addicted to drinking and stewardesses, while his older sister was always a part of the family’s violent scenes. Author Jeff Giles closely observes his family breakdown, how his father manages to win his mother back after their separation and her remarriage, the turbulent years of their cohabitation and the eventual termination of the household.

Moreover, author Jeff Giles also carefully examines the snags in their family history; bitter alienation on his father’s side and alcoholism on Jeff’s mother’s side. The well polished and lively narrative incorporates several references to the 80’s and 70’s pop culture and suburban atmosphere. Furthermore, author Jeff Giles also offers lots of poignant and funny scenes as well as his understanding of pain and his family. Overall, Back in the-Blue is a highly entertaining read, centered on the survivors of a highly troubled family.

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